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What Kind Of Darigan Are You?

by sweettartlucy


The average, ignorant Neopian tends to be of the belief that the Darigan community has been utterly homogeneous throughout its lengthy existence; they form the misconception that the early, prosperous Darigans were of the same attitude and lethal mindset of those fighting for their orb in the Darigan-Meridell wars. Despite the general public’s conviction that Darigans were always angry, deranged mutants, I find these views to be inaccurate and, quite frankly, stereotypical. There have been many different periods in Darigan culture, and various different perceivable attitudes within these periods. For your sake, I have condensed these into four basic Darigan perspectives. Curious as to which era you would belong in? This quiz is for you. Remember to record your answers as you go along!

1. Which paint brush color do you find the most preferable?

a. Pink

b. Grey

c. Halloween

d. Maraquan

e. Royal

2. If someone from Meridell were to greet you on the streets, what would be your response?

a. I’d greet them kindly, just as I would anyone else.

b. I’d blink at them and hastily skitter away, curious as to why I had been acknowledged in the first place

c. I’d threaten them evilly before proceeding to stalk off

d. I’d smile uncertainly

e. Hi, neighbor!

3. What is your favorite Yooyuball?

a. Fire; fun, fast, and exciting

b. Darigan; sneaky and difficult

c. Mutant; unpredictably malicious

d. Robot; cautionary and fragile

e. Normal; predictable and easy to interact with

4. Which avatar best describes you?

a. A Day at the Beach

b. Revenge is Sweet

c. Malevolent Sentinental Poogle Plushie

d. Darigan – Redeemed

e. Whack-A-Kass

5. Your font is:

a. Full of vibrant colors and smilies

b. Blank, with just the default html

c. Short and to the point

d. Constantly changing between your array of intriguing quotes

e. consumed by one of those cool siggy pets

6. Which Darigan Neopet do you favor?

a. Shoyrus – they almost look a bit sweet!

b. Ixis - their expression shows that they are intelligently contemplative

c. Techos – their evil grin suggests ferocity to the point of borderline insanity

d. Cybunnies – they seem mysterious

e. The nonexistent ones

7. How many friends do you consider yourself lucky enough to have?

a. Quite a few, actually – my kindness doesn’t discriminate

b. No one really takes the time to notice me

c. I’m more of a loner, myself, but I like it that way

d. A select few; but we’re closer than that grouchy King Skarl is grumpy

e. I’m friends with everyone that choses to be polite to me

8. Say you had a Bony Grarrl Club sitting in your Gallery, and a Neopian inquired as to whether it could be lent. How would you react?

a. I’d quite possibly lend, if the person in question asked sweetly

b. I wouldn’t be lending my Bony Grarrl Club (and I’m sure this would be clearly stated on my Gallery page and my User Lookup), so I’d quietly refuse, roll my eyes at the lack of reading comprehension of Neopians these days, and move on with my life.

c. Well, this is easy; I’d whack them in the head with the club and run off!

d. I’d only lend if they were a very trusted friend

e. I’d check out their avatar count, collateral, vouchers, Neopets, account age, and trophies, and then make an educated choice based on these things.

9. Who is the most evil Neopian(s) in existence?

a. Why, Doctor Sloth, of course! He enslaved the poor, innocent Grundos, which is utterly unjust.

b. King Skarl - the menace stole our amazing orb, plunging our kingdom into misery!

c. Jerran – how dare he challenge the Citadel’s might?

d. Lord Kass – he manipulated the citizens of Darigan in his bloodthirsty quest for power

e. The Meepits! *cowers in fear*

10. If you happened upon a lost-looking Faerie Neopet aimlessly ambling in the middle of nowhere, what would you do?

a. I would ask if he or she was in need of assistance.

b. Unsure of what to do and out of touch with everyone for so long, I would ignore them and proceed with what I was previously engaged in.

c. So, back to that Bony Grarrl Club…

d. I’d approach with caution and shyly question if they are in need of assistance

e. I’d simply ask if they would like to come along home with me; I could give them a warm meal and work from there.

That’s all for the questions! Tally up your answers, and see which letter you picked the most of. Oh, and if you picked C for number 8, I’d suggest some counseling at the very least…

Mostly A’s

You are an ancient Darigan! During this long period of time, the Citadel grew and evolved, surrounded by beautiful, prosperous land. Darigan Neopets weren’t recognizable compared to those of today, not in the least; they were not in the least bit strange looking, but rather quite average. They were also not perceived as deranged or evil, but were instead passive, sweet creatures (albeit overly trusting). Regrettably, this kindhearted peacefulness and trust proved to be their ultimate downfall. This was really the only era in which the Citadel prospered, but prosper it most certainly did, to the full extent of its ability.

Mostly B’s

You belong in what is, perhaps, the most dismal period of Darigan’s sad history. Without their amazingly powerful orb, the land of the poor Darigan creatures ceased to be at all affluent. What used to be a bright, enchanting kingdom was forcefully transformed into a sinister, dreary abyss. The once-beautiful Neopets mutated into the Darigans we know today, falling into a deep depression on the journey. Throughout the many famines the poor Neopets endured, they became especially ravenous for revenge. This utter determination for justice saw them through the worst of their woes.

Mostly C’s

Darigan during its two wars with the citizens of Meridell is where you belong. In this time, total destruction was all that the intricate minds of Darigan natives tended to ponder. It is also probably how the infamous Darigan stereotype began; for, indeed, during this period Darigans were fierce, cunning, ruthless, and apparently evil. Their lust for what was rightfully theirs consumed them, and they fought ferociously till the end.

Mostly D’s

You belong in Darigan’s post-war era. Saddened by their defeat and Kass’ treachery, they sunk into a state of melancholy acceptance. As their land fell into a sullen state of peace, they slowly began to interact with the outside world. Some bonded quite well, while others have simply sunk deeper into their lonely shells of self doubt to continuously contemplate revenge. Unsure of how to act around others, they may be shy and inquisitive; though this is most definitely not always the case, as some are very outgoing and even cheerful. One thing is for certain, though -- the Citadel continues to persistently loom over Meridell, its residents patiently waiting for their chance…

Mostly E’s

What? You’re not a Darigan at all! In fact, you’re from that lousy kingdom of MERIDELL! Shame on you!

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