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Altador Cup III

by kiwipaw


So, Altador Cup III is finally here!

...Aren't you going to cheer and applaud? SHOW ME SOME TEAM SPIRIT, YOU USELESS SACK OF MARROWS.

Okay, that's better.

Anyways, if this is the first time you've participated in the Altador Cup, I'm here to tell you all about it!

So, this article contains:

  • Yooyuball Basics
  • Yooyuball Colours
  • Some of my obnoxious ranting
  • Ways of showing team support!

Okay, that's about all there is in this article. If you find that this information bores you, be my guest and leave! No one's forcing you to read this, right? Right.

Section #1 — About Yooyuball

Now. We're starting off with the basics of Yooyuball, so if you haven't played it yet, you'd better pay attention. Otherwise, skip this part; it's not very interesting if you already know the rules, now is it?

Okay, in Yooyuball, you use a Yooyu as a ball (obviously). There are two teams that try to get the Yooyu into the opposing team's net. Whoever scores gets a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins! There are many different types of Yooyus that are played with. Here is a list of colours and their advantage/disadvantages:

Brown: This is the standard Yooyu. It goes exceptionally fast, and always flies to where you shoot it. Very good to play with.

Snow: This Yooyu goes very slo-o-o-ow. It's very irritating. It's harder to score with this Yooyu, because the goalie can easily see it coming. Another thing you should keep in mind is to only make narrow passes, so the other team won't be able to snag it away from you.

Fire: This Yooyu is the fastest out of all of them. Make sure that your team's goalies is on their guard, otherwise the Yooyu will fly right past them and into the net, resulting in the other team scoring.

Faerie: This Yooyu is very graceful and flies in smooth turns, sometimes resulting in it messing up your shot at the other team's goal, or turning a would-be-missed shot into a perfect goal. Anyways, be ready to run in the other direction to catch this Yooyu, because it can fly in curves any time it wants.

Mutant: This Yooyu turns and loops wildly all over the place. Passing this Yooyu to other team players is not very reliable since it might fly the other direction. Try your best with it and don't let it get on your nerves.

Darigan: This Yooyu flies in the opposite direction you throw it. That's right. It'll drive you insane, but try your best anyways. It takes a lot of practice to score with this absurd Yooyu, so all you need to do is practice.

Robot: This Yooyu flies normal and straight just like the basic one. The only thing about this annoying ball is that it'll explode if you haven't scored within 15 seconds! If you can't score within that time, I suggest trying to keep it away from the other team for those 15 seconds and letting it explode. Remember to start looking for cover when it starts to glow red, because that's the sign that it's about to explode. Be extremely cautious with this Yooyu, because you don't want anyone on your team getting injured!

Those are the Yooyu colours. Any of them can blast out of the chute in the field at the beginning of the game or when one of the teams score, so be prepared for the worst. Or the best, mind you.

It takes a lot of practice to get used to all of the colours, and if you're lucky you might not even have to use some of the worst Yooyus in some of your games. All in all, it's up to you what your favorite Yooyu is. Develop some of your own techniques and plans if the Yooyu takes a turn for the worst. Planning ahead will make the game considerably easier for you.

Now, more about Yooyuball. Since we've cleared the Yooyu colours, we should talk about the start of the game.

When you start a game of Yooyuball, you'll be able to choose which way your team is heading – left to right or vice versa. You'll also be able to choose the formation of your players. There are three options, so experiment around and find out which formation suits your style of playing best.

Well, that about clears up Yooyuball. This is the main way to score points for your team, so practice, practice, practice!

Section #2 — Showing Support For Your Team

This section is of vital importance to succeeding in making your team more popular (for the right reasons) and good looking! It also helps boost the confidence in others in your team, and it makes the other teams wary if you show good team spirit!

Now then, here are my suggestions!

1. Make themed lookups and display banners!

There are plenty of good petpages out there that provide awesome Altador Cup lookups and banners! Decorate your user lookup and put banners on your petpages! Make your own premade Altador Cup lookups and banners if you can! Show great team spirit and persuade others to show their confidence in the team too! This is a great way to show that you support your team all the way, so go and look for some good petpages!

2. Make your own Team-Themed guild!

Making your own guild that's entirely Team-Themed is another great way to show your support! Include everyone from your team that you can find and show your awesome team spirit! Boosting everyone's confidence and giving them handy tips about Yooyuball is a way of showing what a great team player you are!

3. Go on the Altador Cup III Board!

If you aren't underage, you can go on the Altador Cup board and look around for boards that have a title wondering what team they should join. Harassing these Neopians isn't a good idea, but telling them some good, persuasive reasons about why they should join your team might help! (Another tip is to not name any ridiculous reasons, such as: “Krawk Island's better than Maraqua because we have ships and ride on their ocean!”) Believe me, I see these reasons every day and you should refrain from using them because you will get angry responses and lots of sarcasm. Another thing that will accomplish is making your team look bad. So use real reasons to recruit members; it'll persuade them better!

4. Don't Bash and Insult other Teams!

If you do go on the AC III board, don't insult and harass members from opposing teams. It makes your team look bad, and you'll attract lots of hostility from other Neopians. Bashing and harassing is a very rude thing to do, so even if you and other Neopians disagree about a certain Altador Cup issue, don't let it go too far. Another tip is not to let other players get on your nerves. If they start to bash or harass you, simply ignore and block them. If the harassment continues, a simple notice to TNT will do. Remember, if you retaliate and insult them as well, it might get you in heaps of trouble. Just do your best and ignore rude team members.

5. Make Your Own Cheer!

Making up your own cheer for your team is another good way to show team support. Make up your own words to it! Make it rhyme! Make it long or short! Make it anything you want!

Remember, if you make a good cheer, advertise it on the boards to recruit more members, or put it on your user lookup and petpages!

Well, those are a few of my suggestions for supporting your team. There are many more, but these are just some of my favorites. Remember, this is just my opinion, so you can just ignore me and pretend you never read this, right? Right.

Anyways, good luck to all teams in the Altador Cup. ^_^ (especially Krawk Island ;D)

Just kidding, calm down. :o

So, I hoped that this helped you with Yooyuball and supporting your team.

Yeah. That's all.

Why are you still reading this?

Bye now! :o

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