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How to Live Through Neopia's Summer

by tokio_hotel900


You look up at the clock. One more minute to go! Just one. More. Minute. All of your friends are also looking at that same clock up on that same wall. You have been stuck in this desk for over 300 days... the minute hand hits the 12 and... RIIIING! Everybody hops out of their seat, rushing to their Neohome. You walk slowly back to yours, but it is just so hot. And you know from many experiences before that this summer will get boring eventually.

Well, I am here to show you all of what Neopia has to offer during the summer. If, by any chance, you are forced to leave on a family trip or going to camp, don't bother looking at this! :) This is for all the Neopians out there who will be stuck at home for the third summer in a row.

All right, to start this off, what DOES Neopia have to offer? Well, there is the Summer Faire going on. At the Summer Faire, you can go and feed your pet once a day (ONCE) for free! I usually go there to do that, since I am saving for that paintbrush! ;) There are also some summer based downloads, games, and greetings! All of these fun things are on the beach, and it seems to be a nice day out.

If you are taking your pet anywhere in Neopia for a summer vacation, always be sure to check the weather! This is just under "Explore". See it? It says "Weather". If you are thinking about taking your pet to Faerieland, make sure to check what the weather is like over there. If it's boiling hot, don't take your Neopets there! As it will probably get all uncomfortable and maybe even moody. I know I wouldn't want my pets to be moody! I know this sounds mean to your Neopets, but delay the trip to Faerieland for a day. Take them to see Haunted Woods instead, if the weather is good there. If it is hot everywhere, just go and get them a new toy, or even a nice and cool smoothie! :D

You are one hundred percent positive that you have played all the games, gotten all the avatars, and painted all your pets the right colour. So, now what is there to do during the long and blistering hot summer? You could play all those games again... and try and beat your high score! (If your high score is about 900, 000 or another big number, this could take all summer!) Set some more goals for yourself as well, like collecting keyrings (that's mine!) or plushies. Gosh, you haven't really talked to other Neopians in a while. Go and lurk on the boards, you could meet some very interesting Neopians! And possibly make a few more Neofriends! Who knows, you might also become famous over Neopets?! :0

Be sure to look after your Neopet(s)! Sure, you are a person, and people tend to live busy lives, but it never hurts to feed your pet. And make sure to feed them foods that aren't hot. Get them some ice cream, or even a popsicle. But stray from spicy wings or anything with the word "Cornupepper" in it. Your Neopet would not appreciate this! Also buy them smoothies once in a while, and get them a new toy from time to time as well.

If you are going away, and you know that your Neopets might starve or be extremely bored without you, book them a decent room in the Neolodge. Not too expensive, and not too tatty. Just something that will make them feel like home.

Read your Neopets a good book; nobody can be bored with a book! But, of course, make sure that the book is suitable for your Neopet. If you have a baby Neopet, don't read it "Encyclopedia A-K" or whatever. Read them a pop-up book, or even buy them a colouring book!

Do not spend all of your time on Neopets. First of all, it's unhealthy, and, second of all, you are guaranteed to get bored. Set a time limit for yourself, like an hour or so, and get off when your time is up. Not only will you not get bored easily, but, you can also have time for your non-virtual life! Remember, your real life friends love you too! And, it looks like poor Fluffy needs some attention himself as well. Of course, there is the occasional exception, like you are in the middle of Meerca Chase and your time is up. Just finish up that game and log off. Also, tell your Neofriends good bye before you go! They might think that Turmaculus accidentally eaten you instead of the petpet! But make sure that is all you do, don't make a board saying, "Bye, I'm logging off!" as that will have you get into a conversation and you will be called a N00bie for the rest of your Neopian life.

Start up a summer guild! The plus side to this is that you don't have to quit when summer ends! You can carry it on right into winter, and put up messages like, "Just think, in the southern (or northern) hemisphere it is summer! I want to grow wings and fly there!" That will always spark up an interesting conversation, no doubt.

Now, here are some random (but funny) things you can do on Neopets. Are you dying to learn a new language? German, for example? Well, set the language settings to German... and have fun learning! I did this once, but at least it knocked up my vocabulary a few points! Go on the fan clubs board, and start up a "Opinions on TNT" conversation. But of course, be sure to keep it clean!

Buy back to school supplies! Studies show that when summer break comes, Neopets will lose two months of Neoschool knowledge! *GASP* Get them some school supplies and books, to make sure they are going to be top of their class when they get back to school! :) Give them a little quiz, like "Were the Light and Dark Faerie friends before?" Or have them do some research on Warfs.

Celebrate the days! Every month, there are usually a few days put aside to appreciate Neopets or Faeries. You can celebrate these by making boards for them, or even go the extra mile and make your user lookup dedicated for that day! You could snag a spot in the User Lookup Spotlight if you are talented enough. If your parents approve, get some Neocash, then you can customize your pet and go on Noticeable Neopet.

Put your artistic skills to the test. Draw a picture of your Neopet, and then enter it into the Neopet Beauty Contest! You will gain adoring fans, a stunning trophy, and pick up some Neopoints as well. This is always a good thing. If you're not an artist, read the Storytelling sections. These are very well done by many Neopians. This will make you very entertained during the summer. You could also submit some pieces as well, and keep on checking to see if you were one of the best out there! :)

So, that is about all of the tips you need during Neopia's summer. Soon, before you know it, you will be sending your Neopets back to school again, and maybe one for its first time. (Very emotional!) You will also be going into a new grade, make new friends, and see new teachers. All in all, you and your Neopets should have a great memory of this summer! Let's hope you managed to screen shot some moments! :D

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