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An Ice Crystal in the Rough: The Igloo Garage Sale

by illumine


The Igloo Garage Sale is headed by two indecisive Chias, Mika and Carassa, who have sworn to move away from the unbearably chilly weather of Terror Mountain for years, but have yet to leave the mountaintop. These two lovable characters have been slapping price tags on their myriad goods for several years, in fact. After all, they want to travel light to warmer climates.

Perhaps when the pair first opened their roadside franchise, many Neopians frequented their sale. But now, with the novelty of a discount winter wonderland store gone, Neopians have cast the Garage Sale aside, flocking instead to new hot spots—the Clothing Shop, Battledome Magic, assorted Petpet shops—in search of more excitement and better monetary opportunities than the Igloo offers. How do I know all this? I found out first hand. Being an enthusiastic Igloo supporter, I started a regular chat thread for Igloo-restocking. The result was less than desired. The official Igloo website, which I spent hours creating and polishing, attracted minimal pageviews. My threads started off reasonably, but were all but unvisited after a few weeks. One Neopian even interrupted my nearly-empty board with a, “Why would you restock at the igloo? You can’t make any money there.”

The Igloo is, all-in-all, an overlooked shopping wonderland, complete with variety, rare items, unbeatable prices, and convenience. The trouble is that hardly anyone is willing to give it credit for what it does so well. I suspect that a couple of Neopians out there don’t have a clue as to the inner workings of this ice-encased shop. This leaves the unfortunate Chias literally out in the cold. But I’m here to get you fully acquainted with the Igloo Garage Sale and tell you why you should give the quirky, endearing Igloo a second (or first) glance.

Simply put, there’s no place quite like the Igloo. Coveted items of all kinds regularly stock themselves here—at bargain prices! The vast selection should lure all kinds of Neopians to this shopping paradise, no matter their interests or wants. Avatar Petpets, such as Gruslens and Harrises, should please avatar collectors. Codestones stock alongside Battledome weapons, which ought to entice Battledomers now that codestone prices are at all all-time high (codestones at the Igloo are a mere 200-300 NP). Adorable plushies, exclusive trading cards, informational books... the list goes on! The point is, this store is truly for everyone. While stores such as the Clothing Shop and Battledome Magic specialize in a single line of items, the Igloo has no limits, no restrictions. It gladly sells anything and everything. Mika and Carassa’s supply of items is seemingly endless! The Igloo should especially please Neopians fond of surprises! Why stop next door at Tarla’s Shop of Mystery when the Igloo’s eclectic selection will leave you absolutely dazzled and delighted? You never know when something strange, something fanciful, something useful, something remarkable will pop up!

As stated above, not only does the Igloo offer treasures of all sorts, it’s very affordable as well. Since it’s a garage sale, some of the items are priced in the double digits, if not the single digits! Restockers who are looking to turn a nice profit should definitely consider giving the Igloo a chance. “But oh no!” you object. “The Igloo carries nothing but worthless junk and the occasional somewhat-valuable item. There’s no sense in trying to make any Neopoints in that dump! What a waste of time!” Contrary to popular opinion, the Igloo isn’t a poor choice for restocking at all. I’ve profited in the hundreds of thousands of Neopoints from purchasing and reselling rarities, namely avatar Petpets, newly released books, and collectors’ items, such as stamps and Altador Cup souvenirs. The profit made here can be comparable to most other Neopian shops if you have some patience (and a pinch of luck!).

Finally, let’s not forget that the Igloo is unique in its restocking method. Unlike all of the other Neopian shops, the Igloo doesn’t prompt you with a faded Neopet against a background that you have to pinpoint in order to buy an item. In fact, you don’t even have to enter the amount of Neopoints you want to pay. All you have to do is click on an item, pay the tiny amount of Neopoints it costs, and the item is yours... all hassle-free! The whole process is done in a single click. What shopping convenience, eh? Furthermore, if you miss a restock or choose not to buy any items in a restock, then the next restock is only roughly 8 minutes away. Each restock yields a generous number of items — about 40 or 50 different items in a single restock. This Igloo is just designed for fast, convenient buying.

This simplicity and straightforwardness allows restocking beginners to refine their reflexes without the rushed entering of numbers and frenzied hunt for the green Eyrie hidden in a green background image (trust me when I say that restocking is complicated enough without having to swiftly and accurately enter and click other things). That isn’t to say that the Igloo can’t be a haven for seasoned players, as well. With their advanced speed and trained eye, they can pick out high-profit items in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry; there won’t be fights between the newbies and the oldies because Mika and Carassa carry an overabundance of items. "Plenty," Mika has been quoted as saying when asked to describe their stash. "We've been collecting for quite a while now, and there's still plenty more to sell."

Now that I’ve got you itching to get up to Terror Mountain, I won’t keep you here much longer. I’m sure you’re all eager to begin your search for exquisite items. Keep in mind all that you’ve learned here, though. Mika and Carassa will warmly welcome you into their frosty abode; after all, you’re getting them that much closer to selling off their collection of odds and ends and escaping this wintry area for the tropics! Good luck and happy shopping!

Feel free to Neomail me to talk about your Igloo adventures. I’d like to see other Igloo enthusiasts, other than myself.


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