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Summer's Stories: My First Mystery - Part Three

by amiyumifan96


Rubbing my eyes, I pulled the covers off of me, got up off the bed, and walked over to the Darigan Wardrobe. I opened it, and found that, instead of a million Darigan Rules T-Shirts (and one Lord Kass Costume), there were more clothes! Lauren must have noticed how I only wore the T-shirt to sleep in.

      I examined each article of clothing with extreme care, as if it would break if I poked or pinched it too hard. There was a Dark Princess Superpack, and a Gypsy Girl Superpack on the bottom of the wardrobe, looking so wonderful that I was tempted to open them right away and marvel at what they contained. I picked up the Dark Princess Superpack, but then set it down to explore the clothing on the racks. The garments were actually there for me to wear. It was very different from the closet I had in my room at my old house, which was only there to hide the fact that I didn’t have any wearables. I had to admit, some of them were... interesting choices (A Shenkuu Performer Wardrobe and Shenkuu Performer Shoes? On me?), but at least I had clothes. After sifting through another pile of wearables, I decided on a Wizarding Apprentice Robe.

      I went downstairs and headed into the kitchen, (ugh, it pains me to say this next part) actually anxious to show off my new getup. Much to my embarrassment, everyone was still in their pajamas.

      “Hi, Summer,” Elise cheerfully cooed, gesturing to the seat next to her. Once again, I sat between Lauren and Elise. Lauren passed me a bowl of Enchanting Strawberry Cereal and a glass of Orange Juice, and I started to eat. I would have continued to chew the cereal and gulp down the juice, had Lauren not taken out Faerie Toast With Butter for us to munch on.

      Millie glared at the toast as if it had used all of her Purple Nail Vanish and left the empty bottle on her dresser. “Lauren, there’s a crust on this toast. You know I like my toast without crust,” she complained, still staring down the piece of bread.

      Lauren sighed, shoving a spoonful of Forest Fruit Baby Food into Elise’s small mouth. “Just pick it off.”

      Millie was still scowling at the whole-grain food on her plate. “No,” she whined. “I might get crumbs on my new outfit.” She pointed to her Striped Ogrin Pyjamas.

      “The only time we’re ever going to see you in those clothes are before you go to bed and in the morning,” Lauren said.

      “Um, have you ever heard of slumber parties, Lauren?” Millie retorted. “Yeah, I go to those a lot. It would be really embarrassing if I left a trail of crumbs everywhere!”

      “Millie, if you don’t stop talking back, you won’t be going to any slumber parties,” Lauren threatened. She dunked a spoon into a jar of Forest Fruit Baby Food and held it in front of Elise’s mouth.

      “Fine,” Millie huffed, picking off the edges of her toast. Meanwhile, Elise flung a spoonful of baby food onto Aaron. It landed on his arm, a centimeter away from the sleeve of his Cozy Ruki Pyjamas. He flicked it off aimlessly, chomping on his toast.

      After breakfast, I ran back up to my room and flipped open my suspect book. It was time to research the suspects. I was determined to solve this case soon.

      The first page listed all of the case’s details.

     Case Type: Theft

     Victim: Cynthia (Orange Elephante) and Mariah (owner)

     Item Stolen: Grey Faerie Doll

     Time of Theft: 3:00 NST

     Victims: Cynthia and Mariah

      The next page started to list the suspects.


     Name: Mariah

     Species: Human

     Color: None

     Status: Next-Door Neighbor, Owner of Cynthia

     Why They Are a Suspect (WTAaS): Mariah hates me. She also hates Lauren for adopting me. She would probably be willing to fake a robbery just to make us look bad.

     Alibi: Cooking in the kitchen

     Proof of Alibi: Nova Sponge Cake

     Name: Cynthia

     Species: Elephante

     Color: Orange

     Status: Next-Door Neighbor, Pet of Mariah

     WTAaS: Cynthia hates me. She hates Lauren for adopting me. She would probably be willing to fake a robbery just to make us look bad. Also, Cynthia is supposedly “always dropping something.”

     Alibi: Had a bad case of Pollenitus, and (grossly) got snot on everything. Was washing her paws at the time of the crime.

     Proof of Alibi: The glass from the windows did not have snot on it.

     Name: Unknown

     Species: Pet(s) and Human

     Color: Unknown

     Status: Other Next-Door Neighbors of Cynthia and Mariah

     WTAaS: They’re Cynthia and Mariah’s other neighbors.

     Alibi: On vacation

     Proof of Alibi: Empty house

      The next page contained my family’s suspect profiles.

      SUSPECTS (continued)

     Name: Lauren

     Species: Human

     Color: None

     Status: Owner of Millie, Elise, Aaron, and I

     WTAaS: Wanted a Grey Faerie Doll (?)

     Alibi: Cooking in the kitchen

     Proof of Alibi: Chocolate Chia Brownies

     Name: Elise

     Species: Acara

     Color: Baby

     Status: Sister of Millie, Aaron, and I, Pet of Lauren

     WTAaS: Wanted a Grey Faerie Doll (?). Elise also broke a window once.

     Alibi: Playing in her room

     Proof of Alibi: Toys, including Baby Bruce Blocks, covered with Baby Acara fur that she had shed

     Name: Millie

     Species: Ogrin

     Color: Pink

     Status: Sister of Elise, Aaron, and I, Pet of Lauren

     WTAaS: Wanted a Grey Faerie Doll (?). Also extremely dislikes me, and would probably be willing to fake a burglary with or without Cynthia, who is her best friend.

     Alibi: In her room, “trying to decide what outfit to wear.”

     Proof of Alibi: Sparkling Promenade Gown and Sweetheart Ball Gown covered in Pink Ogrin fur that she had shed

     Name: Aaron

     Species: Ruki

     Color: Fire

     Status: Brother of Millie, Elise, and I, Pet of Lauren

     WTAaS: Wanted a Grey Faerie Doll (?)

     Alibi: Reading a book in his room

     Proof of Alibi: A copy of Ogrin Mountain Climber on his bed

      There was a tiny space below Aaron’s suspect profile. I hesitated and then decided that making my own profile would be what any great detective would do.

     Name: Summer

     Species: Aisha

     Color: Darigan

     Status: Sister of Millie, Elise, and Aaron, Pet of Lauren, Myself

     WTAaS: Wanted a Grey Faerie Doll (?)

     Alibi: Trying to fall asleep in my room

     Proof of Alibi: I was trying to fall asleep, and I did not commit the crime!

      There. That should do it, I thought, shutting the notebook and tucking it under my arm. I was ready to present my case and point out the perpetrators.

      I held my head up high as I walked downstairs, notebook clutched to my side. Lauren was at the kitchen table, reading the Neopian Times. The headline on the front page read, Judge Hog’s Justice Over Juvenile Jaywalkers!. At that moment, I felt kind of like Judge Hog, except I wasn’t a Moehog, I wasn’t a Defender of Neopia, and my case was about a theft, not young jaywalkers.

      As I gazed at the newspaper, Lauren looked up and noticed me. “Hi, there,” she said, staring at the paper.

      “Hi, Lauren,” I started, then gulped. I didn’t want to tell anyone that they were a thief, and it would be extremely mortifying if I wrongly accused someone. A voice in the back of my head asked me why I was so worried about disappointing these people. I thought about that. A week ago, I wouldn’t have cared what happened to anyone. All I cared about was myself. I was so selfish that, instead of trying to be as nice as possible to help the Pound staff, I was rambunctious and loud and just plain mean. Now that I had a home, with a loving family and an awesome room, I would try to be better. I would try to learn from my mistakes, and I would try not to make a lot of mistakes. And if I just let this little theft slip by, I would be making a terrible mistake.

      “Lauren,” I said. “I think I know who the thief is.”

      Lauren put the paper on the table, looked at me with wide eyes, and said, “That’s great! I mean, it’s not great that there’s been a theft, but it’s great that you think you know who it is. Stay here. I’ll go gather everyone up.” She paused and turned back around. “Oh, and by the way, Summer, even if you get the wrong suspect, I’m very proud of you for trying, anyway.“ With that, she left the room, calling out, “Aaron! Come downstairs. Millie! Go get Elise, and then come downstairs. I have to go get Cynthia and Mariah.”

      I heard the sound of the front door slamming, and paws and feet coming down the stairs. It was time for me to expose the thief. It was time for me to see if I was right or wrong.

      The door opened with a creak, and everyone crowded into the kitchen, eager to see me and hear what I had to say.

      I took a deep breath. It was finally time.

To be continued...

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