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Kreludan Mining Corp. - Earning a Golden Spaceship

by umbreon_of_the_moon


KRELUDOR – Home of mines, orange Grundos, blue gems, and...more orange Grundos. You may think that Kreludor’s just a big, dark, scary planet in the sky. Well, you’d be wrong, it’s actually a big, dark, scary moon in the sky...

After my last article, “Kreludan Mining Corporation – The Guide”, there have been a couple of notable changes in the game.

People have also asked me to do a follow-up guide for the later levels, so here it is.

NOTE: This is an advanced guide! If you are just looking for a guide to get used to the controls, look at my beginner’s article, by searching for “Mining” in the Neopian Times’ search box. My article for beginners will appear there.

First, I think it would be wise to remind you of the controls, and basic game idea.

Basic Game Idea

In this game, you pilot a remote-control metal orb-collecting spaceship, where you have to fly around and pilot a ship to pick up blue jewels, orange-glowing Kreludan metal orbs, and to obliterate any fungus monsters that get in your way!


The default controls for this game are shown below. You can set your own controls for Kreludan Mining Corporation by clicking on the “Options” button that appears when you load the game.

Thrust: Up arrow. This will boost your ship forwards, in the direction that your ship is facing.

Left & Right: Left and Right arrows. You cannot move directly left on the game. Instead, your ship rotates anticlockwise (to the left) or clockwise (to the right), and you must use thrust to go left and right while your ship is tilted in that direction.

Right: Right arrow. Again, like the left control, you cannot move directly right. Instead, your ship rotates clockwise (to the right), and you must use thrust to go right.

Laser: Space bar. This is your only weapon. Use it to kill fungus monsters, and open switch-triggered doors.

Tractor Beam – On: B Button. When near a gem (in Missions 1.1 and most missions after and including 3.1), or near a Kreludan metal orb, use this to collect the gem or to make a bond between your ship and the orb, so you can carry it to the Orb Processing Building.

Tractor Beam – Off: N Button. The opposite of the B button. You can only use this when you already have the tractor beam connected to the Metal Orb. This will drop the orb from the tractor beam connecting to your ship.

Don’t forget that there is a constant gravitational pull pulling you downwards!


We’ll just go over this quickly, as it was mentioned in my first article, and because this is the advanced guide, it is probable that you know the following information already. I don’t want to bore you with the basics, because you want to read about how to get maximum points on the harder levels, don’t you?

Kreludan metal orb – 100 Points when put into the orb depository.

Blue Gem – 20 Points when collected by the tractor beam.

Fungus Monster – Referred to as Evil Fungus of Doom in my previous article, these are worth 5 points. When the game was released, they did not give you points for shooting them.

Changes to the Game Since My Last Article

There have been a few changes to the game since my last article.

The first change is that the points-to-neopoints ratio has been changed twice since the last article. The first time, the points-to-neopoints ratio was changed from 200NP per 100 points to 160NP per 100 points. Then, a couple of weeks later, it was changed from 160NP per 100 points to 140NP per 100 points. Why did this happen? I don’t know. Perhaps the Neopets Team thought that it was too easy to get maximum neopoints? This means at the current point-to-neopoint ratio you require 715 points or more to get maximum neopoints from the game.

The second change, is that a sixth enemy has been added to Mission 3.1, in the top left corner of the level, directly above and a bit to the left of where your starting position is, putting you inside a worrying triangle of enemies straight at the start of the level.

You now do not need to get the blue gem on Mission 1.1 to get maximum neopoints without starting a new level. However if you are going for a high score or a trophy, it is recommended that you pick it up.

Level Walkthroughs

In my last article I went through the first four levels (Missions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 2.1), which you needed to complete to get maximum neopoints. Because of the first change that I noted above, you now need to complete the first six levels with maximum score to receive maximum neopoints. At the start of Mission 2.2, you should have 525 points, the maximum score for the end of Mission 2.1.

NOTE: If you are planning to play the game whilst you are reading this article, you should be reminded that Kreludan Mining Corporation cannot be paused. If you are planning to play the game whilst reading, it is recommended that you set your screen resolution to at least 1024x768, so there is room on your screen to read this article, and play the game without switching back and forth, window to window. You could also print out this article, so you can have the game full screen, and not risk hitting anything while looking at the article window.

Mission 2.2

Mission 2.2 is one of the smallest levels in the game, and for the experienced Kreludan miner, can be completed within two minutes.

You will start the level off with a fungus monster directly to your right. Shoot it before it shoots you. To your left is the Orb Processing building, and further left is a narrow passageway going deeper into the mine. Leave that for now. Below where your starting position was is a wider passageway. Go down this slowly, as there is an enemy waiting for you at the bottom. There is a quick hair-pin turn in this mine, so get to the top right of the hair-pin turn, and get prepared to shoot the enemy to your left. Hover at the top right, then quickly rotate left, and shoot, rotating right and thrusting a little straight after you’ve fired, so you don’t do one of two silly things, crashing into the wall, or crashing into the floor.

Now, in your current position, you should be able to see the enemy hanging off of the ceiling of the mine, directly above the orb. If you can’t, that means one of two things. One, the enemy is off-screen, but is still shooting toxic gases at you, or two, you’ve destroyed it in a moment of insanity where you span around like crazy firing at everything that didn’t match the colour of the mine walls ;). Chances are though, is that the correct explanation is the first.

You can do one of two things here. You can either shoot the fungus monster where it hangs, and where you hover, or, you can go down in between the fungus monster and the Kreludan metal orb, and shoot it, risking getting shot by a toxic gas cloud that the fungus monsters have a habit of firing at the most inappropriate times. You’ll probably go for the first.

Now that the enemy has been destroyed, you should see a vertical dark-grey door, with two sky-blue trigger-switches, one on each side, on the ceiling. To open the door, you need to hit the blue switch with a laser shot. There is a bug in the game where sometimes it won’t open when you hit it directly in the middle, but don’t worry, 90% of the time, the door will open.

When the door is open, you will have about 5 seconds to get through it safely. This can be difficult when you have an orb attached to you, so any time you go through a door, make sure that the orb is not spinning out of control.

When you get through the door, you will be at the bottom of the narrow passageway I mentioned earlier. There will be two enemies hanging off of the right wall. A vertical shot should easily be enough to get rid of these. You can either use this passageway to go up and deposit the orb, or you can use the wide, hair-pin turn corridor to move up a bit slower, and deposit the orb safely. I personally use the second option, as I normally cannot be bothered to mess about trying to open the switch-triggered door (Yes, I’m a lazy player *^.^*).

End of Level Score = 650 Points.

Mission 2.3

The levels only get longer from here. In this mission, you start off in the middle of a rectangular cavern, with an enemy directly to your top right. The Orb Depository will be to your right. There is a passageway going south, below you and to the left. Destroy the enemy above you, and then hover over the passageway I just mentioned.

As you go down the passage, you’ll see an enemy waiting for you like there was in Mission 2.2. Destroy it. You will now see the second door of the game. This time, however, the door is horizontal, a lot more difficult that the vertical door you found in the last level. The best way to tackle this door is to position yourself above the door, and thrust up a little, rotating to about 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock, fire your laser, and rotate back to 12 o’clock, and thrust again, to make sure you don’t hit the walls. If you manage to hit the switch, you should have enough time to pass through the door, letting gravity pull you. Under no circumstances should you turn around, and thrust downwards. You will crash straight into the wall with no chance of recovering your momentum. Also, there is another enemy waiting for you below and to the right of the enemy.

After you have gotten rid of the enemy, you shall see a passage leading south-west-west. Go down it. You shall come to a octagonal area, with four enemies surrounding you, assuming you’re in the middle of the area. The enemies are at 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock, and 10 o’clock. I would advise taking out the 10 and 12 o’clock enemies first, then thrusting up a bit, rotating once you’re drifting up, shooting the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock enemies, leaving you free to rotate and position for your next task, getting the orb.

The orb will be in a small indent in the octagonal area, at the 6 o’clock position. If you hover above it carefully, and hold the beam button down, then thrust up, you should be able to grab the orb without needing to go into the tight indent in the mine wall.

Now, here comes the hard bit, returning the orb to the Orb Depository! I like to go at a 1 o’clock slanted position here, and thrust up the tunnel heading north-east-east slowly. When I’m between half way and two thirds of the way up the tunnel, I return my slanted ship to the normal 12 o’clock position, so the movement to the right decreases a bit. When I’m at about three quarters to four fifths of the way through the tunnel, I go to the 11 o’clock position and thrust a bit to completely stop drifting of the ship to the right, and quickly shoot the switch when it’s directly above me, which would let me thrust directly upwards, through the door. The rest of the level is just taking your time, not going too fast, and just depositing the orb.

End of Level Score = 785 Points.

Mission 3.1

This is where the levels start to get very long. On this mission, you start at the top of the level, where you need to drop down a little. There are two ways you can go, left, or right. You will need to go right first if you want to keep your maximum score.

To the right, there is a horizontal switch-triggered door, as well as an enemy just to the left of it. Once you have disposed of the enemy, open the door using the same method that you used in Mission 2.3. Remember, it is most important to kill all enemies and to get all the gems before going to get the Kreludan metal orb, so we’ll do that now. Going further down the very wide passageway, you’ll find two more enemies hugging the right wall. These are very easy to defeat as you have ample room to manoeuvre and get a shot in. At the bottom of this passageway is the Orb Depository. To the right is a blue gem, worth 20 points, so get that my running the tractor beam over it (hold down the tractor beam button). You can now move back out, and up through the door which you came to, and go back to the start.

You’ve just come from the right passageway, so lets try the left passageway now. The first two things you will see are the fungus monster and a second blue gem. Destroy the fungus monster, and get the gem by hovering near it, holding down the beam button, and doing a full 360 degree turn, so you’re facing up again, and thrust so you don’t hit the wall or the floor. You should then be able to aim for the switch for the door right below you. As you go further down the left passageway, you’ll see two more enemies, one below you and to the left, one below you and to the right. These shouldn’t cause too much of a problem, just watch out for the toxic gases that they spit at you, then move on, going further down the passageway to the right.

This is where the orb is hidden. There is also another fungus monster and a blue gem there. Kill the enemy, and then get the gem, taking care when going through the thin part of the passageway. When you get to the door, you will have to speed up, and then turn quickly once you’ve opened the door, because of the short distance between the door and the ceiling above the door.

When you’re passed this, go back to the right passageway. You will see the first door you entered through on this level. Make sure that the gravity isn’t pulling you towards the ground, and then rotate to hit the switch, and fall through the door. It’s pretty much a straight line downwards to the Orb Processing building from here, but just go slowly and dodge the walls, in case you aren’t aligned with the building.

End of Level Score = 980 Points.

Mission 3.2

This is the second longest level in the game, in my opinion. It is also one of the highest-scoring levels in the game.

In this mission, you start in a octagonal cavern, east of a cavern containing the Orb Depository. At the north-eastern side of this cavern, you’ll see a one-way door (a door that only has one trigger-switch), blocking off a passageway heading south-east. Go through this door, then hover in space just past it. At the bottom of this passageway, there is an enemy. All of the times that I’ve been on this level, this enemy has never ever shot a toxic gas ball at me, so using this reasoning, take as much time as you like to destroy it.

Above this enemy is a trigger-switch for a second one-way door. Take you time and go through it. After you go through the short, wide corridor, you will be in a hexagonal cavern, with four enemies and one blue gem. There will be a third one-way door to the north-east of the room. It is advised you shoot the enemy on the ceiling of the room, before going for the three that are clustered together at the bottom left of the room.

Once you have defeated the three enemies at the bottom left, you can safely collect the first of eight blue gems on this level. When you are ready, go through the door at the top right of the room. You will be in a room larger than the room you just came from. In this room, the ceiling is slanted upwards towards the middle, where a corridor goes directly upwards. On each side of the corridor, on the slanted ceiling, there is an enemy. The one on the left is slightly lower than the one on the right, so I advise destroying that one first, and then hovering over, and defeating the one on the right. At the bottom of this room, in a small indent of the floor, you will see the Kreludan metal orb. Do not get it yet. There are many, many gems, and many enemies on this level that you should get to boost your score before picking up the orb, and depositing it in the orb depository.

Go up through the northwards corridor. There will be an enemy at the bottom of the corridor on the right, an enemy on the left of the corridor about half way up, and a third enemy on the right at the top. Destroy these, and then drop back down to get the blue gem that is opposite where the first enemy of the corridor was.

When you reach the top of the corridor, you will see two trigger-switches, and two doors. Despite what you think, the trigger-switches above each door do not correspond with the doors. The switch on the left triggers the door on the right, and the switch on the right triggers the door on the left. Shoot the switch on the left, and go east. You will be in a dead-end cavern. There will be three blue gems in this room, that’s 60 points, yay! There will be an evil fungus of doom on a wall at the bottom left, slanting down and to the right. Kill this and get the gems. To the top right, there is a trigger-switch. Shoot this, and go back through the door that you came through, to arrive at the crossed-switches corridor.

You will want to go through the left door this time, so shoot the trigger-switch on the right. As soon as you go through the door, you will see three enemies on the ceiling. Dispose of these, and then hover to the bottom of the room that you are in. There is another enemy, so dispose of this.

If you have been following the walkthrough from the last article, and this one, you should now have 1255 points.

To the east of where you are now, there is a wide horizontal corridor. There are three enemies in it. The first that you will see is on the ceiling. The other two are at the other end of the corridor, on the floor. The two on the floor may be a little awkward, so I recommend, before you start the corridor, hover up to just above the floor level of the corridor, and send two laser shots horizontally across the floor. This is a lot easier than turning 360 degrees in the middle of the corridor.

When you have disposed of the three enemies in the corridor, head west. You will find that you are in another cavern, this time, with five enemies inside. There will be three on the ceiling, one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right, and there will be two enemies next to each other on the floor. I advise destroying the ones on the ceiling first. Once you have destroyed them, splat the two on the floor, by taking your time, hovering, and turning above them. Don’t forget to dodge their toxic clouds that they shoot at you. Once all five enemies have been defeated, you will see a one-way switch-activated door at the bottom left of the room. Just to the right of it, and just to the left where the two enemies on the floor were, you’ll see a long thin passageway heading south. Leave the passageway for now.

It is time for you to do the second-most difficult gem-collection in the game. Behind the door is a very small room, with three gems on the left wall. You will be able to see their position when you’re outside the door. To get these gems, you can do it one of two ways. One, you can get all three at once, if you’re an expert flyer, or two, you can get them one at a time, taking a lot longer. I advise the second method, because lives will be important in the next level if you are new to strategic flying on this game. The way I get these gems is quite simple. I hover in line with the top of the door, and the right wall of the passageway going south. I hover upwards a little, and then quickly turn anti-clockwise (to the left), triggering the switch. As the door’s opening, turn your ship to a 10 o’clock position, and start to thrust to the door. When you’re thrusting, rotate your ship, holding down your tractor beam button, and then shoot out of the door. Remember, the door only stays open for about 4 or 5 seconds, so you need to be fast!

Once you have collected the gems, there is one more thing that you need to do before going back to near the beginning of the level, and collecting the orb. You need to go down the long thin passageway that leads southwards, just to the right of the door. This is a very thin passageway so I advise hovering over it, trying to get your ship so it’s not floating to the left or right, but is motionless, only going up and down in accordance with your thrusts. When you are levelled out, just gently let yourself float down the passageway, hovering a little so you don’t fall fast. When you’re at the bottom, you’ll see the orb depository waiting. Long way to take the orb, isn’t it? On the ceiling, to the left of the hole in the ceiling where you just came through, the last enemy of the level awaits. Destroy it, by hovering, then rotating your ship, without thrusting, so you don’t ruin your line to get back up the passageway. Fire off a shot, and then set your ship to the upright position, and go back up through the tunnel, and all the way back to where the orb was, near the beginning.

Now, the easy part. Take the orb all the way back up to the crossed trigger-switches. Hover a bit above the ground level of the left corridor. Shoot the right trigger-switch, opening the left door. You will need to shoot through here as the door tends to close quite quickly. Keep your ship near the ceiling, so that you can adjust your flight, because the orb will be swinging. Once you’ve setting the orb’s pendulous movement, it should be easy flying getting the orb to the thin, southwards passageway.

This is where many people tend to crash and die on this level. You need to make it so that you are directly above the passageway, and your orb is not swinging. This can take a couple of minutes. Achieve this by hovering a lot, and giving little, tiny, button-tap thrusts left and right. Only turn your ship one button-tap left or right, because you must be able to fall down the small mining corridor without the orb hitting the walls. When you’re finally level, just drop, and let the orb fall into the orb depository.

That level wasn’t so hard, was it? ^_^;

End of Level Score = 1,360 Points.

Mission 3.3

When you start this level, you will instantly see three doors and three trigger-switches. The switch above you and to the left opens the door to your left. The switch above you and to the right opens the door directly above you. The switch below you and to the right opens the door to your right.

If you choose to go through the door to your left, you will be doing the hardest area in the whole game, in my opinion, but there are four gems at the end of it to reward you. However, this door leads to neither the Orb Depository, or the Kreludan metal orb.

If you are going for a maximum score, and of course, a trophy, you will have to do this part. If you are just wanting to complete the game, no matter what the score, skip down to the shorter technique of this mission.

The Maximum-Point Technique

Still want to go up this passageway? Good, I like confidence ^_^. The first part of this mining level you will see after going through the left door, is a small, north-west corridor, going up into another small, round room. There is an enemy hanging from the middle of the ceiling, so dispose of him. You will then see a very thin tunnel, going at an 11 o-clock angle. Lets follow suit, and set our ship to an 11 o’clock angle. You will want to go up the tunnel like this, so by using a full on thrust, you’ll be able to reach the next room. If you feel that you’re going to hit the floor of this long, thin passageway, set your ship at 12 o’clock, and hover upwards, letting the left-wards drift take you up the tunnel.

When you’re up through this tunnel, you will be in a small square room, with another long thin passageway going to the right. At the end of this tunnel, the tunnel heads north, the width of the tunnel staying the same. Turning in this tunnel is extremely difficult. The way I turn in this tunnel is start travelling on it with my ship tilted at a 1 o’clock angle, and when I’m about one half to two thirds of the way through the horizontal part of the tunnel, I change my position, still hovering along the tunnel, to an 11 o’clock position. This should allow me to return to a 12 o’clock position, so I can hover up the northwards part of the tunnel. When you are doing this, don’t be afraid to quickly do a tiny bit of thrust left or right to level yourself out so you do not hit the walls.

To do the next part of this tunnel, you MUST NOT be drifting left or right in the tunnel, you MUST be exactly level vertically, so you can go up and down without hitting the walls. Also, it helps if you’re right in the middle of the tunnel. You now need to hover right up to the top of the tunnel, then turn your ship to the left, so that it’s directly horizontal, at a 90-degree angle. You will want to fire off a laser shot horizontally, so that it skims the floor, but does not hit it. The laser shot will hopefully travel along the floor, hitting the enemy at the other end. This may take a few tries. Use the same method to get to the left end of the tunnel that you did to get through the first horizontal part of this tunnel.

NOTE: Once you enter the small circular room at the end of the tunnel, if you crash your ship without getting to the start position of the level, you will be returned to the small circular room, not the start position, so only go into the room and collect the four gems if you are sure that you can get back to the starting position of the level with lives remaining!

Once you’re in the small room, hold down your tractor beam, and rotate your ship, thrusting at the end of the 360-rotation, so that you don’t crash into the walls. When you’ve got the four gems, take your time, and head back to the start of the level. Good luck!

The Shorter Technique

From the start, you can ignore the passageway to the left, and head to the passageway to the right. You will want to go to the right, to destroy enemies first. There are only three enemies in the right passageway, but still, it’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?

Anyway, through to the right passageway. Use the switch below the door to open it. You will see a wide passageway heading upwards at a 1 o’clock angle. At the top of this, on the floor to the right of it, there is your first enemy in this section. Hover upwards, and then go up into another corridor, the same as the one you just came up. This time, there will be two enemies on the left of the opening of the corridor. Dispose of them, and then go back down to where the door was, triggering the switch, and returning into the start area.

You will now need to go into the only passageway you haven’t gone into yet, the one in the middle, going north, so hit the door’s trigger-switch, which is located to the right of the door. Quickly shoot up through the door, and through the short opening in the ceiling just above the door. You will notice as you pass that there is a switch hanging from the ceiling to the right of the opening.

As you go through the opening, straight away you will see two enemies, on your left, which will fire at you if you get too close, so shoot them, and go through the opening in the ceiling again. This time, to your right, there are two more enemies, on the ground this time, in line with each other. If you tilt your ship horizontally, and fire off two shots, these should be destroyed with relative ease.

Above the pair of enemies, you will see a wide corridor heading up between a 10 o’clock angle and an 11 o’clock angle. It is quite spacious, so it should cause you no problems manoeuvring your ship to where the Kreludan metal orb is resting.

Once you pick up the orb, you will want to carefully manoeuvre it down the diagonal tunnel, back to where you killed the two enemies moments before. You will want to take care in this section of the level, because the tunnels are quite thin, so you will need to take some time to make sure that your Kreludan metal orb is not swinging, so that you can drop safely through the tunnels.

You will now come to an annoying part of the level, and that’s getting the orb to the starting area of the level. You should now be hovering above the closed door, with the switch directly to your right. Hover up a little, and rotate your ship to the right, quickly shooting the switch, and then hovering back upwards, while the door opens. Drop down, still firing against the switch, so that the door remains open as you fall through it. When you’ve fallen through, stop firing, and hover in the start area until the orb stops it’s spinning, if it’s spinning at all.

Rotate your ship in mid-air and then fire at the switch for the door on the right, hovering near the door. Once again, fire at the switch, and then quickly hover in. Your Kreludan metal orb may swing a bit here, so it’s a good idea to level it out before proceeding. Once you have got the orb to stop spinning, it should be easy to take up the wide passageways, up to wear you shot the two enemies that were together earlier in the level. When you’re in this area, get the orb straight again so that it is not swinging, and then hover upwards, letting the orb go through the last passageway of the level. You will come out next to the Orb Depository, which is located to your left, so hover over, and deposit the orb! On to Mission 4.1!

End of Level Score = 1,580 Points.

Mission 4.1

Now, it’s time for a change of colour! The mine walls have turned a nice darkened green, so it’s good to get away from that mustard-like colour of the three levels on Mission 3.

On this level, there are five fungus enemies, three blue gems, and a new, indestructible enemy – Laser beams!

At the start of this level, you will notice that you are in a small square room, with a thin tunnel heading south-east-east. Go down it, but beware of an enemy waiting on the bottom of a wall opposite the end of the tunnel. Once you have disposed of the enemy, you will see an opening the room you are currently in at the bottom left corner. Hover through that, and hit the trigger-switch, which is located directly to your left. When you have hit it, fall down through the door which has just opened below you.

Hover in position just below the door, which should now close above you. To the right of the door is a blue gem. Pick it up by using the tractor beam. Below you and to the left, you’ll see the second enemy of the level. Destroy it. Below you, there will be a wide cavern going south-south-east. Crossing it, are two laser beams, one exactly horizontal, and one slanting upwards to the right. This is your first encounter with the laser beams in the game, so it’s a good idea to get used to how long the laser beams appear and disappear for. I believe that the timing for each cycle is about three or four seconds. To pass these two lasers, I would advise instead of shooting past both, go through one at a time, hovering just above the line of the laser, and then dropping as the laser goes off, and then hovering once more, letting the laser beam shoot over the top of your ship.

Once you’ve passed the pair of lasers, you’ll see two of the remaining three enemies on this level below you. These will send multiple toxic clouds at you if you give them the chance, so it is best to shoot these as quick as possible if you are going for the maximum score, or just quickly move up the passageway going north-east if you’re just trying to beat the game.

At the end of the tunnel going north-east, you will find that your Kreludan metal orb is resting on the ground, in a fairly large room. Do not get it yet. To the right, you will see a trio of vertical laser beams. The first and third lasers will be slanted vertically, a bit to the left, moving to the right as it goes towards the ceiling. The middle laser beam will be pretty much vertical, with hardly any sloping direction in it at all. Hover past the lasers, with your ship at about a 1 o’clock or 2 o’clock angle then level out your ship in between each laser beam and the next, just so you don’t hit them and destroy yourself.

When you are past the trio of laser beams, you will be in an opened-out cavern, with two blue gems in the top right corner, and the last enemy of the level on a slanting wall on the bottom right of the room. Destroy the enemy first, and then take all the time you need to get the 40 points of blue gems.

Go back to where the Kreludan metal orb was, before the three lasers. This is the most difficult part of the level. You need to transport the orb past the laser triplets. I advise hovering past the first, then changing the angle of your ship to 10 o’clock or 11 o’clock, and thrusting, so you go near the first laser, but your orb does not swing into the second. Take your time to level out the swing of the orb between the first and second lasers, and then quickly edge past the second laser, hovering once more, and levelling out yourself. It is best to speed past the third laser, because you have lots of room to level out the swing of your Kreludan metal orb, and reversing the direction of your thrust, to about 10 o’clock, so that you are safely past the three lasers.

When you’re safe and completely straight in the clearing, your orb not swinging at all, you can slowly drop down through the wide passageway, heading south. Beware, however! There are two lasers, the first slanting down from right to left, the second slanting down from the left to the right. At first, you may think that dropping down without any hovering or movement will get you through safely. I can assure you that it won’t.

The trick that you need to do here, is let the laser beam travel through the tractor beam that is connecting your orb to your ship. You will not die if you do this, but you will if the laser beam hits the orb or your ship. The best way is to hover just above the laser, and then dropping a bit, and hovering so that when the laser beam comes back on, it will shoot directly through the middle of the tractor beam. When it goes off again, do the same with the second laser, keeping the ship in between the two laser beams, the tractor beam going through the second laser, and the orb resting below the second laser. When the laser turns off for a third time, drop through the path of the laser, and it should be easy to put the orb into the Orb Depository.

End of Level Score = 1765 Points.


So, you have beaten past 10 of the 15 levels of Kreludan Mining Corp, and you’re still alive, with maximum points? Not bad...I guess you want me to walk you through the last five levels as well? That will come soon, but for now, I advise practicing getting through that really thin tunnel on mission 3.3, because the last five levels are ten times more difficult...

Good luck, astronauts!


Coming Next Time...

- The last 5 levels of Kreludan Mining Corp...

- How to make sure to get yourself a Kreludan Mining Corporation Trophy...

- How to get max points, and still have enough lives left to stop in at the Orange Grundo’s Café!


Comments? Questions? Feel free to Neomail me, umbreon_of_the_moon, if you don’t understand any part of this guide!

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