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What's Your Inner Faerie?

by jayandcourtneyk


Well, based on the title of this article, there are a few reasons why you could be here. Perhaps you are bored. Perhaps you just really like personality quizzes. Or perhaps you just want to find out which Faerie you’re most like.

How does your personality tie in with those of the Faeries, you ask? Well, after having a chat with some of the Faeries in Neopia, I’ve found out what they are really like, and not just what we see on the outside. In fact, many of the Faeries are quite contrary to what we think they’re like...

So, let’s get started, shall we? For each question, pick the answer that you think most relates to you for accurate results. Record each answer as you go along, and have fun!

1. You’ve been invited to a very large party, and the most important individuals are to be there. Which colour would you never be caught dead wearing there? (Based on which colours you like, not which colours look good or bad on you.)

a) Plaid, polka-dots, or anything really tacky.

b) Bright, neon, or pastel colours.

c) Pink, obviously! Yuck!

d) Blues, greens, or purples.

e) Black, because it’s such a gloomy shade.

f) Anything too fancy.

2. Relating to the first question, what colour would you rather choose?

a) Purple or blue, definitely, perhaps pink or white.

b) Blue, black, brown, grey, or any dark colours.

c) Purple, red, black, or green.

d) Warm colours—red, orange, or yellow.

e) Red, green, white, or any other light-hearted colour!

f) Any colour!

3. What would you most likely pack for a picnic?

a) Picnic? Oh, you’d more likely be seeing me at a fancy restaurant that only sells the best.

b) Nothing. It’s too sunny, anyways.

c) A steak sandwich and some flavourful drink.

d) I’d just host a barbeque in my backyard!

e) Something I’d be able to share with all my friends, like cake or fruit.

f) Anything, really.

4. Someone just told you that they like your new sweater. What is your response?

a) “I know. It’s so beautiful.”

b) “No... not really... ”

c) You don’t say anything. You just walk on by. You might threaten the punk who dared talk to you.

d) “Oh, thanks. Hey, don’t touch it!!!”

e) “Tee hee! Thanks!”

f) “Glad you like it.”

5. How many best friends do you have?

a) If I’m the most popular one in the school, what do you think?

b) None...

c) One or two pals, who just hang around with me because if they don’t I’ll beat them up.

d) One best friend who’s really close.

e) Are you kidding me? I have a TON!!!

f) Well, I have a lot of friends. I don’t know if I could say who my best friend ever is.

6. Where are you most likely to go on a rainy day?

a) To Uni’s Clothing to go pick up a few new outfits.

b) Sit outside and let the rain fall down on me.

c) Inside to crank up my music or watch Neovision.

d) Probably to go hang out somewhere inside a building with my buds.

e) Do some chores so I don’t have to worry about them when the sun is out and I can play outside!

f) I guess it depends what I feel like doing.

7. Which of these are you most likely to say? (It doesn’t matter where.)

a) “Like, oh my gosh!!!”

b) *sigh*

c) “Outta the way!”

d) “Awesome!”

e) *laughs*

f) “Hi there!”

8. Dr. Sloth is attacking Neopia! What do you do?

a) Ugh, again? But I just got a manicure!

b) Oh, well, that’s... uh...

c) Let me at him! LET ME AT HIM!!!

d) Probably get very angry and send Sloth mean letters.

e) Oh, no! *runs*

f) I guess I should help fight him off.

9. Which of these Neopets do you like the most?

a) Wocky, Usul, or Uni

b) I don’t know...

c) Grarrl, Skeith, or Pteri

d) Ixi or Mynci

e) Xweetok, Shoyru, or Quiggle

f) Lupe or Gelert

10. Pick which item you like the best.

a) Pink Lipstick

b) I don’t know...

c) Sword of Skardsen!

d) Fire Mote

e) Bean bag chair!

f) Hm... there are a lot of things I like.

Now that you have your answers, tally up which one you got the most of. If your two highest are a tie, you can look at both conclusions and decide which one sounds most like you. If your highest letter only appears three times or less, then your answer is classified as “a vast selection of answers”.

If you got mostly A, then I do believe you are as sophisticated as the Air Faerie, darling. Like your winged counterpart, your have a certain divinity and people admire you. Just please keep in mind that not everybody understands you, and your slight vanity might offend some individuals. Play it more like sugar than spice and you’ll be even more popular than you were before... if that’s possible.

If you got mostly B, you are *sigh* the Grey Faerie. But there is more to this gloomy girl than half-empty glasses. Maybe you feel unappreciated, so you try to get sympathy from others. Or perhaps you just prefer solitude, and no one talks with you much. My suggestion? Try to look on the bright side once in a while. But you may need a pair of sunglasses the first few times.

If you got mostly C, you’ve got all the attitude of a Dark Faerie. You are tough, rough, and people look up at you—only because you are looking down on them. You find amusement in picking fights but hate to be on the receiving end. I think that, if you want to be respected, respect others. They’ll respect that, trust me.

If you got mostly D, then welcome to the club—like me, you are a Fire Faerie. You have a fiery personality and are quick to react. Your attitude doesn’t make you despicable, but your words may burn others. Try to chill out once in a while and don’t let little things get to you, and talk to others a little more frequently. Chances are that, if you do, you’ll be the hottest one to hang around with.

If you got mostly E, then congratulations! You are most like Taelia, the Snow Faerie! You are cheerful and positive, hospitable even, and like to look on the bright side. Your friends look to you for fun, and whenever they do, you have a blast. Be cautious, though—not everyone appreciates a merry personality, and if you get on their bad side, your feelings could wind up seriously hurt. And a sad look doesn’t go good with a large winter coat and frosty wings.

If you got mostly F, you are simply an Earth Faerie—down-to-earth and trouble-free. You are pretty much normal, and fit in well. That’s not to say you don’t have special skills and talents, though—I’m just saying that you are, well, normal. Now don’t panic; just because you’re not exceptionally hyper, gloomy, or anything, doesn’t mean you have to change the way you are! Just be yourself. That’s all that matters.

If you got a vast selection of answers, you, my friend, are like the ever-so-colourful Fountain Faerie. You have a lot of interests, earning you many friends. You may have mood swings, and you can’t easily make up your mind. You have a deep creative side, even though you may not realize it.

I hope this quiz has given you a better perspective of yourself, and what you can do to be a better Neopian. Just remember, though, that these are suggestions, not instructions, so feel free to do whatever you want with your life. Also, there are still many other Faeries out there, so perhaps you can try digging in to find the personalities hidden within other Faeries, such as the Battle Faerie or the Space Faerie. Be true to yourself and have fun!

Note: I’d like to send my thanks to ghostgirl777, whose quiz in issue 349 inspired me to write this!

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