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Other Ways to Participate in the Altador Cup

by poissonneondn


Ah, the Altador Cup! A time of excitement, a time of camaraderie… a time of utter chaos, really. While the main focus of the tournament is to play and win as many yooyuball games you can, not everyone finds themselves able to contribute. Should your lack of yooyuball scoring make you any less important of a teammate? I think not! With the release of Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise last year, many yooyu-inept players found an easier way to contribute to their team’s success, but there are many more ways you can show your team some support.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to high-speed internet, the software for flash games, or the skills to play. Are you unable to get that yooyuball past midfield, or can you not sling those slushies fast enough, or are your fingers about to fall off your hands from all the repetitive typing? Even if gaming is out of the question for you, there’s no need to feel left out. The Altador Cup is for everyone to enjoy, and while it would be wonderful if we could all score 12-0 games for our teams, we can only do what we are capable of. Ignore those people going around calling others “freeloaders” and do what you can to show your support in your own way.

First off, check out your team info and meet the yooyuball players! Learn your team colors and take a peek at the fan freebies. Are you good at HTML or CSS? How about coding a new lookup incorporating those images and colors for yourself, and maybe lend your skills to helping out your fellow teammates. Check around for pre-made lookups if coding isn’t your thing, or sport some spiffy user-made graphics on your lookup, petpages, shop, or gallery instead.

Are you ready to head on over to the Altador Cup III neoboard? Consider making a neofont or neosignature in support of your team! See how creative you can get with quotes or symbols.

While you’re on the AC3 board, seek out your team’s unofficial chat and support board. These are boards where team-specific devotees chat and really get to know each other. Most also have unofficial team petpages, often with supporters lists, team cheers, and FAQs. Meet fellow supporters of your team, see how others are faring with yooyuball scores, and give your support to your fellow teammates. Let them know you’re behind them all the way and appreciate their gaming skills and wish them luck! Here’s a list of abbreviations you should keep an eye out for:

Altador: TOGA (Team Of Glorious Altadorians)

Brightvale: BoB (Brightvale on Toast)

Darigan Citadel: (Darigan Official #1 Board)

Faerieland: FLY (Faerieland's Leading Yooyuballers)

Haunted Woods: OHWD (Official Haunted Woods Devotees)

Kreludor: KFC (Kreludor For the Cup)

Krawk Island: KILL (Krawk Island Living Legends)

Lost Desert: SoLiD (Supporters of LD in Domination)

Maraqua: WAM (We Are Maraqua)

Meridell: MAK (Meridell All-Knighters)

Mystery Island: MIYP (Mystery Island Yooyuball Pros)

Roo Island: (Rooligans)

Shenkuu: SoS (Shenkuu Official Supporters)

Terror Mountain: TOTM (Terrors Of Terror Mountain)

Tyrannia: TIC-TAC (Time Is Coming - Tyrannians Are Champions)

Virtupets: (The Virtupets Effect)

Looking to chat with players from other teams? There are plenty of boards to choose from for this! The Shenkuu Teahouse is a common one. Remember to be polite to other teams, however. There is no need for name calling, and rudeness can give your team a negative reputation.

If you’re looking for more ways to represent and support your team, try coming up with new team chants, cheers, or silly slogans. Good at poetry? Write a quirky limerick or a thoughtful haiku about your team. Any good at drawing? Make new images and graphics regarding your team and post them on a petpage for others to use! Keep a petpage dedicated to documenting the results of your team’s matches by writing what you think went down—imagine what the final moments were like when your team won, or if they were completely clobbered by a tough competitor. You could even make a video about a yooyuball match and submit it to Neovision!

Are you into role playing? Start an AC3 topic on the role playing neoboard! Get other users to act as members of your team and pretend you are playing yooyuball, or pretend you’re slinging slushies at irritable customers. Use your imagination and see what you come up with!

If you really want to go all out, consider painting or customizing your pet to match your team. Faerieland, Maraqua, Tyrannia, Mystery Island, Darigan Citadel, and Lost Desert are easy because they each have a paint brush of a similar name that goes perfectly. Try Halloween for Haunted Woods, snow for Terror Mountain, or pirate for Krawk Island—bonus points for owning a Krawk! A royal paint brush would work with either Meridell or Brightvale. If you’re supporting Roo Island and have some extra room on your account, why not adopt a homeless Blumaroo? The ‘Resistance Headquarters Background’ would be great for a Kreludor supporting pet, as would the ‘Melting Test Station Background’ for a Virtupets supporter. Try on a ‘Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol’ if you are rooting for Shenkuu, and, well, the ‘Janitorial Closet Background’ kind of fits in with the Altador theme.

If your pets are happily painted already, you should have received a background when you joined a team, so put it in your closet and get your pet to wear it! Check the shop wizard for more backgrounds if you want all of your pets to match. If you just want to support the Altador Cup in general, here are a few items you might like. Buy a pair of ‘Yooyu Mittens’ if you’re on a budget; they’re quite cheap! The ‘Altador Cup Fan Jersey’ is moderately priced, while the ‘Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap’ is more or less for the very wealthy.

If you didn’t join a team at all but still want to participate, there’s nothing stopping you from doing any of these suggestions. The best part is you can root for more than one team and not feel guilty!

There is always so much excitement surrounding the Altador Cup and always a way to show your support. Whether you’re rejoining your team for the third year in a row or you’re joining a team for the first time, enjoy this time of year! By all means play the games if you can, but don’t fret if it’s not possible for you. Radiating team spirit and boosting the morale of other teammates will surely help those yooyuball players get better scores, so get creative and see how you can show your support in other ways!

See you at the matches—on the field or in the stands!

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