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New Year's Eve Knock-Out

by ilar210


"LuLu, what do you think of this perfume? Is it too strong?" asked Trixy the Cybunny. Trixy was a pretty Cybunny with yellow fur encircling her snowy white face. She was a bit on the plump side but wore her fur well and so nobody really noticed her extra few ounces. Her nose was petite and pink and coincided well with her deep blue eyes.

     "Mmmmm, it's a little too sweet for my taste," replied the pink Acara as she sniffed at the perfume bottle being presented to her. Lulu was Trixy's oldest and dearest friend.

      They met in Neoschool when they were six when a Gelert began teasing Lulu about her ears.

     "Ha! You call those ears? I would call them floppy socks! I mean-" began the Gelert.

      "Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Trixy interrupted.

      Ever since then, Trixy and Lulu were inseparable.

     "Oh my goodness sweet mother of snow!" Trixy stumbled over the words in her excitement.

      "WHAT?!" Lulu jumped.

     "Ahhhhh…" sighed Trixy. "It's Rucker from Neoschool."

      Trixy got a faraway look her eyes and cheesed from ear to ear. Lulu followed the placement of Trixy's eyes to see a blue Kougra who was carefully inspecting a tube of dark red lipstick. What was a guy doing in a glamour shop? The Kougra now had the lipstick tube nearly touching is snout at he tried to figure out this complex object. He suddenly twisted the bottom of the tube in a jerky, frustrated manner and the lipstick smooshed all over his snout. With a quick yelp, the Kougra fell on his rump in surprise and the lipstick went flying across the shop and landed at the paw of the Uni who owned to shop. She threw him a warning look and he blushed a deep crimson. Trixy's faraway look broke and began to giggle uncontrollably. Now the Kougra bashfully grinned.

      "Hey Rucker, what are you doing here...in a beauty shop?" Trixy questioned the Kougra. She had never had trouble talking to boys.

     Then a wave of fear washed over Trixy that Rucker might be shopping for a girlfriend. He had been flirting quite a bit lately with Pennelope the Usul from school. But then again, Rucker flirted with everyone.

     "Huh? Oh, right. It's my mom's birthday tomorrow and I'm just here shopping here for her. I have no idea what she likes." Rucker said with a confused expression on his face.

     Trixy's fear was quickly swept from her mind. And awwww, how sweet that he was actually attempting to find something for his mom.

     "Well, we can help you for a minute...if you like," said Trixy.

     "Oh PALEASE!" thought Lulu.

     "Rad," said Rucker.

     "Uh! Cheese ball, twelve o'clock," thought Lulu Trixy spun around to face Lulu

     "Rad. He said rad," Trixy whispered excitedly.

     Trixy and Rucker began to look around the shop together with Lulu tagging behind in a disgruntled manner.


     "Hahhahaha!!!" Trixy was laughing much too hard at a joke Rucker had made.

     "Oh my gosh, it's six! My mom's gonna kill me if I'm not home in time for dinner. I can't believe we've been here for so long.... together. " Rucker grinned.

     "HELLO! I've been trying to get this point across for the past hour," Lulu said sarcastically.

     "Oh, hey LoLo. When did you get here?" asked Rucker casually as he inspected a compact bottle of nail varnish.

     "It's Lulu! Ugggh...typical," Lulu whispered under her breath.

     "Oh, well I best make haste, then. But Trixy, I'm throwing this totally cool New Years Eve party on Friday night, in case you're interested," said Rucker.

     "I'd love to go!" said Trixy.

     Rucker bought a tube of dark red lipstick.

     "Alright, I'm outie. l'll see you tomorrow Trix," Rucker waved out the shop door. The bell on the swinging door awoke Trixy from that faraway look again.

     "He called me Trix. Score!" said Trixy.

     "But I thought we were going to veg out at my place and shoot off fireworks like we do every year together for New Years," said Lulu

     "Oh Lu, I'm sorry. But have you ever thought that maybe we should branch out and find new friends. We can still be best friends and not do everything together.... right?" asked Trixy.

     "Actually-" began Lulu.

     "Oh thanks, Lu! I knew you'd understand!" Trixy interrupted. She absently kissed Lulu right cheek, left cheek, and was gone.

      Things over the next few days during Neoschool were awkward, but Trixy made no mind of it. Finally, New Years came on Friday night:

     Trixy's mom pecked her on the cheek.

     "Now Trixy, I want you to THINK and make good decisions," said Trixy's mom.

     "I know, I know."

     Trixy punched the doorbell and took a deep breath. A tall female Kougra answered the door and smiled, showing sharp teeth that intimidated Trixy. This must be Rucker's mom.

      "Bye, sweetie," said Trixy's mom.

     A blast of loud music hit Trixy. This party was going to be the bomb. She immediately went for the snack bar and found some cheese puffs. After a few minutes of popping up and down on her heels, Trixy decided she would warm up to the dance floor later and headed for the corner where a bunch of kids and a load of games sat. After playing a few rounds of neopoly, Trixy got burned out and decided to run into the bathroom to check her lipgloss if she were to see Rucker. After carefully globbing on a substantial amount of lipgloss, Trixy retreated back to the dance floor. She looked around, trying to find Rucker. There he was! Oh, there he was...dancing with Pennelope the Usul. In slow motion, it seemed to Trixy, Pennelope leaned forward and kissed Rucker softly on the cheek. It left a dark red mark on his lips, the same red lipstick from the glamour shop.

      A wet tear began to stream down Trixy's face. Oh, Lulu How she wished Lulu were there.

     "Hey, wanna dance?" asked a Moehog Trixy recognized from Neoschool by the name of Lupin.

     "No. No. No thank you, L...Luu...Lupppin," Trixy began to sob.

      Lupin's eyes followed to the place where Rucker danced with Pennelope and his face fell.

     "Oh. I see."

     "I'm so sorry!!!" Trixy ran from the room. She ran and ran. She had no target, she just aimlessly ran. She ran down the street, past Ziggy's Pizzaroo, the pharmacy, turned the corner at Marvin's Grocery, two blocks down and that's where she flopped down in the grass in front of a red brick home where she panted and panted. She was almost asleep when,

      "Trixy? Is that you?" a voice came from above.

      "Fyora?" Trixy asked.

      "No, silly! It's Lulu Remember me?"

     Trixy jumped up and looked up the red brick house to see Lulu looking out her window. Trixy had ran to LuLu's house.

      "Oh Lu, I am so sorry," yelled Trixy in between sobs up to Lulu's window.

      "That's okay. Why don't you come up here? It's still New Years and there's plenty of junk food left," said Lulu

     Trixy smiled. This was going to be another great New Years with her best friend and she was going to go now and call Lupin and apologize.

The End

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