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Teams of The Altador Cup

by 0o_lionheart_o0


Once again, you also need to know which team you want to join for the AC. So instead of making you go around the neoboards asking or looking at the map of Neopia, I will just list the teams here and a short description of each one. Hope you can find a team that you like! There are 17 teams total, but only 16 teams will play during the AC. I will list the teams alphabetically so that not one team will feel that they are ranked last or something, and so that no feelings get hurt.

Altador: The team of the world that hosts the Altador Cup. Altador’s abbreviation is AL. Altador’s colors are orange and yellow.

Brightvale: Brightvale is one of the happiest teams around, being good at Slushie Slinger. They are a great threat to teams all around. Brightvale’s abbreviation is BV. Brightvale’s colors are green, white, and yellow.

Darigan Citadel: This team has won the Cup before, and is trying to win it again. This team is filled with many supporters that could end up making this powerhouse fall. Darigan Citadel’s abbreviation is DC. Darigan Citadel’s colors are purple and black.

Faerieland: An amazing Slushie Slinger team, Faerieland has either drawn or won Slushie Slinger games with larger teams. Faerieland’s abbreviation is FL and their colors are purple and pink.

Haunted Woods: Winners of the first annual Altador Cup. In the ACII, they have fallen, but will be back with more power than before! Haunted Woods’ abbreviation is HW and their team color is orange and black.

Kiko Lake: This team will sit out in the ACIII. They have done a great job in the past two years. Kiko Lake’s abbreviation is KL. Their team colors are green, brown, and black.

Krawk Island: Many supporters, this team was predicted as first place for this year’s ACIII. Will that come true, or will another team interfere? Krawk Island’s abbreviation of their name is KI and their colors are red and black.

Kreludor: This team almost managed to beat Haunted Woods in ACI and supported HW all the way to the end. This team had to sit out in the ACII, but promised to come back. Kreludor’s abbreviation is KD and their team colors are purple and orange.

Lost Desert: This team has made it to 5th place every year, but has not gotten to the final four yet. Lost Desert is more powerful than before, attracting supporters of all kinds. Will they make it to the top four? Lost Desert’s abbreviation is LD and their team colors are blue and dark yellow/gold.

Maraqua: Maraqua is excellent at Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger. They will be very strong this year and will be expected to move up some ranks. Maraqua’s abbreviation is MQ and their colors are turquoise and brown.

Meridell: Another one of the teams that are predicted to move up some ranks. Meridell is a strong team, hoping to win the AC. Meridell’s abbreviation is MD and their colors are red and blue.

Mystery Island: Getting tons of supporters this year, this team is one of the teams to watch out for. Getting 6th place in both years, they are very likely to get into the final four. Mystery Island’s abbreviation is MI and their team colors are green and brown.

Roo Island: Getting tremendous support in the last two ACs, this team might win first or second place. Being jolly all the time, the Roo Islanders might just make it. Roo Island’s abbreviation is RI and their color is red, green, blue, and yellow.

Shenkuu: This team was new and was finally participating in the ACII; everyone underestimated them and they marched right into the finals, defeating the fourth place team to get third place. Shenkuu’s abbreviation of their team name is SK and their colors are red and yellow.

Terror Mountain: This team is predicted to move up some ranks this year. Having a good attitude, they will do well in the ACIII. Terror Mountain’s abbreviation is TM and their colors are blue and white.

Tyrannia: This team has managed to beat larger teams in Make Some Noise. They are great as well in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. They are expected to move up some ranks this year. Tyrannia’s abbreviation is TY and their colors are orange and brown.

Virtupets: This team will gain much support because of The Return Of Dr. Sloth plot. This team will rise in the ACIII. Virtupets’ abbreviation is VP and their colors are red and gray.

I highly encourage everyone to pick a team and play. Playing the games help you earn points, and with those points you can get prizes at the end. Picking a certain team does not mean that you get special prizes; all of the prizes are the same. If you were late signing up and the games have already started, you can still join and play. But if you joined a team that won for that year, you would be classified as a reserve player, which means that you waited until you know which team is going to win and then joined that team. Starter players are players that joined a team right on the sign-up days. There are usually three sign-up days, so make sure you read the news and remember to sign up!

Remember to check out the worlds of each team, by reading the description of a certain team doesn’t mean that you can join it because I gave that team a good description. Try checking out all the worlds and see which worlds you like the best. For example, a person who likes the desert can join Lost Desert. A person who likes pirates can join Krawk Island. A person who likes the tropics and islands can join Mystery Island. If you don’t understand, please neomail me and I will explain everything to you. Also neomail me if you have comments or want to criticize me!

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