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While in Brightvale, Read These Scrolls!

by rypsy999


I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who Neomailed me with their kind words about my first article, “Sheryaya’s Article: Committee and the Players.” I appreciate mail from my pieces and would love for you to mail me about this one.

BRIGHTVALE – To the readers out there, I am here in Brightvale to tell you all about a shop that I believe has been forgotten about. Brightvale is famous for the knowledge it has received. King Hagan, Brightvale's wise ruler, has inundated the land with a great deal of knowledge, and the fruits of his efforts are appreciated all over the land. However, some seem to think that he’s so much of a bookworm that he’s actually morphed into a book. I guess Kauvara will have to help him if that is the truth.

To all who don’t know, Brightvale was founded back in Y4 on the eleventh day of the month of Hiding. Pity, it didn’t hide very well to say it was founded in the month of concealment. It is a kingdom of scholars and artisans, plus the first-ever glass window came from Brightvale. The colours of Brightvale are green, white, and yellow, with a yellow star in the land's flag and Yooyuball logo. Brightvale attracts a lot of tourism, thanks to many of the things situated in the actual land. The Wheel of Knowledge, a common enthrallment among foreigners, is one of the wheels around Neopia. However, this wheel is unique as it gives out the power of wisdom. Numerous shops there are also at the forefront of tourism, including the Royal Potionery – a shop dedicated to Battledome items. You can buy anything there from a Tangella Tonic to Psellia’s Blessing. Other shops there include Brightvale Books – a chance for you to show that you really are like the locals, and the Brightvale Armoury, where I am sure you can find a tunic or robe to suit your individual style.

However, those shops listed above are not as important as the Scrollery – a shop full of interesting and nostalgic parchments, each one with their own purpose. So, shall I get on with it? I think I should! Scrolls of Neopia are only sold at Brightvale's Scrollery, where a blue Acara is waiting patiently for your queries. Why not head over there now? You might as well; you’ve got nothing to lose.

Scrolls come in different shapes, sizes, colours, smells, and brightness. However, these do not change the fact that they are vital to Neopian society. Now, one scroll which I have beside me has several proverbs and sayings.

1) Do Not Shield Your Oddness; Rather, Wear Your Oddness Like a Shield

See? They are fascinating with their random sayings and completely confusing mottos. But that is a scroll for you; others are far more complex, due to Brightvale’s knowledge rapidly growing.

Now, without any more dawdling, I present to you the Top Ten scrolls of Neopian society in these modern days. However, be sure to note that the list will continue to change with time, due to the release of newer scrolls.


The tenth best scroll to have in your hands is one that I don’t even have! Shocking!!! However, this scroll has been described by some as “useless” and “not worth the money you pay,” but do trust me, they are lying. Each Neopoint you put into buying this item will enrich you somehow. At ten, we see the Slimy Bog Roll.

    The Slimy Bog Roll, known for nothing else other than being slimy, is a scroll that helps many Neopets and owners in their lives. If an owner or Neopet is stuck, then the slime of this scroll can help get them out of their stuck situation; it acts like grease and makes life easier! For educational value, the scroll tells a long history of how slime entered Neopia. What worries me is that slime was started by Slorgs – if you own a Slorg, I’d run for your lives, since next time it could be dung they create.

Estimated value: 733 NP


Nine is my favourite number; it really is! Therefore, a special scroll is in ninth place. This scroll is much better than a slimy one. Many historians and great Neopets from the timeline of events in Neopia have used this scroll to try and overthrow Kreludor. That’s right, Neopia’s moon. At ninth place, I present to you the Moon Dust Scroll.

    Sloth is a notable character for reading and assessing this scroll, as this scroll tells all about Kreludor and the secret plots that happen up there all the time. Sloth, along with his army, is said to read this scroll each night and devise a plot to take over Kreludor (and soon, the whole of Neopia). Since this scroll is highly scientific, it elaborates on the strengths and weaknesses of Kreludor’s orbit and gravitational forces. When I was last up there, I felt no gravity – Sloth may be back shortly, then! Anyway, the Moon Dust Scroll is highly praised among Brightvalian citizens and the knowledge accumulated from this scroll is enough to educate more than a dozen scholars... so read it!

Estimated value: 1,120 NP


At eight, we have a scroll that is rather infamous! Many want to get their hands on this scroll (well, either that, or get back at their enemies). I’d have to do the latter, but it could always backfire and that’s not good. Many have expressed that this scroll should be in the top three, but being that the chances of it backfiring on you are currently 95.6%, I think eight is the perfect number. One of my readers may be part of the 4.4% where this scroll will actually do what it is supposed to do. So, therefore, you might want to try this Hypnotic Scroll on your opponents.

    Wow! I feel hypnotized! Yet I am still sane... but I’m never sane! Anyway, Hypnotic Scrolls come in at eighth place as they are super rare to come across; I believe you’d need to be extremely rich or have a lot of Random Events to find one of these nice things. Plus, they seem to have a mind of their own, are highly defiant, and it is said that many dark enchantments have been placed upon them. If you are a fan of Yooyuball, you will notice that the Darigan ball doesn’t do as you direct it to... well, it is exactly the same for this scroll. You’ve been warned, so be careful!

Estimated value: 20,410 NP (Good Luck? I’ll need it with this price!)


For Brightvale, those who have no regard for knowledge or history are those who are looked upon as inferior. This scroll shows facts and the timeline of a great royal family. Surprisingly, it is not the Brightvale family, nor is it the Meridell family. It is none other than the Royal Qasalan Scroll.

    Study of the Qasalan family, full of royalty and nobility, is a popular pasttime in contemporary Brightvalian society. I suggest that, after you've learned the scroll coherently, you then take it to Qasala, where you should tell the Qasalan family that you know everything about them (if you do, then surely they’ll honour you). Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have royalty as your best friends? I am sure you’d love it, which is why you should buy the scroll. Also, if you or your newly-created Neopets would like to go to a school in Brightvale, then you'd be happy to know that the study of royal families is an actual class there. As a result, if you are wise like me *cough*, you’ll already have this scroll handy for your youngsters or yourself to show your teacher.

Estimated value: 1,355 NP


Now, this is where I get serious. At number six, a legendary scroll has been nominated here for the fact that it has six qualities all combined into one. The six qualities of this scroll are as follows: it can be concealed in places like Geraptiku and other grassy areas; it can hold many powers of nature – including the rare power of Illusen and Iyana; it can help with growing the rarest of plants in any climate across Neopia; it can only be opened by a secret noise that the possessor has to muffle; it can grow larger through exposure to water and sunlight, and lastly, it causes blotchy skin. I am talking about the Leafy Scroll.

    Ahh, the Leafy Scroll... what can I say? It is evident that this scroll is made of leaves and the power behind the scroll is that of... leaves. Also, when reading this scroll, you’ll know everything about... leaves. However, when frightened or scared, this scroll is then not so leafy. Instead, it becomes super-leafy and highly earth-like with spells by faeries such as Illusen and Iyana inside it somewhere; you’ll just have to look for it, under all those... leaves.

Estimated value: 1,047 NP


This scroll is quite pretty to those of you who are massive Terror Mountain fans, or who absolutely adore the snow up there. This scroll reminds me of snow and snow reminds me of Terror Mountain, so I’m guessing people who live there will love this scroll. Anyway, this scroll has been said to be highly useful when in the Battledome. I hope you all like it as much as I do, since this scroll comes in at fifth. I give you all the Scroll of The Clouds. Command the clouds and attack your opponent.

    Full of magic! Full of air! Full of cloudburst! Yes, this rarity is found in the Scrollery at times when you’d least expect it. Full of nothing but the wrath of some quite livid clouds, this scroll is sure to please. In Brightvale, it is praised for its pretty design and flawless protection. I’m guessing you’ll need this in the Ice Arena (or any arena, for that matter). So, are you one for the clouds?

After plenty of research, I’ve unearthed evidence that this scroll is used by Psellia. Amazing!

Estimated value: 18,520 NP


Four. Three. Two. One. WOW! Well, we are here, at the top four... such a good feeling! If we look back, I hope you’ve learnt a great deal about how scrolls are very essential to the Neopian life we all live. Before I continue embarking on the scroll journey, I think I should point out that people who listened to me on the Neoboards are to be thanked, as they helped place this scroll hierarchy.

At fourth, we see a scroll as powerful as the Sword of Apocalypse, albeit cheaper! This scroll is for the Meridellians out there – Neopets, owners, faeries, and the odd Weewoo who’ve followed the footsteps of Jeran. Yes, the Scroll of the Warrior.

    Warriors are known for their knowledge and this scroll teaches them all about how to fight. I’ve read it, and I am a fully trained warrior now. The next war we have, I’ll be on the front line with my Amulet of Thilg and with this scroll's words in mind. It is lengthy, and a large vocabulary has infringed upon this fragile parchment like prey infringing upon a Spyder’s web. Surprisingly, this scroll is superior to the Battlepedia or the faerie of battling herself. If you think you could be as mighty as Jeran or one of the twelve heroes of Altador, this scroll needs to be in your inventory.

Estimated value: 8,000 NP

Take note that the rarity of this scroll is 97!


I’d love to have a Darigan scroll here. Sadly, I cannot find one. However, I have an even better scroll than anything Lord Darigan could make. This scroll, a deep red (or should I say a fire red... whatever colour it is), will surely please you. This scroll is the Fiery Sun Scroll.

    There is nothing spectacular that I can write down, other than it may just burn you. Other than that, it has taught hundreds of Neopians about how fire can be so important in life. After all, if we didn’t have fire, then what other element of faerie could we have? Slime?!? Can you really imagine a slime faerie giving you a quest? This scroll is also helpful to the Neopian Hospital, as it acts as a cure to many contagious diseases. The reason why it has been ranked third is because of how it is a remarkable piece of writing, written centuries ago. Nobody seems to understand all of it, but in due course, who knows what we could use it for?

Estimated value: 18,650 NP


We are ever-so-close to finding out the top Neopian scroll to have in your hands. It was so hard picking this second, as I believed it should go first, but others didn’t. This scroll has been made with a meticulous eye, capturing the colour, style, and spirit of Faerieland ever-so-closely. We all know Faerieland is associated with the colours pink and purple, and the Scroll of the Dark Star enhances those colours greatly.

    Don’t be fooled -- this scroll is not as innocent as it looks. It is full of darkness. Within the parchment lies enchantments you’ll never be able to see, as they are so dark only villains could be so callous to possess this sort of magic. There is a legend which speaks that the faeries of darkness are the only ones who really know the workings of these scrolls and each dark faerie has one. The legend states that the greater your powers of darkness are, the more useful the scroll is. I suspect that Jhudora’s scroll will be highly powerful. I also think The Darkest Faerie’s scroll will also be much more powerful, as legend has it that this is the only thing that can bring her back. Nevertheless, it hasn’t worked... unless she’s behind you right now, is she?

Estimated value: 18,450 NP (These faeries of darkness will drop them occasionally)


*loud drum roll*

Well, we’ve finally arrived at number one. Which scroll will have the prestigious honour of being Neopia’s top scroll? None other than the Framed Desert Scroll! Yay! No, I’m only joking... I wouldn’t make you read all this, just to find out that a scroll which isn’t even in the top twenty got the first prize. That’s not me, or is it?

Before I say which scroll it is, I am going to list a few messages that were posted on the boards to justify why everyone thought this scroll was number one.

1) “It is so pretty!”

2) “It is highly powerful, full of great enchantments, and it should be number one!”

3) “This scroll deserves to be Neopia’s top scroll as everyone seems to relate to it.”

4) “The flamboyancy of this scroll is great; it always keeps me smiling.”

5) “It’s not that rare, so everyone can get it if they have the money.”

6) “You may not think of the night as bright, but this scroll will help you light it.”

7) “Siyana gave it to me and it reminds me of her.”

Have you guessed? Well, even if you haven’t, your time is up! The Neopian award for the top scroll goes to the Scroll of Moon Light.

    This bright light scroll has many secrets etched into the ever-illuminate parchment. Siyana, a notable light faerie, painstakingly wrote this scroll all about moonlight. It is highly resistant to any being that touches it, and it is also at number one since it is the only scroll that can fly. How great is a flying scroll? However, this scroll also teaches how light can be taken for granted in Neopia, and this scroll is number one for the reason that it has been faerie-made (and faerie-made items are special to the population).

Estimated value: 18,200 NP

I hope you’ve enjoyed this scrollery article, and I am sure you’ll all pass your scroll examinations.

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