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The Story of an Ixi Girl's life

by beautiful_sim


"Well, I say that Darigan has gone, um, crazy, er, again! Was that right, Devie?"

     I sighed. Watching my two little sisters, Star and Wish, practice their lines for the play I was creating wasn't going too well. It's days like these that I daydream, and think into my past....

     I was a very little girl, when my owner, a young man with brown hair came in. I was sick with neopox, and my owner had just painted my older brother, a Kougra, Royalboy. I can't remember these days very well, so I'll tell you what I do know.

     Following my owner came my brother, tears in his eyes. He and my owner knelt down to my height, then started to explain.

     "Devie," my owner said, choking on the words. "You've had neopox for a while, and, since we can't afford the cure," my owner's eyes welled up, "we're going to have to abandon you."

     My eyes grew wide, but my throat was too sore to speak, but of course, my owner and brother understood what I was trying to say to them.

     "Devie," my brother explained, "Since we just painted me Royal, we've been left with about a hundred neopoints, about enough for a durian, if we're lucky."

     I started to cry, but my tears blended in with my blue fur. They couldn't tell if I was crying or not.

     "If the healing faerie doesn't heal you today, we'll have to drop you off at the pound tomorrow."

     I hoped with all my might on our way to Faerieland that the healing faerie would heal me. She didn't. I started crying again. My owner faced me, tears in his eyes. "Devie," he whispered. "It's for the best."

     The next day, we headed for the pound. My owner signed the papers, then a scary looking yellow Techo took me into the pound. I wasn't there for very long, because a seemingly nice girl with about twenty-five thousand neopoints came and adopted me.

     "So, what's your name?" she asked. "My full name is PVDevilHorns2, but most people call me Devie."

     Oh, boy! I thought. I'm gonna be living the good life! On the way to my new Neohome, we stopped by the pharmacy to buy some neopox pizza. She fed it to me, and I felt much better.

     It turns out, her Neohome wasn't very nice. A room made of cardboard was not my idea of a dream house. Plus, my siblings were a Skeith, Grarrl, and a very rude Lupe. Day after day they would pick on me because I was smaller and weaker than them. Finally, after countless days of telling my owner and she not doing anything about it, I ran away. I hated the pound, but it was the only place to go. My Ixi hooves ran as fast as they could.

     So, once again, I was in the pound. I was glad to have shelter, and I made friends, but then it happened. The pound closed for a year. For days after days, we ate terrible food, were bored out of our minds, and there were no hopes of being adopted.

     I was eating my whatever-it-was one day, when my friends came to sit with me. John7856, a green Lenny, leaned forward and said, "Did you see the news?" We all gave him clueless looks.

     "The pound's opening tomorrow. Ms. Roselene," (The pink Uni that runs the adoption portion of the pound) "says that we're all going to get groomed and look our best. The bad part is, though, that none of the sick pets are going to be healed while they're here. Ms. Roselene said that the pound can't afford it."

     The next day came and went, the pound remaining closed. My friends and I were furious with John, thinking he lied to us, when we saw in the news that there was a delay. The pound was going to open the next day.

     We were all groomed, cleaned, and fed, so we looked our best. I shared a cell with my best friend, a blue Kougra named Dameon7986. He reminded me of my brother so much, and we became best friends as soon as we met.

     The first day, we didn't have any luck. So, we drifted off into sleep. I got a rude awakening. I saw Dameon outside of the cell, along with John. "Wha?"

     "I'm sorry, Devie. I'm afraid that our new owner isn't an Ixi fan. You have to stay here," John explained. I started to cry again.

     "Don't cry, Devie." Dameon said. "Do you know for sure that our paths won't cross again?"

     "It's highly unlikely," I choked. "How will I survive without you guys?"

     "Goodbye, Devie."

     I spent the next night alone, crying in my cell. My two best friends in Neopia were gone. I wasn't even sure if I would be adopted.

     The next day had a happy twist to it, but also kind of sad. I made a new friend, Wildfang the Acara. She was so brave, and was really nice. We sat in our cells, all fluffed up and ready to go. I watched the owners pass by, some looking at me, some looking at Wildfang. Wildfang was adopted, and I was sad about that. But, it was a new day, a day for me to get adopted.

     I was on my best behavior, grinning at every owner who walked by. Eventually, Ms. Roselene came and opened my cell door. "Devie," she said. "There's someone who wants to see you."

     I jumped out of my cell excitedly, and Ms. Roselene told me to go to the lobby to meet my new owner.

     A tall girl greeted me, and told me her name was Katie. I froze. Should I trust this owner? All of my previous ones were terrible to me. I gathered the courage to ask, and said, "Have you ever abandoned a pet?"

     "Why, Devie, I never! I would never abandon a pet in my entire life!"

     I grinned. This was my new owner.

     Once we got home, I met my two sisters, StrikeStarQueen, the green Uni, and WishuponastarGirl, the blue Kacheek. Both looked like they had been to the NC Mall, and did not warm up to me quickly. In fact, Star seemed quite conceited, while Wish was downright rude.

     Later, Star was painted cloud, and acted even more conceited because she was the painted one of the family. Wish had warmed up to me, though, and we were good friends.

     We told Katie about Star, and Katie seemed quite furious with her. She marched up to her and said, "StrikeStarQueen! If you keep being mean to your sisters, you are liable to not eat for an entire day!" Star was frightened by this, and started being nice to me, and I saw the kind soul she really was. She is my youngest sister, but I may be considered the youngest since I was adopted.

     "Devie! Come and help us with our lines!" I snapped back to attention. "I'll do more than help you, I'll be in the play too!" My sisters grinned. Katie came out the door and called, "Girls! Dinnertime!"

     So, that's the story of my life. Many other pets have been through the same thing, so I hope you take notice of that. We wrote this story for the times so people think before they abandon. They might go through the same thing that I did.

The End

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