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Alternative Ways to Make Neopoints

by sakura_tokito


Like many Neopians, I have several goals I wish to accomplish: that perfect paint brush, that wonderful Battledome weapon, that shiny avatar...

Also, like many (well, maybe not as many) Neopians, I am terrible at restocking my shop and playing most games. However, although they are not as effective and fast as playing lots of games and spending hours in the shops every day, I have come up with means to earn plenty of NP on a daily basis:

1) Sponsor Games: My Neo-day usually starts with me loading up Advert-video (500-4000NP for that alone). Try out the other sponsor games to see what you like and what you are good at. You may be surprised at how many NP you end up with from just doing that.

2) Easy Games: If you happen to have a game you are reasonably good at, try to play it daily. If you are incredibly good at it, and it is one of the World Challenge games, enter that often. In addition, games such as Fashion Fever can provide easy NP.

3) Card Games: Yes, I know, I'm mentioning a lot about games. However, not only are most of the card games not difficult to play, you can load up your trophy collection with them. Cards games such as Pyramids and Sakhmet Solitaire have daily NP limits. Winning rounds of Cheat will not only earn you NP, but you can also win battle cards: one-use attack items for the Battledome.

4) Monthly Multi Player Competitions: You can enter competitions for Armada, Geos, and Kacheekers every month for the chance to win up to 30k total. Sign up for these every month, even if you do not think you are good at any of these. In addition, these can also add to your trophy collection.

5) Faerieland Employment Agency: Are your pets always complaining how you do not get them that elusive paintbrush or weapon? Then make them get a job! You can do five Basic Jobs from the agency daily. Open up the shop wizard in a separate web browser window or tab for quick access, and pick jobs with high rewards. If you finish the jobs quickly, you can make nice NP bonuses. New jobs appear every ten minutes, but they tend to disappear very quickly.

6) Food Club: This one seems to get overlooked, but this little club on Krawk Island can make you loads of NP, particularly if you have been around Neopia for a long time. In each round for each area for each competitor (sound complicated yet?), compare the number of favorite foods available to the number of allergy foods available; the more favorites and the less allergy foods available in their area, the better that competitor's chances of winning are. If those numbers are the same or similar for multiple competitors in the same area, choose the one with the best ratio of strength versus weight. Yes, it can be complicated, but with a little practice, you will get the hang of it.

7) Plushie Tycoon: Another one that can take a period of time to get the hang of. Every month, you have your own business with which you can buy plushie supplies, make plushies, and sell to consumers (in your Plushie Tycoon shop, not your regular shop). You start out with 50k Plushie Tycoon NP on hand (again, these are not your regular NP). Your rewards are based on how many NP above that 50k you end up with at the end of the month.

8) Daily Freebies: Coltzan's Shrine, The Fruit Machine, Tombola, the Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku, Underwater Fishing in the Ruins of Maraqua, Wheel of Slime - with all of the these, you have the chance to winning lots of NP or items worth lots of NP. Don't miss these.

9) Neoquest I & II: This is not for the impatient. At the very least, though, you can earn a few extra NP playing these while, let's say, waiting for jobs to reappear in the Faerieland Employment Agency. There are plenty of good guides/walkthroughs around if you need help. You can also ask questions at the “NeoQuest + NeoQuest II” NeoBoard. You earn NP every time you level up in Neoquest I and every time you beat a boss in both Neoquest I & II. The weapons won for beating Neoquest II can be sold off for a lot of NP, particularly the weapons won in Insane mode (not for the impatient or faint-of-heart).

10) Quests: Snow Faerie, Kitchen, Brain Tree and Edna’s quests all have the chance to earn you both NP and items. When taking on a quest, check the prices of each item that is being asked for. For Snow Faerie quests, if the total cost is 2k or less, definitely complete that quest. For Edna's quests (unless you are going after her elusive avatar), do not do the quests unless the cost is incredibly low (around a few hundred NP). For the Kitchen Quests, since you earn stat boosts as well as NP, only completing these when the cost is less than what you would spend for a stat boost may be a good guideline (use your best judgment here). For the Brain Tree, it is just as much about luck as it is cost; the Brain Tree asks you a question, and you need to fetch food for the Esophagor twice in order to get an answer. Sometimes, the food that the Esophagor asks for will be incredibly expensive; other times, you may only need to spend a few hundred NP. You can win exclusive haunted items and NP (hopefully not haunted) from the Brain Tree.

You will likely not be swimming in millions of NP in a few weeks with these methods, but you still can obtain a respectable amount of NP on a daily basis by trying these out. Happy NP earning! :)

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