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Home for an Eyrie

by rodeopets


The Eyrie in this story has the personality of my Neopet AzureSky720. I love Eyries. If you do too, you'll like this story

Sun shone through the treetops, lighting on the little blue body of a baby Eyrie. Resting on the very outskirts of the Haunted Woods, her feathered wings curled around her, she looked peaceful. Waking slowly from her sleep, little Azure Sky scanned the landscape with bright brown eyes. Being wild, she always looked around, always deciding if it was safe before she rose. No one had taken her under their wing (no pun intended), and she felt often as if no one loved her. She did look terrible, a tiny baby with a matted mane and dirty fur, and many would think she was sick. But she wasn't at all sick! She was healthier than the normal Eyrie cub, even though she lived alone and in the wild. It was very fun, though; she could fly anywhere she wanted and explore everything she felt needed exploring. No one hindered her. Azure was free.

      Standing, Azure yawned. Her beak opened wide and her tongue lolled out a bit. Cleaning her mane and fur the best she could, she headed to the Central. Today would only be her first ever visit to the famed city, and she wanted to see everything there was to see. Perhaps someone would take her in, although she knew that was a high hope. It helped her to be optimistic, though; she wasn't easily upset. Azure was the kind of Neopet who would look at the brightest side of things, and that helped her stay calm. It was one of her good points.

      She spread her sky-colored wings and took to the skies, the clouds and atmosphere surrounding her, like a dome that spread far and wide. She got tired after a bit of skimming along the clouds, her cub body couldn't take that much flying, and she tried to land.

      Landing was always the hardest part. As she landed, her body tumbled over her feet, head over heels, and went sprawling into a mud puddle. Azure rose, a bit startled, and looked at her muddy fur. Climbing out of the puddle, muck dripping from her wings, she sighed.

      "Seems as soon as I clean my fur, I end up getting it all dirty again. I have to look good! I'm not going into the busy central without cleaning this mess."

      So, the blue Eyrie settled down to clean the mud off of her, before it dried. She took her time, licking her mane smooth, then preening it with her beak. A mixture of cat grooming and bird grooming, all in one creature. She always was very thorough. She found a 'How to be a Model' book lying around, and she loved it. She was pretty girly for an untamed Eyrie.

     It wasn't long before a red Lupe, and a yellow Gelert appeared. It looked like they were heading from the Central to the Woods. The Gelert looked happy, and bounded around. He was a pup, but he was older than Azure. The Lupe was an adult, cautious and motherlike to the young boy Gelert, and they seemed close.

      Azure could tell that they were not related, though; the Gelert looked a little too cautious of the motherly Lupe. Apparently, she had found him recently, and he was still getting used to her. She seemed nice if she just took him into her care.

      Azure decided to show herself, preening the last of the mud off her body, and padding cautiously towards the two. They looked friendly enough, but her wisdom was this: you can never be too cautious. Careful was good. Careful was safe.

      As soon as the two dog-like Neopets spotted her, the Gelert tried to bound to her, but the Lupe stuck a paw out to stop him. Stepping in front of him, the wise old Lupe put herself between the pup and Azure. Azure stood her ground, looking the adult straight in the eye, never showing fear. She made sure her look and posture showed that she would do no harm. The Lupe spoke first, keeping the staring contest going at the same time. Her eyes were stern, and watching.

      "Eyrie... Your name?"

      Azure gulped, but kept her straight, fearless face. She didn't want to look scared."My name is Azure Sky. Most call me Azure." She paused, then added, "I don't mean any harm to you or the pup. I was heading into the central. I uh, fell in a puddle. I was cleaning myself off, before I went in. I don't want to look dirty when I go in public."

      The Lupe's eyes softened considerably. "Those puddles are everywhere these days... Oh! I forgot to tell you my name, cub. I am Lupina. My... adopted pup here is Daemon. I found him, trying to steal fruit from under the vendor's noses. So much like Grand Theft Ummagine."

      Azure giggled, funny little chirp-laughs, remembering the game she loved to play when she had the time. She closed her beak when the adult started to speak.

      "Azure... you don't have a home, now, do you? I can take you in. I'm sure you and Daemon will get along fine; he's friendly. You'll be safe with us, at cozy little home we have on the shores near Brightvale."

      Azure looked at her paws, thinking it over, really really carefully. For a second, she thought of her freedom, but then thought of the comfort of a safe home. She looked up at Lupina, and nodded. "I will come with you."

      "Hear that, Lupi?" yipped Daemon (Azure almost laughed at the nickname), "She's gonna stay. Can we be friends, Azure?"

      Azure smiled. The Gelert was so friendly. "Yeah. Let's be best buddies!"

      Lupina smiled at the two of them, and said, "I know you were heading for the central, but you should see our home first. Come with us?"

      Azure grinned at Lupina, as Daemon playfully nipped her ear. She nodded briskly, tugging her ear out of Daemon's mouth, and chased him away into the sunset, towards her new home... Home... She had a home now. She felt happy and safe, more safe than she'd ever felt. No more mean Kass and hostile wild pets... And even better, she had a friend! Daemon was so nice, so quick to trust and befriend. He had a sunny personality, and was playful just like her when she felt like it. Her life had changed greatly so quickly. It made her almost dizzy with happiness.

      "Azure, let's play!" Daemon yipped at her, bounding about.

      She was sure Daemon would keep her lots of company. Fun awaited her. She couldn't wait to get there.

      "I'm coming! New home, here I come!!" The Eyrie took flight and flew right above the grass, skimming it with her paws. She lifted her beak to the sky and let out a happy cry.

      "Home... feels so strange to say it." Azure let the world roll on her tongue. She liked the way it sounded. She smiled and squawk-chirped, when the cozy little house they would stay in appeared. Landing on the doorstep, she mentally braced herself for a new life as the Lupe opened the door. The sun shone in from the sky, into the house, into the new life, new opportunities, and new friends.

      She was optimistic, even more than she was before. Not a cloud was in the sky, or in her heart. This was Home. A place to be safe. A place to learn and prosper.

      "Come on in. Come check everything out, Azure. It's cozy."

      Azure bounded inside.

The End

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