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The Top Ten Weirdest Slushies

by reeses_pet


I did one about gnomes, now I’m doing one about slushies (thanks to my friend)! These are the weirdest slushies in Neopia! I am not responsible for any disease/sickness your pet may have after eating one of these because of this article, leaving you to buy a highly expensive medicine!

10) Cheesy Pizza Slushie

Description: Pieces of cheese and tomato pizza were blended together to make this interesting slushie.

Estimated Price: 2800 NP

Slush with melted cheese combined! How TNT makes the slush get the flavor, the world will never know. The cheese is also added with hints or bits of tomato sauce and jalapeño peppers for the ‘hot and spicy’ taste! Most pets can’t handle the burning hot sensation, but experienced gourmet champions may be able to eat it, even if this slushie is ranked Rarity 80. For all pets that eat this, be advised to have cup(s) of water around; don’t blame me if your ice pets turn to water puddles.

9) Crème Brulee Slushie

Description: Use the straw to break through the crunchy caramel crust and enjoy lashings of creamy crème brulee.

Estimated Price: 300000 NP

Wow, an expensive gourmet food! This slushie is has a layer of crunchy caramel on top that would make even me go cuckoo! Beneath that rich caramel layer lies a mixture of slush and crème brulee! A masterpiece that would rather be on a cooking show than in my tummy... Nah, I’d rather eat than drool before the neovision screen!

8) Cherry Lemonade Slushie

Description: About 300 crates of these were ordered to the Light Faerie's Tower last week... she must have a lot of money to spare!

Estimated Price: 350000 NP

A lot of these slushies are gourmet foods! This fantastic mix of lemonade and cherry is a nice thing to drink on a hot summer’s day. Basically, the whole drink is slush flavored with lemon juice with cherry flavor stripes in the middle. Not only does it look good, it tastes even better! Try it! No, seriously, go buy one. I didn’t spend hours writing this just for you to see the top ten weirdest slushies; I wanted you to taste them!!

7) Tar Slushie

Description: Bubbling hot, however completely undrinkable. Whoever decided to make the Slushie needs a good talking to!

Estimated Price: Over 100000 NP

Ouch, I only touched the drink and I already have a burn mark on my pointer finger! Humph, shouldn’t it say ‘caution! Hot!’ on it somewhere?! The tar is unbearably hot, but by some miracle, pets can actually drink it escaping with a half burned off tongue. The tar has melted all the slush, making part of it taste kind of watery. I guess the only people who feed this to their pets are the ones going for that shiny gourmet badge! Good luck; may your pet’s tongue grow back!

6) Wormy Slushie

Description: Oooh, look at the little wriggly worms, how cute!

Estimated Price: 7000 NP

Pteris love this slushie! It cures them and makes them bloated, so it does different things than most slushies. But... to other pets, the dirt and slush mixture isn’t that wonderful and the worms wriggling between the soil doesn’t help at all. Why don’t you try?! I’m guessing it doesn’t taste that great to everyone. I got one and asked my pet, Lucky, to try it, and she did. Her response was a great big yell and a kick. I still have a bruise and now she thinks I’ve tried to get her to eat disgusting stuff...

5) Dung Slushie

Description: It is actually quite tasty when you get the flies off it.

Estimated Price: 13000 NP

Nobody in my family dared to try it... I mean, it’s obliviously made out of DUNG. You know the disgusting smelly stuff you find at Meri-Acres Farm? This is very weird, and be advised your pet doesn’t drink this when they have a dung petpet around. But, in my view, this slushie shouldn’t be eaten at all! The description says it’s tasty, but how can dung be tasty? Plus, there are flies buzzing around on it and landing on it! Who wants to eat a slushie that flies have been attacking? Oh, look, it’s a gourmet. Don’t force your pets to eat this!

4) Cloud Slushie

Description: How they managed to make this cloud colored I will never know...

Estimated Price: 1200 NP

This is just plain weird! How do you get cloud shapes?! Cloud isn’t even a flavor! It’s not like you can just fly up to the sky and rip out a part of a cloud, stuff it in a slushie container, shake and sell it for neopoints!

TNT: Actually, that’s exactly what we did.

Um, okay... But I just don’t get how you grab a cloud. It’s just air and water that half evaporated. So I’ll be guessing this slushie just tastes like air and water. How bland... and weird. And it’s not even gourmet... But it’s only on this top ten list of weird slushies because I think it’s weird! Got it?!

3) Grilled Ummagine Slushie

Description: This slushie is adored by Blarthrox, now your neopet can taste why for themselves...

Estimated Price: 200000 NP

This looks unappetizing... I know ummagines are tasty, but the crushed bits and slimy juice all mixed into slush? I think I like the fruit alone. Plus, the pieces and bits are grilled! To some people and pets, it might be quite delectable, but I do not favor it. It’s very expensive because it is yet ‘another’ gourmet slushie. Why, TNT, why are the gourmet foods things I do not favor?

2) Cheeseburger Slushie

Description: A Mynci accidentally dropped his lunch into the slushie machine, and the resulting taste was just too good!

Estimated Price: 1500000 NP

This almost became number one! This slushie has so many things in it; it’s hard to tell without looking at the description and the title! Apparently, some poor kid dropped this into ‘the’ awesome slushie maker and produced this weird combination. If my guess is correct, this odd tasting slushie is probably gourmet. Yep, a gourmet material, cheeseburger tasting slushie for your pet to eat is out there somewhere in Neopia!

1) Ergy Slushie

Description: It takes the juice of about 40 Ergy Fruits to make one of these slushies, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see many around.

Estimated Price: 5000000 NP

It glows, it shakes, and it’s the ERGY SLUSHIE! This slushie is very weird, and very rare. Made with the juice of over 40 ergy fruits, this slushie is hard to get! Your pet may actually like this slushie and may be able to show them a world of things that LOOK weird, but taste GREAT! I recommend this to all of Neopia, so buy them! Buy, buy, buy, and buy these yummy slushies!

I just realized how VERY weird these slushies are...!

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