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Fenny Vail, An Often Unnoticed Yooyuball Master

by blacklightnin


For those of you who don't already know, the Altador Cup is back in full swing for a third straight year; and this year, the competition is stronger than ever. Of course most Neopians know that their representative home-teams prepare through the fall, winter, and early spring (except on Kreludor where there are no seasons) to prepare for this late spring and early summer tournament. Together, five players make up a team, but individual personalities often stand out -- Some characters, sadly, just do not attract any attention at all.

It is easy to see that Lilo Blumario has charisma and great will, that Jair Tollet has more ferocity than any other competitor in the tournament, and that Clutch Billaban has the ability to spread his wings and stop Yooyuballs from getting past him and into Roo Island's goal. Even Gordo Gunnels comes to mind when Roo Island is the topic of conversation at any local shop across Neopia; there are not many opponents that can beat his towering height (and weight).

Fenny Vail, left defender for Roo Island, simply put, is often overshadowed by her teammates. Don't get too upset for her, yet. There is more to her, of course. While she often goes unnoticed by fans and opponents, which can work in her favor, she is certainly a character that everyone should take note of. Let's face it, Roo Island has played outstanding Yooyuball the past two tournaments, and I think everyone has to agree that all five Roo Island players made it possible to go so far into the tournament these two past years running.

Forget about Lilo, Jair, Clutch, and Gordo for a second, because here are 10 Great Reasons why everyone should want Fenny Vail on their Yooyuball Team:

1. Just under 1 foot, Fenny is so small that she can fit under the legs of pretty much any opponent standing in her way. Most opponents are so tall that she is not even within eye-sight. Thinking about closing those legs to stop her in her tracks? Try again, she will just dance right around you. Because of her small height, she might as well be considered invisible; that is, until she swooshes a Yooyu around your goalkeeper. Who said small girls could not create big plays?

2. Defender? A high scoring defender, that is. Don't, and I really mean don't, underestimate this Usul's ability to put it between the posts. She scored just over 100 goals the past two tournaments alone, and her pre-professional record is just as impressive. If you are looking for a player with a resume, Fenny is your go-to girl.

3. The red bow worn on Fenny's tail is believed to be woven by Fyora. Apparently, after working long, hard hours as Fyora's personal assistant for the past two years, Fenny's mother was given the bow as a holiday bonus. It looked perfect on Fenny's tail and has been worn in every one of Fenny's matches ever since. Any magical powers it possesses within those fine, silky threads are unknown, but this is one bow that should not be doubted. I mean, after all of the running, jumping, and tackling plays that Fenny pulls off every match, I'd expect that thing to be shred to pieces; it hasn't a tear or splotch of dirt or dust to be found on it, though. Ah-ha!

4. Fenny is an avid gamer, and after thousands upon thousands of games of playing Typing Terror at ridiculously high speeds, she has so many calluses on her hands and fingers that she has no feeling in them anymore. Fire Yooyu, ha, no problem. She has the scars to prove this one, ladies and gentleman.

5. Coming in at 902,104 pieces, the largest collection of Volcanic Rocks in all of Neopia belongs to Vail. If this rock-collecting hobby doesn't show dedication, I can't think of something else that does!

6. Voted Most Improved Player in Altador Cup I, and an All-Neopia Second Team selection in Altador Cup II, Fenny is a force to be reckoned with. Everybody on Roo Island knows she will stop nothing short of working her hardest to make First Team this year. Let's face it, what other defender out there can top this girl's tricks? Yeah, that's what I thought.

7. Her first petpet was a Faerie Yooyu. To make a long story short, after playing with it every day for the past five years, Yooyu has pretty much become Fenny's middle name. Most young students play with Noils and Pepitos, but not Fenny. If a Faerie Yooyu comes out of the chute on game day, we all know who Roo Island wants it in the hands of. Say it loud and proud because you know you want to... FENNY!

8. Rumor has it that the Techo Super-Fan is Fenny's grandmother's second-cousin's neighbor's best friend. Let me clear that up for you! Fenny's grandmother, Adam, has a second-cousin also named Adam, who has a neighbor also named Adam, who is the best friend of the Techo Super-Fan. Whew, that was easy. Why Fenny's grandmother's name is Adam is not clear, but what is clear is that the loudest fan in the Altador Colosseum is on her, and all of Roo Island's, side. I need some asparagus.

9. Fenny's diet includes Apple Rigamaroll, Gwontek Melon, and Puzzle Fruit. On days that end in -y, she has been known to eat plenty of Starfish Pizza and Sticks of Butter. Because of her fantastic dieting skills, Fenny can easily, and I mean easily, chase down opponents for hours on end without getting tired. Getting past her is not easy by any means. Yes, you should be nervous and have a huge lump in your throat by this point.

10. Most importantly, behind that small body and two red ponytails is a heart of gold, and one that is not easily broken. Even two years of falling short of the Cup has not kept her spirits down. Perhaps the smallest player on the field is really the biggest, at least at heart.

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