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The Importance of Coffee

by madalyn876


“Hey Mulberry, can you go to the bank for me?”

     A girl with shoulder-length brown hair and light, sparkling blue eyes stepped out of her bedroom, yawning sleepily. She was wearing purple satin pajamas that were rumpled from tossing and turning in bed. Upon her feet was a pair of fuzzy, purple slippers that she almost never took off, even when they went out.

     A blue Shoyru popped out of his room across the hall. His eyes were drooping ever so slightly. He coughed quietly and then said, “It’s four in the morning, Mum. Why do you need money?”

     “No reason,” the girl, called Madalyn, replied dully. She licked her lips and then stated, “Maybe we should eat some breakfast first.”

     “I’m too tired for breakfast,” the Shoyru moaned. He rubbed his eyes sleepily with his blue paws. “Mum, no one’s even up yet. I doubt the Skeith at the bank will be very happy if I barge in unexpectedly at this time of day.”

     “Then we’ll get him some coffee,” Madalyn responded. She padded into the kitchen silently.

     “What?” Mulberry furrowed his brow in concern.

     “I just thought about what you said. You know, about him being not very cheerful and stuff at four in the morning. Maybe he’d want some coffee. I dunno.” Madalyn sighed.

     “Um... eh, okay.” The Shoyru laughed nervously. “So, should I get him some coffee on the way to the bank?”

     “Sure, whatever,” Madalyn mumbled almost incoherently. Mulberry could tell she was falling back asleep.

     “Can I have some Neopoints to buy the coffee?” Mulberry asked, holding out his paws.

     “If we had Neopoints out, I wouldn’t have you run to the bank, now would I?” Madalyn retorted. Mulberry winced. He hated when his owner got grumpy.

     “So... how am I supposed to get him coffee?” Mulberry groaned. “Maybe I shouldn’t even get him any.”

     “No, no. You’ll find a way; I’m positive,” Madalyn muttered. Her blue eyes fluttered closed.

     Mulberry moaned and threw on his yellow slicker and rain boots. He stepped outside into the light drizzle and reluctantly flew his way over to The Coffee Cave. It was the closest coffee shop to his home on Terror Mountain.

     The inside of the store was warm and glowing. The yellow Shoyru that ran the place was scrubbing tables and chewing on a piece of fruity smelling bubblegum. She snapped her gum multiple times until it became quite annoying.

     “Um, hello?” Mulberry called out. The yellow Shoyru whipped around in surprise and relaxed when she saw that it was a customer.

     “Hey, I’m Penny.” She grinned. “Wanna buy some coffee, sweetheart?”

     “Well... er, I was wondering if I might be able to get a free sample,” Mulberry grimaced. The question was so shaming!

     “Free sample, honey? What free sample?” Penny snapped her gum and looked around the small yet cozy cave. “I’ll tell ya what, though. If ya buy our coffee blend of the day, I’ll throw in a free muffin.”

     “Yeah, that’s kind of the problem. I don’t have any money,” Mulberry explained.

     “That’s a mighty shame, sweetie. I’m sorry.” Penny looked sympathetic. “But I hear if ya go on down to that fancy Soup Kitchen, there’s a faerie there that hands out free helpings of soup to pets like you, sugar.”

     Mulberry nodded dumbly. He was escorted out of the shop by Penny the yellow Shoyru, who was clucking her tongue in sympathy. Mulberry was blushing deep red.

     He flew for what seemed like hours. Finally, he reached the bustling little town called Neopia Central. It wasn’t so busy at four-thirty in the morning. Mulberry didn’t know why he was even looking for the Soup Kitchen when he plainly knew that they served soup, not coffee. He continued on, though.

     The Shoyru wandered throughout all the shops until he found the building shaped like a giant soup pot. He trailed inside and saw the gentle, kind faerie waiting patiently at the back of the building. She smiled warmly and said, “Want some soup, kind pet?”

     “Uh, well-,” Mulberry started. But his blue eyes soon darted to something other than the Soup Faerie’s face. It was what was gripped in her left hand that snagged his attention. It was a mug of fresh, steaming hot coffee; held in a beautifully crafted clay mug with glorious intricate patterns and swirls.

     “Is there something you wish to ask me, sweet pet?” the Soup Faerie cocked her head confusedly. She set the coffee on a mahogany desk nearby. “Would you care for some Invisible Soup? It’s the special today.”

     “Erm, well...” Mulberry jerked his head in the direction of the coffee. The Soup Faerie glanced that way.

     “You want my desk?”

     “No, no... sorry, no. Although it is a very nice looking desk,” Mulberry offered. It was best to give the faerie a good first impression.

     The Soup Faerie smiled graciously. But it disappeared quickly and in its place was a concerned frown. “Then what are you asking for, loving pet?”

     “Well, uh... I was wondering if I could have some of that,” Mulberry jerked his blue paw back in the direction of the coffee. The smell wafted around the room tauntingly.

     “Ohhh.... the coffee, right.” The Soup Faerie grinned and grabbed the mug on the mahogany desk. She then swiveled around to face a row of cabinets. She opened one and took out a plastic coffee mug. She then spun around again and dumped the freshly brewed coffee in the new mug. The Soup Faerie then simply handed the cup to the little blue Shoyru. “Enjoy!”

     “But, but-” Mulberry protested. It wasn’t supposed to be this easy, was it?

     “Calm down. I have another pot of the stuff over there.” The Soup Faerie smiled. “You may go now.”

     Mulberry grinned widely and flew out the open doors. The rain had stopped and the brisk morning air was refreshing. Mulberry glanced at the big clock that towered over Neopia Central. It read five o’clock. The Shoyru picked up his flying speed, careful not to spill the sacred coffee.

     Soon Mulberry arrived at the Bank. He swung open the double doors and walked inside. The padding of his footsteps was the only noise to be heard. He soon reached a large desk (similar to the Soup Faerie’s) which an identically large Skeith sat behind, snoring loudly. Mulberry gently tapped the Skeith on the shoulder, which sent him into hysterics.

     “THIEF! THERE’S A THIEF IN THE BANK!” he exclaimed.

     “No, shh!” Mulberry warned. He held out the coffee. The Skeith glanced at it for a moment, and then hiccupped slightly.

     “For me?” he asked. Mulberry nodded simply. The Skeith took the coffee graciously and gulped it down quickly. He smiled. “Thank you. Is there anything I can do for you?”

     “Yes, please.” Mulberry sighed in relief. Maybe Madalyn was right. If he hadn’t given the coffee as a peace offering, the Skeith would’ve probably thrown him out and labeled him as a thief. “I’d like to withdraw... um, five thousand Neopoints, please.” That should be enough for whatever Madalyn wanted to buy, right?

     “Okay, your owner’s account name, please?” The Skeith scribbled something on a pad of paper.

     “Madalyn876,” Mulberry replied. He was then greeted by a hefty sack of Neopoints. He thanked the Skeith and flew through the doors. His morning errand was finished!

     The exhausted blue Shoyru arrived home at exactly five twenty-three. It didn’t sound like Madalyn was up, so Mulberry plopped himself down on the couch. Just as he was about to comment about the sofa being lumpier than usual, a moan rose from underneath him. Mulberry looked down and saw that he had situated himself on top of Madalyn’s sleeping head. He jumped off and giggled.

     “Hey Mum,” he said. “I got the money you wanted!” Madalyn groaned and rose slowly. She smacked her lips and yawned; stretching her arms out. Her blue eyes were sleepy and sparkly.

     “Good, ‘cause Mulberry? I need some coffee.”

The End

Hey! This is my first time getting in the NT! Luv ya'll!

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