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Bibi's Diary

by carys1994


Sunday, June 8th

I am utterly bored. All I’ve done today is sit in bed. Ugh, I hate this. A little cloud Kougra like me shouldn’t be in this mess. Or anyone else. Well, I don’t think so, anyway. Luckily I can get myself occupied by writing in this old diary I just found under my bed. I think I had it for my birthday last year, or was it the year before? I don’t know. Well, this whole mess I’m in started yesterday. Might as well jot it down so that one day I can look back on it and remember exactly what happened.


     I was shopping with my brother, Pouncer, who’s a red Kougra. We were also with my sister Ruby, a Christmas Uni, and Buster, a red Lupe. Both of which are my sister and brother. Pouncer and I had found this interesting-looking shop, and Pouncer was browsing from one end of the shop while I looked at the interesting things at the other end, while Ruby and Buster waited outside. I shrugged after looking some battle equipment, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford anything, so I strolled over to Pouncer.

     “You interested in anything?”

     “Yeah, there’s a load of delicious foods in here!” Pouncer grinned. I looked up and down the isle.

     “Pouncer, the only food in here is jelly,” I muttered.

     “So? I like jelly!” he cried.

     I grinned. Jelly wasn’t my favourite; I was more into chocolate or lollypops. But Pouncer loved it. I can remember that I loved jelly as a cub, too. Pouncer and I were forever stuffing our mouths full with jelly and then we’d slap each other’s cheeks so that the jelly would dribble down our chins. It was hilarious, but we’d get in trouble with Caz, our owner, because we were making a mess. Ruby would often comment that it was disgusting, too, but Pouncer and I didn’t care; we were the best and closest friends anyone could think of, and we still are now.

     “Well, I’ll be outside with Ruby and Buster,” I said, turning around.

     “Where’s Pouncer?” asked Ruby as I trotted outside.

     “He’s looking at the jelly,” I said.

     “What he likes in that cheap goo I don’t know,” sighed Buster as he patted Toby, his puppyblew.

     Just then Pouncer padded out of the shop, smiling. He was holding something.

     “What did you get?” I asked eagerly.

     “Some kind of jelly, I don’t know what flavour; I just thought it looked pretty,” he said, holding the object out for me to see.

     It was jelly, but it was purple with red spots all over it. Buster slapped his paw on his forehead, while Ruby just looked at him blankly.

     “Have you never heard of poisonous jelly, Pouncer?” she said.

     “Well, I have, but what’s that got to do with this jelly?” said Pouncer stupidly.

     “Honestly, I’m surprised how you know how to eat. That is poisonous jelly, Pouncer! What made you want to buy it!?” sighed Buster. Pouncer blinked.

     “Because it’s pretty,” he murmured shyly.

      “I give up!”

     I looked at the jelly. I didn’t blame Pouncer; it did look interesting, and tasty.

     “So, what’s so bad about poisonous jelly?” I asked. I didn’t see what the whole fuss was about Pouncer buying some jelly.

     “How can you not get it? It’s called poisonous jelly for a reason. It’ll make you ill if you eat it.”

     “Oh, that’s just a rumour. It won’t make you ill!”

     “Oh yes, it can! Everybody knows that,” snapped the Lupe.

     “Don’t be stupid. Why would anyone sell something that could make you ill in their shop?”

     “Me? I’m not the stupid one. They only sell that so they can have more NP.”

     “Oh come on, it’s only jelly! I’ll prove that it isn’t poisonous,” I said, grabbing the jelly. Pouncer and Ruby just stared at us as we debated. It was normally Ruby who Buster argued with, and he barely ever shouted or argued with me or Pouncer. I brought the jelly to my mouth.

     “You are not going to eat that, are you!?” said Buster in disbelief.

     “Watch and learn, brother.”

      I know it was a stupid thing to do but I ate it. My family looked at me in horror as I did, even Pouncer, as he was now convinced that the jelly was poisonous. I just thought it was just normal jelly, I never knew there was such a thing as bad jelly. But even as I ate it seemed different. It had a horrible pang in its sour flavour, and it seemed a bit chewy, too. I was instantly weakened as I ate it, but otherwise there was no difference. I smiled.

     “See? Nothing happened. I don’t feel the faintest ache or pain in me!”

     Ruby looked horrified. “Bibi, we ought to take you to the hospital right away before the poison takes effect. Hurry!”

     “I’m fine. There’s no need to worry.” I smiled happily. But I could feel some kind of ache in the pit of my stomach, and I was very dizzy. I decided to ignore it and it would soon go away.

     But it didn’t. By the time we got home, I felt awful, as if I was about to be sick. I collapsed onto the sofa, groaning. Pouncer leaped playfully on top of me.

     “Come on, Bibi! Let’s go outside and play!” he cried, rocking me. I groaned and clutched my stomach.

     “Bibi, are you okay?” asked the Kougra eagerly.

     “I’m... fine,” I groaned, but it wasn’t impressive. Ruby gasped in horror as she saw me.

     “Bibi! You look like you just saw the Ghost Lupe himself! I knew that jelly was bad; you should’ve thrown it away! Oh, what’s Caz going to say once she sees you?” she cried.

     “She hasn’t been rolling around in mud with Pouncer again, has she?” came a voice from the front door. It was Caz.


     Well, I think you can guess what happened next. I apparently have neomonia, a nasty thing too. But while I’m still strong enough I’m going to the Healing Springs every day until I’m cured. Caz isn’t exactly the richest owner in Neopia. In fact we’re a poor family. I was amazed when I found out Caz had enough NP to get me a cloud paint brush. Anyway, the fact that we lack NP is what’s stopping Caz to buy the medicinal soap to cure me. But she said that if the Healing Springs doesn’t work, which the chances of are low, and I get too weak to travel, she’ll save up her NP. The Healing Springs didn’t work today, but hopefully it will tomorrow. I feel so ill all the time, it’s horrible. I know Pouncer is going to be extremely lonely at school without me tomorrow, but what can I do?

     Monday, June 9th

     Still no luck with the Healing Springs, and I’m already losing strength. Pouncer hated to leave me this morning, but he couldn’t stay. Even though I have Caz sitting at the bottom of my bed most of the time, I like having Pouncer with me. But as soon as he arrived home, he dumped his rucksack on the floor and raced upstairs and into our bedroom. I was happy to see him once he sat on my bed with his usual grinning face. He told me everything that happened in school, about everything he learned, and about his lonely lunch on the grass.

     “It’s just not the same without any other friends,” he muttered.

     “I’m sorry, Pouncer, but I can’t go to school with neomonia! Who knows what pets would be gossiping about Caz? We don’t want anyone to think she’s a bad owner...” I said. Pouncer looked confused.

     “You mean... the only reason you’re not going is for Caz’s sake?”

     “No! That’s just one reason, I’d be sent home right away if I did go, anyway.”

     “We should’ve listened to Caz when she told us that it would be best to make some more friends rather than sticking with each other 24/7.”

     It was true. Caz had told us that we should make more friends, but we just ignored her, as we always said we’d stick together until the end. We never thought about illnesses.

     “Oh, and I almost forgot! There’s a new Xweetok in school. I don’t know its name yet, or even if it’s a boy or girl, but I overheard Star and Princess talking about it, saying that she’s a nerd,” reported Pouncer.

     Star and Princess were the popular pets in school. Star was a starry Cybunny and Princess was a faerie Wocky. They were both well known for their snootiness and how posh they were. They were calling this Xweetok names as she probably hasn’t been painted, and those two popular pets seem to enjoy insulting other pets. Especially new ones.

     “Well, if you ever see her, tell her to ignore Star and Princess for me, will you?” I said. Pouncer nodded.

     It’s getting late now, and my head is throbbing. I don’t like this illness at all, so claws crossed I’ll be better soon, with a little help from the Healing Springs.

     Tuesday, June 10th

     This Healing Springs business isn’t going too well. I can only do it once a day as I haven’t got the energy or the health to wander about Faerieland until the water faerie restores her magic, so Caz is just taking me there once a day, and I’m not supposed to even leave my bed. The Water Faerie just keeps giving me more and more potions and hit points. Caz is obviously getting impatient with her.

     Pouncer saw the new Xweetok today. She’s red, with very silky fur, so I’m told.

     “Her name’s Kipcha,” said Pouncer today as he sat at the end of my bed. “She seems nice, and smart. Probably why Star and Princess call her a nerd.”

     “How could they call a new neopet names like that? As if she hasn’t got enough on her mind about making new friends,” I sighed.

     “I’ll speak to her tomorrow, see if she’s settling in,” said Pouncer thoughtfully.

     “That’s up to you, but don’t forget that I’m your best friend, now, will you?”

     “Hey, I’m not the one who’s done that before, am I?”

     I blushed. It’s a long story that happened a long time ago, involving me and this new tomboy fire Kougra, and actually becoming friends with Star and Princess with her. I hate to think about it.

     Wednesday, June 11th

     I could barely make it to the Healing Springs today I was so ill. My stomach is aching, my head is throbbing and my eyelids are drooping 24/7 now. Even though I’ve only been ill for... four and a half days, it seems like weeks I’ve been in bed. I’m surprised I’m not bursting with energy, but now I know what the doctor meant when he said that I’d get tired. I was asleep for six whole hours today and missed Pouncer, Ruby and Buster return, so I didn’t get the latest update from school until 6pm. Pouncer didn’t get to talk much with Kipcha either; he just got a “Hi” and an “I’m doing fine” from her. We both think she’s shy. Pouncer’s looking over my shoulder now as I write, not getting the fact that this is a diary and it’s personal. But I don’t mind; best friends share secrets, right?

     Thursday, June 12th, 3:16am NST

     Everybody’s in bed, but I can’t get any sleep. I’m tired, but I feel so sick and my head is drumming so much it’s keeping me awake. It’s really dark, and I’m using Pouncer’s old techo torch to see what I’m writing. I can hear Pouncer’s silent purrs as he normally does when he’s asleep, and then there’s Buster’s snoring coming from the room next door. I won’t go over to Caz because there’s nothing she can do, and then I’d just be keeping her awake, too. I don’t like the dark either; it’s too creepy. Every sound, every creek of a floorboard makes my ears prick in alert. I can’t help it. Even if I was my normal self, it would take ages for me to get to sleep, and then feeling ill won’t help either. Oh, I hope the Water Faerie can cure me soon...

     Saturday, June 14th

     I haven’t written in here in a while. Okay, two days. All I’ve done is sleep, wake up, eat, sleep, chat with Pouncer, sleep. This is so boring. It was a week ago now that I ate that fateful poisonous jelly. Why was I so stupid? Now things have gotten worse. Caz said that tomorrow’s the last day we’ll be going to the Healing Springs; I’m just getting too weak. Then, if I don’t have any luck tomorrow, we’ll have to save up. Okay, you might say just some medicinal soap is pretty cheap, but we don’t have much NP. All we really spend it on is food, which can be cheap too if you go to the right shop. Caz can be slow when it comes to saving up, too.

     Sunday, June 15th

     No! No, no, NO! This cannot be happening. What are the chances for me to go to the Healing Springs every day for a week and not get healed? Apparently, pretty high with me. Caz was quite angry when she found out that she’d been given a bottle of Lime Elixir.

     “Can’t you see that my pet is ill!?” she yelled after the Water Faerie handed her the bottle.

     “I’m sorry, I can only do certain things at a time, you know!” the Faerie snapped back.

     Caz left in a huff.

     I can remember Buster telling me once of how Lassie, this blue Gelert, was adopted by Caz before Pouncer and I were born. She, Ruby and Buster became great friends, but then she caught neomonia and Caz had no choice but to abandon her. We see her at least once a week now, as Caz’s neofriend, Lollypop, had amazingly adopted Lassie, without knowing that Caz was her former owner. But that was just a strike of luck, a coincidence that Lollypop had adopted Lassie. But this true story has left a horrible question racing endless laps through my mind. What if Caz eventually abandons me?

     Monday, June 16th

     The grumpiness of neomonia has kicked in. Okay, I have felt pretty grumpy all week, but now I’ve actually shown that I’m angry, and worst of all I took it on Pouncer.

     “I’ve spoken to Kipcha a bit more now. She’s shy, but I’m slowly getting to know her,” he blabbed on, giving me the latest update from school, although my mind was racing, while it still ached, and his voice sounded like an annoying buzz in the distance. “You should meet her. And then there’s Star and Princess who pushed some yellow Kacheek over and still got away with it-”

     “Pouncer, I really don’t care!” I bellowed, my fur prickled.

     My brother’s ears flattened, and he looked down to his paws and fidgeted with his tail, making a long silence.

     “I-I’m sorry,” I whispered guiltily. Pouncer sniffed.

     “It’s okay. You are ill, after all; my talking was probably giving you a headache.”

     He stood up.

     “Pouncer, please stay. It’s really lonely here without anyone to talk to,” I said quietly.

     The red Kougra swung round and was on my bed once again.

     Tuesday, June 17th

     Another rough night last night. I couldn’t get any sleep, so now I feel worse than ever, being more exhausted than I’ve been so far, extra headache and extra grumpiness. Pouncer, Buster and Ruby are all in school now, and Caz is doing her chores. So I’m once again lonely, and bored. Even worse is the guilt in me after I yelled at Ruby this morning while she was looking for some lost makeup in mine and Pouncer's room while I was trying to get the sleep I needed, but she was rummaging through my stiff quite loudly, so I just yelled at her to forget the makeup and leave. I hate this.

     Wednesday, June 18th

     Still guilty about the whole shouting at Ruby business, and she seemed to be dodging me all day yesterday, and even today. But something worse has happened.


     It was this afternoon, while my brothers and sister were at school, when Caz noiselessly entered my bedroom. I lay in my bed, like I’ve been doing for the past ten days, fiddling with my blue Ixi plushie.

     “Bibi, I’ve been thinking about something and I need to talk to you,” said Caz, sitting at the end of my bed. “You see, I know you’re very ill, and neomonia should be treated as fast as possible, but you see, I’ve come to a decision. I can hear you toss and turn at nights; you can’t get any sleep and you’re endlessly feeling sick and having headaches, and I’ve seen that you’ve been a bit grumpier than usual...”

     My head sank as I remembered what I’d said to Pouncer and Ruby.

     “, as much as I may hate this, I’ve given myself two weeks to save up for the cure, if I haven’t by then I’ll... I’ll....”

     “You’ll what?”

     “I’ll have no choice but to abandon you, Bibi. Or at least transfer.”

     My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t now. I know I’ve been expecting it for the last couple of days, but I never knew it would hurt so much. I watched Caz as she announced it to my brothers and sister. Buster looked shell-shocked, shaking his head in disbelief. Ruby dipped her head in dismay, blinking away tears. Pouncer was distraught. He leaped forward.

     “You can’t! You can’t abandon her!” he cried, tears gushing down his red cheeks.

     Caz knelt down and hugged him. “I’m sorry, so sorry, but there’s barely a choice.”

     “No, she has to stay!” sobbed Pouncer.

     “But it’s either keeping Bibi, but having her feel awful and yelling at everyone for quite some time, or get her cured, but it’ll have to cost.”

     “I-I guess y-you’re right... for Bibi’s sake.”

     Sunday, June 22nd

     I don’t feel like writing anything. That’s why I haven’t written in here in a few days. I’m just bored at the moment. There’s a silent yet sad shadow hanging over the house, or at least my neofamily. I can tell that nobody can sleep that much at night now, especially Pouncer. But he’s fast asleep now at the end of my bed. He twitches every now and then, so I know he’s dreaming. I hope it’s a nice one.

     Tuesday, June 24th

      Well, at least I know Ruby isn’t angry at me anymore. She came into the bedroom today, after school while Pouncer was fetching some food with Buster, as I just lay in bed, staring miserably at the ceiling.

     “Hey, Bibi,” she started off. I instantly sat up.

     “What?” I whispered suddenly.

     The Uni walked over and sat at the end of my bed; she was holding something.

     “Well, I can’t imagine how tough it is, knowing the risk you have, so I thought that... well... if Caz doesn’t succeed...”

     My head drooped in self-pity as Ruby mentioned what might happen to me.

     “...So,” she continued. “I thought that, well, I should give you a gift to remember us by.”

     Ruby reached out and put something in my paw. I gasped to see an air-faerie bubble necklace.

     “But, Ruby, we’re not allowed to get anything from the NC Mall unless you go with Caz, and she’s been looking after me all the time!”

     “I know, I know that’s why I’ve saved my neocash and snuck out to buy it – I’m sure Caz won’t mind. Here, let me help you with that.”

     I looked up at her as she clipped the pretty necklace around my neck, and my eyes filled with tears. I reached out and hugged her, tears flowing down my face.

     “I’m sorry for shouting at you Ruby,” I wailed, still hugging her. “I’m so sorry, I-I didn’t mean it, and now you’ve got me this necklace and...and...”

     “Hey! You haven’t gotten yourself all worked up about that, have you!?” said Ruby softly. “That was absolutely nothing! I’ve done worse on a bad hair day!”

     I giggled. I like Ruby when she’s kind like that, she seems to reassure me.

     “Thank you,” I sniffed.

     “Don’t you worry now, okay? Everything is going to be fine.”

     That’s the one thing she said that I’m not so sure about.

     Saturday, June 28th

     Not long left now. Pouncer’s with me 24/7 now, even on schooldays. Even Buster and Ruby are off school now, they’re trying their best to help save up, and to spend as much time as they can with me. I’ve been too upset to write anything down in here for days, as it seems almost certain that there’s no hope for me. Buster says that Caz is searching on the boards for anyone who might want to have me transferred to them, but she’s told them it’s not definite yet that I’ll need to be transferred. The only thing is, no-one’s taking notice because I’m ill.

     “To be honest, I think they’re just a load of sly snorkels, the lot of ‘em,” growled Buster angrily, then his face softened. “Don’t mention any of this to Caz, okay? She didn’t want me to tell you about this, but I thought it was something you needed to know.”

     “I won’t say a thing, brother.” I smiled weakly as I pretended to zip my mouth.

     Tuesday, July 1st

     My days here are beginning to narrow down now. Caz won’t tell me how many neopoints she’s raised, which is convincing me that the chances of me getting the cure are low. The past twelve days have been some of the most depressing I’ve ever had, yet I’ll remember them no matter what.

     Thursday, July 3rd

     I was too busy spending my last day with my neofamily yesterday to report anything. Well, today was the day. That awful, awful day.


     I was very slow on the way to the Pound – not just because I was ill. But there was a horrible sickly feeling in my stomach as we reached there, and it was worse than neomonia itself. My heart was racing as I stepped towards the entrance.

     “Oh Bibi, I’m so sorry,” whispered Caz as she hugged me tight. Tears began to roll down my cheeks, but then I saw a red Xweetok racing towards us.

     “Kipcha?” whispered Pouncer, confused.

     The Xweetok was sweating and panting frantically as she sprinted in our direction. One arm was waving at us and the other was holding something. Her red fur shone in the sunlight as her clumsy little legs tripped over each other. Her long tail followed her and her red eyes blazed with determination.

     “Wait!” she cried as she ran. “Not... yet!”

     Buster cocked his head to one side. “Is that the new Xweetok...?”

     I just sat glumly next to Caz, who was still holding me tight, but I stared at the Xweetok. What was she doing?

     “Kipcha... what are you...?” muttered Pouncer once she’d reached us, though I knew that he wasn’t in the mood to be talking to anyone.

     She bent down, gasping for breath.

     “No... you can’t... abandon Bibi... now,” she panted. I gasped as she sat up and held out what was in her paw.

     “But, Kipcha... I can’t, no,” I said weakly.

     “No, you must!” the Xweetok said, placing the medicinal soap in my paw. “That’s what I and my owner, Cat, do. We heal pets that need healing.”

     Caz stepped forward and knelt down to Kipcha’s height.

     “Are you sure?”

     “Positive. I refuse to take it back from you.”

     “Thank you. Thank you so, so much.”

     Ha. I bet you thought I was going to get abandoned. As if!

The End

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