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Neopians for the Ethical Treatment of Petpets

by faithstarlite


Also by volsi

On the 23rd day of Running, Year 10, FaithStarlite and Volsi were taking their favorite pets to go play some games. FaithStarlite thought it would be a good idea to try to get a cute avatar like Feed Florg, but Volsi disagreed. He believed that Feed Florg was unethical due to the inhumane treatment of petpets and FaithStarlite agreed. So on this day, Neopians for the Ethical Treatment of Petpets was created.

Neopians for the Ethical Treatment of Petpets (NETP) takes several strong stances regarding petpets.

1) No petpet should be infested with petpetpets, because in truth they are simply vermin and according to Itchy Invasion, petpets cause itching and biting.

2) No member of NETP shall play any games which involve unethical treatment of petpets. A list of unacceptable games will follow.

3) On the other hand, members are encouraged to play games which ensure ethical treatment of petpets and save petpets from those who would wish them mal intentions. (A list of these games will also follow.)

4) Petpets should be taken care of by pets and never neglected, fed to Florg, the Snowbeast, or the Turmaculus.

5) Fighting with your petpet such as Petpet Battles is unethical and supports a culture of violence towards petpets.

6) The lab ray should never be used on petpets. Petpets should not be the object of research and possibly turned into a pile of sludge or disappear completely.

7) None of these rules should ever be disregarded due to the possibility of avatars or the gain of neopoints. Both reasons are reprehensible and would be regarded with the severest distaste.

Neopians for the Ethical Treatment of Petpets (NETP) believes the following games are unethical treatment of petpets and should not be played even for awesome avatars or neopoints. These games are in order of their abhorrence.

1) Snowbeast Snackrifice

This unethical game is the worst of the worst. In this game, evil Techos throw the poor little petpets, and you must play the detestable Kyrii which hits the petpets into the snowbeast’s cave. Each level is even called a meal! For instance Level 1 is breakfast and you must feed the vile Snowbeast five petpets! NETP believes this is the most reprehensible game due to the huge number being sacrificed in the name of fun.

2) Petpet Cannonball

Another vile game! There really isn’t much to say about this game. The object is to shoot petpets out of a cannon like they are some sort of common cannonball! Sure the petpets and the pirates are happy when you land the petpet safely into the net, but what about the times you miss and poor petpet is dazed with stars around their head? Another thing that makes this game as vile as the previous game is the sheer number of petpets being harmed. During each game at least 10 petpets are harmed!

3) Feed Florg

A detestable game if we ever saw one! In this terrible game, you play the hand that keeps the petpets on Florg’s plate to be eaten! You can see the petpets’ fear by their tears and fearful running. Yes, this is an avatar game, but in order to get that avatar, you must feed a lot of petpets to Florg. What an insatiable appetite! Despite the cuteness of the avatar, this game is unethical and should be avoided.

4) Petpet Battles

This game lacks even the charade of being slightly ethical and any hint of sportsmanship! In this brutal game, petpets battle each other head to head, egged on by their ruthless owners who care nothing for the petpet’s safety and only for the idea that their petpet could gain a level or beat the competition.

5) Petpetsitter

At first this game seems harmless, which is why the NETP saved it for last on the list of detestable games. Though you are just a babysitter looking after Mrs. Williams’ petpets while she is away, the sheer number of petpets you are taking care of makes this game neglectful! Where are the neopets who are supposed to be taking care of these poor petpets? Is Mrs. Williams such a neglectful owner that she would leave this large amount of petpets in the care of one single Neopian rather than in the comforts and protection of the Neolodge? Despite its innocent beginnings, this game is neglectful and harmful to petpets.

Neopians for the Ethical Treatment of Petpets (NETP) also believes the following games are exemplary in the treatment of petpets and should be played often by its members.

1) Petpet Rescue

Save the petpets from the Tyrannian mines and the “nasty Grarrl that has been imprisoning petpets”! This is an excellent game for Neopians who want to promote the ethical treatment of petpets. With all the lava, small boats, and evil Grarrls, these poor petpets have no chance without the kindness of Neopians like those in the NETP. Playing Samuel, the petpet crusader, you move throughout the mines saving as many petpets as you can. This is an avatar we would be proud to see any member of the NETP showing off!

2) Extreme Herder

Another game for saving petpets! In this game, you are Samrin the Kacheek, saving petpets from being eaten by Balthazar the evil hunter of petpets. Isn’t this a warm and welcome change from feeding petpets to Florg? The more petpets you save, the more points you get. What a positive game and a wonderful stance on the ethical treatment of petpets. This is another avatar I would be proud to see a member with!

3) Itchy Invasion

NETP takes a strong stance against petpetpets, the vermin that attach themselves to our unwitting petpets. Thus, we are very much pro-Itchy Invasion. In Itchy Invasion, the poor petpets are suffering and itching because of the vermin that have attached themselves. “Their fur has been invaded by hordes of biting petpetpets.” You play Eamann the Aisha who is desperately trying to rid his petpets of these vermin. If you are proud of your ethical treatment of petpets, is there a better way than to make the petpets stop suffering?

For membership into the NETP, simply follow our rules and spread the word of the ethical treatment of petpets in all you do! If you have already played these games and promoted the unethical treatment of petpets, stop now! Do not use those avatars as active avatars and show off something positive like Extreme Herder or Petpet Rescue. In all you do, support the ethical treatment of petpets.


However, on the 24th day of Running, Year 10, FaithStarlite was caught playing Snowbeast Snackrifice and Volsi was caught visiting the Turmaculus. Thus, Neopians for the Ethical Treatment of Petpets was permanently disbanded.

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