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The Morality of Competition

by akari24



Prologue – Andrea the Screaming Techo Fan

Andra – Mystery Island Supporter

Roxanne – Roo Island Supporter

Kim – Krawk Island Supporter

James – Faerieland Supporter

Act 1, Scene 1

[Enter Prologue]


To have a prologue is custom as known

And so I give one now without a drone:

This play we are here to present today

Is nothing but the best, if I may say.

The Altador Cup is where we begin

Sixteen teams hoping for a chance to win.

Which one will take the cup I do not know.

But here is where we have a chance to show

The inside information for each team,

Which world is weak and which will be supreme,

Loud fans and freaks – each team has loads in store,

Each fighting to scream louder every score.

Fierce rivalry in the Altador Cup,

Awaiting the time others will give up.

There are but four with whom we are concerned.

A win this year is what each pet does yearn.

[Enter Andra, Roxanne, Kim, and James.]

Admire them standing boldly and quite strong

The cup is clearly where these pets belong.

Andra is first, for Mystery Island;

Then comes Kim for the famous Krawk Island;

And then there’s Roxanne fighting for Roo Island;

(Sorry for rhyming “island” with “island!”)

Just James is left, alone with Faerieland;

And thus concludes our ACIII fan band.

[Exeunt Roxanne, Kim, and James.]


My life includes almost all, I believe

That is, all but a friend, sewed by the sleeve

Neopoints I have, for I oft save, not spend

Sufficient food, keeping myself content.

A friend is what I truly seek for now

Someone who truly is the Kad’s meow.

[Enter Roxanne]


I have much rich and fame as you may guess

From first glance at my hair and dress

But King and Queen have no time for Roxanne.

Always busy with some intricate plan.


What’s that I hear?


Someone with whom to speak?


Is someone near?


I think I’ll take a peek!

Hello there, Miss, what are you doing out?


Nothing much, just taking a walk about.


I see. And what is your name, I request?

Do not have any qualms; this is no test.


My name’s Andra if it may please you so.

Now it is your name I would like to know,

As well your team for Altador Cup III.


Well, in the AC3 Roo Isle’s for me.

I take you’re MI from your customization.

Oh, and the name I was given upon creation?

I am Roxanne.


That is a lovely name,


My thanks.


Any time, and to you the same.

You seem to be of highest quality,

No difference should it make...


-of course, equality!

But yes, from noble background do I come.

May I ask why; is it found bothersome?


No, no, my friend – I hope you are my friend –

I wished to know if my manner I should amend.


Change you not for me: to that I adhere.


Of course, my friend. But wait, a noise! You hear?

[Enter Kim.]


Hi, there, I am Andra; this is Roxanne.


It’s nice to meet you two, and Kim I am.

I do support Krawk Island in this AC.

Your teams I can guess by your clothes easily.

Roxanne, do you not support Roo Island?

Andra, you’re M.I., if I understand.

Hey, wait, hold up, what has – is – taking place?

Are you not competitors? What disgrace.


We can explain! We can explain! Kim, please!

Not one of us meant harm; let us appease

We merely wanted to find true friends,

Though separate, together till the end.

For sure you cannot chastise us for that.

We were lonely, just Andra and Roxanne.


Well, true friends you’ll not find in one another

For you support different teams from each other.

As a Krawkian looking out for you,

I wish to warn you of all I can do.


Ha, what do you think you can accomplish?

Some fame, some love, you can’t do much but wish.


We’ll see. And so, the games begin!

I’ll let the true Altador Cup team win.

So, au revoir. I wish you best of luck.

You’ll likely need it after I have struck.

[Exeunt Kim.]


She might have something tricky up her sleeve.


Together, true friends work well, I do believe.

[Exeunt Roxanne and Kim.]

Act 2, Scene 1

[Enter James, timidly.]


Hi there, audience!

I come from a different part of town from those other folk.

They all live on ground, terrain.

But no, I reside above Neopia in its great state.

I live on the clouds of Faerieland up above.

I like it there. It’s my home.

So anyways, while they’re all fighting and whatnot,

For friends, teams, competition, whatever,

I say relax! Forget about winning!

After all, I’m a proud member of Faerieland.

But, between you and me,

We both know that Faerieland will be beaten out by a stronger team.

Just live with it.

Life goes on.

Another example of how you should take life as it comes:

I could be one of the main characters right now.

If I were to straighten my back, speak with a certain dialect,

(You know, those low, gruff voices, iambic pentameter, etc.)

Maybe I would have more stage time,

Rather than just a measly monologue.

But I’m fine with what I have.

I don’t always need to “win.”

Well, I’m afraid these three young Neopians do not have the knowledge I do.

That winning is the least of matters.

I suppose I’ll just sit back and see how this plays out.

[Enter Kim, an unwritten neomail in her hand.]


Here is my plan to thwart Roxanne and Andra:

I write a neomail to Roxanne’s pa.

I’ll say, “Do not you care what others think?

And if there were a scandal, would you blink?

For yourself, do you not want some respect?

Then your reputation you should protect.

Sir, I believe you should know of Roxanne.

She’s gone and made friends with a girl, and,

Said girl is not from R.I. where you rule,

But Roxanne won’t end the friendship, the fool!

I warned her once, and then again once more.

She would not listen to my strong deplores.

And so, my king, I beg for you to step in,

To show your girl that she should respect kin.”

And so I shall continue to write,

So that I can finish this brawl tonight.

[Kim sits. Enter Roxanne and Andra.]


Andra, as this is one of our last days,

Let us be merry and joyful in our ways.

My father may come down to take me away.

So have no reservations; let us play!

[Roxanne and Andra play amongst themselves. Kim rises, having finished writing.]


I’m done! At last the letter’s end.

Now all that’s left to do is to send.

But now I see what’s going on nearby.

Upon Roxanne and Andra do I spy.

They’re... playing games? And having fun? But how?

Do they not see the calamity over them now?

They look so happy frolicking in play.

Have I the heart to take that all away?

No, I cannot continue; it wouldn’t be right.

If I were to send it, I’d be up all night.

Alas, neomail, your life has been cut short.

Because your intents I do not support.

Young neomail, sweet neomail, it is your time to die.

And thus I say, “goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!”

[Kim rips up the neomail.]

Of course, they keep on playing without a blink.

Going to the “friends” might be nice, I think.

Perhaps they would give me a second chance,

Let me frolic as well, and let me prance.

I guess I will give it a tiny shot.

Hey, you! Yes, you! Hey, Andra and Roxanne!

Does your friendship have room for another man?


Why are you asking? Your opinion’s changed?

Before, did you not think our friendship strange?


I did, but now I realize my gruesome err.

I know forgiveness is in your hearts somewhere.


Fine, we forgive.


Yes, we forgive you now.


Why, thank you so, I’ll make it up somehow.


But Kim, for now, let us go off and play.

How about Yooyuball? I say it’d be great.

To celebrate our differences and compete,

Respecting all without bad thoughts or cheats.

All for fun and our teams - what do you say?


Sounds great to me!


This will be fun!



Act 2, Scene 2


And so, our story concludes.

It’s interesting how this tale unfolds.

It’s one of morals.

A test of morals, to be specific.

Just goes to show,

Winning and competition should never get in the way of more important things.

Friendship should overcome all obstacles, big or small.

Friendship gives life meaning.

And I say, what’s life without meaning?


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