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Show Your True Colors

by neogirl858


If there is one difference between Skeiths and Grarrls, it’s that a Skeith can be a bit... lazy... but a Grarrl knows its limits.

     They don’t spend all day bossing around the smaller Moehogs for a bite of a yummy Chokato Burger and a can of Apple Neocola. Despite that known fact, one Grarrl was very, very different. Much like the Skeith, he lived all by himself on a big rock in the outskirts of the Tyrannian Plateau. He loved to watch the M*YNCI concerts from a distance because he couldn’t afford to buy a ticket for himself. He also just loved to eat the omelettes if he didn’t get caught taking more than his fair share!

      His appearance was plain and simple. He was big, basic, and blue. He was sick of being that color... just like any other neopet that wanted a life of owning a huge fortune. He gave up on that long ago. He thought playing games was way too time consuming, he didn’t like selling his precious food at his shop, and don’t even get him started on the Stock Market! Investing his few neopoints in strange companies like Dice-A-Roo Industries PLC, Buzz-A-Way Insect Removal, and the Confederation of Fish Lovers just scared him silly!

      He didn’t know how he could incorporate neopoints and his one favorite thing in life... I’m sure you guessed this one... food! The best culinary goodies and treats that any neopet would love to have. He just cant resist the taste of a big Meat Wrap fresh from the Food Shop far away in the Center of Neopia with an ice cold Clamade. He also enjoys the fantastic taste of a bacon and broccoli omelette from time to time. Or so it was thought by some Neopians. Sabre-X, the big scary Lupe that guards the prestigious Giant Omelette, certainly gets in a bit of a fit if the Grarrl takes more than one omelette a day.

     “But I’m just so hungry. Cant I have another?”

      He would beg the poor Lupe constantly. On some days, he would ask three, four, even five times! So Sabre-X decided.

     “I’m not putting up with this anymore! He keeps coming and coming, eating and eating, that the omelette is disappearing before all of our very eyes! I’m tired of it!”

     So he came up with a plan.

     “Here you go, Grarrl. It’s a scrumptious Glamour Negg. If you crack it open, it will fill you up for days! Maybe then you can find... oh I don’t know... a real job?”

      But before he could even finish that sentence, the Grarrl had already run off with the negg to his big rock on the Plateau.

     “Finally! I’m famished!” he exclaimed while eagerly breaking open the shell of the negg. Suddenly his glowing blue face turned pale.

     “What is this!? Is it even edible? Well, I’m a Grarrl. I can eat anything!”

      He took the Gold Mirror that fell out of the negg and was midway of stuffing it in his mouth when he saw his reflection in the mirror. He couldn’t believe what he saw. He was vicious and hysterical. I mean, come on, he’s a tall yet stubbly little dinosaur, with big long nails and teeth as sharp as the Luperus himself! All he wanted to do was gorge on food. His appetite seemed to slowly disappear the longer he looked at himself.

     “What have I done?” he said under his breath. “I’m a monster... literally! I am a monster! I don’t want to be that way.” After giving himself a moment to think he went down to the omelette to talk to Sabre-X.

     “I’m sorry for taking so many omelettes. I didn’t realize that I was letting my big appetite take over me.” He handed the mirror to the Lupe.

     “From now on... I’ll work right here at the Giant Omelette. I can make up for everything I ate! Besides... I heard what you said. I may have seemed like I wasn’t paying attention to you, but I took it in. I need a job.”

     Sabre-X was proud of the Grarrl for breaking his bad habits and had decided to accept the offer.

     “Fine, we will put you on Omelette Cleanup for a start. It’s hard keeping the Plateau clean when there is a big cheesy eggy mess... Then maybe you can move up to Omelette Supervisor... but only if you’re good enough to handle it.”

     The Grarrl was ecstatic with Sabre-X’s decision to keep him. He put on an apron and got hard at work. He never knew how hard it was to keep up this big omelette for the good Neopians to eat until he tried to do the work himself. It was hard shoveling, adding toppings, and cutting the omelette into perfect squares like how they always end up. But one morning before he went to work, Sabre-X stopped him in his tracks.

     “Grarrl, you’ve worked every day this week at the Giant Omelette... and you’ve done a great job! Why don’t you go home and take the day off?” He hadn’t been home in a while.

     “I guess I could take the day off,” he said reluctantly as he turned around, fiddling with his little thumbs.

      He took a long walk and approached his big rock on the Plateau. When he came to a stop, he noticed a brown package with a note that read...

     ‘Show your true colors. –Sabre-X’

     He opened the package and inside was yet another Glamour Negg.

      “Well, this is nice. But I just hope it’s not another mirror.” Laughing to himself, he cracked open the negg and inside there was... another mirror...

     Is time repeating itself or something? This poor Grarrl has got to be confused and surely a bit disappointed... But luckily for him, right next to that mirror was a Rainbow Paintbrush! So instead of being boringly blue, he went to the Rainbow Pool as fast as his legs could possibly take him. Then in one, two, three... he became radiantly rainbow!

     Looking in the mirror at his new look, he reminisced over what it took to get here. Hard work, dedication, and most of all, striving to be who he wanted to be, no matter how hard it was for him to get there. So with his new look and new attitude, he went back to work the following day. He kept moving up in his rank from working in Omelette Cleanup to Omelette Defender, then ending up working alongside his good pal Sabre-X as the Omelette Supervisor! Good job, Grarrl! We all knew he could make it, didn’t we?

     Soon after he made his goal at work, the happy Neopians gave him a new nickname. Lupino. The name takes after the Lupe that inspired him to change his life, take control, and change the world! Or at least for the Neopians who come to the omelette everyday to get their free piece... But most of all that big scary Lupe taught him to show his true colors that are as vibrant and stunning as the rainbow.

     Now I still wonder if he ever got that bite to eat that he wanted so badly before he got that big job...

The End

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