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Unis: More Than Just A Pretty Face

by toastlike


Hello, Neopia. My name is Brehana, and I am an Island Uni. I'm here to talk to you today about my species. Unis are a very popular species, you see. At the moment I'm having toastlike type this for me (I can't type with hooves, you see), the Uni is the 5th most popular Neopian species, with 10,622,692 Unis in existence. With so many of us around it surprises me that most of Neopia has the wrong impression about us!

Most Neopians tend to think that Unis are vain and only care about appearances. This is simply not true! Even on our species page it says this: "As a general rule Unis are incredibly vain, spending hours each day combing their manes and admiring their reflections."

I'm a Uni, and I'm not incredibly vain, but most of Neopia will see that I'm a Uni and judge me as if I am. I'm tired of being labeled as "obsessed with my reflection in the mirror," so I have decided to answer some common Uni myths and misconceptions to help shed some light (and truth) on the falsehoods that people judge me by.

Unis hate getting their hooves dirty.

One of my personal heroes is Tawnia the Island Uni, and she is an excellent example for proving this myth wrong. Tawnia lives on Mystery Island and searches along the shore for shells and other lost treasures to sell. She doesn’t mind wet sand and seawater splattering her fur, and even flew into a hurricane to save the island from a horrible Techo. Though incredibly exhausted from her ordeal, Tawnia’s bravery (and the fact that she didn’t mind not staying clean) saved Mystery Island and has earned her the status of a Neopian hero. If that’s not an example of a Uni who isn’t scared of a little mud, I don’t know what is!

Unis are incredibly vain.

This one isn’t true, either. Yes, Unis do tend to care about how we look, but we aren’t “incredibly vain.” I personally never wear makeup, and I know other Unis who can’t stand wearing the stuff, either. As for “spending hours admiring our reflections,” if I ever do look in a mirror it’s only to make sure I am presentable. I know some Unis who have never even seen a mirror, let alone stared at themselves for hours. The Nightsteed is one of the most famous Unis of all time, and he doesn’t care about what he looks like. Even though he was cursed and looks far different than he did originally, he is content with his outward appearance. Many Unis look up to him, not just because of his power and wisdom, but also because of his character.

Unis only care about themselves.

This is a very popular misconception, and I can easily prove this one wrong! In the Battle for Meridell, who helped Jeran and the others reach the Citadel and defeat the evil Lord Kass? Why, the Unis of course. Using their powerful wings, these brave Unis carried the knights to the Citadel and onward to victory! The Unis didn’t have to help them. They didn’t have to put themselves in danger, but they did anyway. And why? Because they weren’t vain. They cared about Meridell, and wanted to do everything they could to protect it.

I also have another shining example of how Unis care for others and not just themselves. I’m sure that most of you have seen her; the kind and helpful Uni who assists you in adopting a Neopet from the Pound. Some don’t care about her name, but us Unis call her Rose. Rose cares a lot for all the Neopets in the Pound, and she tries to find homes for as many of them as she can. Now, is that selfish? I don’t think so.

All Unis have excellent fashion sense.

Although this could be seen as a compliment of sorts, this myth is also false. Although a Uni may run the Clothing Shop, not all Unis are gifted with the ability to match clothing and other wearables nicely. I have seen some pretty confused Unis running around, with so much mismatched clothing on them that they kept being laughed at and ridiculed everywhere they went.

Unis think that they deserve more attention than other Neopets.

This myth is false. I can’t think of any Uni spoiled enough to think that they deserve more attention than other Neopets. Princess Fernypoo is a very spoiled Acara who gets whatever she wants, whatever it is, all the time! However, Neopians don’t label Acaras in general as being like her. If there are plenty of other selfish Neopets, then why are Unis the ones being characterized as vain, selfish, and spoiled? I don’t even know how this myth started in the first place! Perhaps it was thought up by somebody who is jealous of the Uni’s selfless character. Maybe it was even Princess Fernypoo herself! Of course, I’m not saying it is her, but then again, you never know…

Unis can’t fight well in the Battledome.

Of course Unis can fight! Our horn is a very efficient attack weapon, our wings are very powerful, and our legs can easily knock you to the ground with a well-placed kick. There are plenty of heroic and powerful Unis out there. For example, another of my heroes is the Uni Battle Steed. “The enemies who avoided his sharp horn soon fell beneath his powerful hooves.” The Uni Battle Steed is an excellent fighter, and contributed much toward Meridell’s victory. There is also an amazing array of Uni Battledome Items. From the Uni Attack Pods to the Uni Face Shield, an experienced Uni in the Battledome is a worthy opponent, indeed. Whoever says that Unis can’t fight has obviously never fought one.

Hopefully my article has broadened your opinion of my species and made you think twice about how you perceive us. There are countless Unis in the Pound who need loving and caring homes. Do you have the room in your heart to adopt one? If so, then adopt a Uni. You’ll be surprised by how quickly our charm and character make you grow attached. In no time at all you’ll be wondering how you got along without us.

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