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A Guide to the NeoQuest II Bosses: Part I

by someguy_1000


Hello, everyone! Greeting you is an unknown person who would like to be called Someguy very, very much, on the internet, at least.

Anyways, this article covers the NeoQuest II bosses and how to defeat them up to the Revenant in Lost Desert. Unfortunately, the second part of this guide will be delayed for quite some time--until I finish NeoQuest II. It's a long game, people.

Well, I may as well begin the guide. I hope you enjoy, and that it helps you in your... um... quest to defeat NeoQuest II. Yeah.


The Miner Foreman*

HP: 50

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 7

The Foreman isn't that difficult, as long as you're at a good level. He doesn't hit very hard, and doesn't have that much more HP than the creatures in his dungeon. Just keep hitting him and healing when needed (which shouldn't be too often) and the Foreman will go down pretty quickly.

Suggested Level for You: 5 or higher


HP: 110

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 10

Zombom can be annoying, but he also can be beaten. Heal constantly to keep your HP high. Zombom often uses Decimate, a damage spell that can put quite a dent in you (31 damage, to be specific.) You can be fairly conservative with your potions, but you may not want to be, as you are only teleported outside Zombom's tower after the battle, so you still have to trek back through the cave and to White River to rest at an inn. Basically, pound on Zombom most of the time (be sure you have a good amount of skill points put into Critical Attacks and Damage Increase) and heal when needed. Blast Potions are also suggested. Zombom should be down after around half a dozen turns.

Suggested Level for You: 12 or higher

Sand Grundo

HP: 160

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 14, Mipsy; Lv. 14

Sand Grundo is NOT difficult. Well, he wasn't difficult for me, but then again, I overleveled my party a bit. Sand Grundo can hit hard, though, so bring a good supply of potions along with you for the fight. Overall, this is one of the easier bosses in the game. Rohane should attack and Mipsy should cast Direct Damage (which you should have up to a fairly high level).

Suggested Level for You: 13 or higher

Ramtor (Meridell Castle)

HP: 200

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 15, Mipsy; Lv. 15

I was pretty underleveled for this battle, according to all the other guides, but I did fine--not to brag, but it's probably just pure skill not depending on the level, so I still suggest a higher level for you. Anyway, you don't actually defeat Ramtor; after you take off about half of his HP, he flees to his tower to the west. As for attacking, it's the same as before; have Rohane normal attack and have Mipsy cast Direct Damage, healing when needed adding on to that. Ramtor should have enough HP taken off and flee after around 5 turns.

Suggested Level for You: 16 or higher

Ramtor (Tower)

HP: 200

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 17, Mipsy; Lv. 17

The good news is that you should have leveled up a bit between Meridell Castle and Floor 2 of Ramtor's Tower. However, the bad news is that you have to take all of his HP this time, and that he has healed himself whilst fleeing to his tower. Anyway, the basic strategy remains the same; Rohane attacks, Mipsy uses Direct Damage, both heal when their HP is on the low side. Ramtor, however, can cast Direct Damage himself, and resists Mipsy's spells sometimes, so he'll prove more difficult then when you fought him in Meridell Castle. Just try to rough through it, and be sure both party members stay alive, or you'll find yourself in very deep yogurt.

Suggested Level for You: 18 or higher


HP: 150 (I think)

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 19, Mipsy; Lv. 19

Be sure you're prepared, because Leximp is annoying, very annoying, to be specific. He tends to be resistant to Mipsy's magic, and hits impressively. He also will occasionally heal when his HP is low, which makes him even more annoying than before. Just try and get some hits in with Mipsy's Direct Damage, and Rohane should normal attack as usual. Heal as needed. Leximp should finally be down after a while.

Suggested Level for You: 20 or higher


HP: 225

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 21, Mipsy; Lv. 21, Talinia; Lv. 21

Kolvars is just like Sand Grundo--he is not as difficult as you might believe. Especially since you have Talinia in your party. If you got her Increased Bow Damage maxed out, she should be hitting nearly as well as Rohane. Have Rohane and Talinia attack and have Mipsy cast spells, along with healing as needed. So, it's basically the same strategy as before. Kolvars should be down in 5-8 turns.

Suggested Level for You: 21 or higher


HP: 400

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 26, Mipsy; Lv. 26, Talinia; Lv. 26

Scuzzy is a lot less difficult than I was led to believe, similar to Sand Grundo/Kolvars. Though he has a high amount of HP, it's easy to take that high amount of HP away. Rohane and Talinia attack, Mipsy casts spells. Healing shouldn't be needed too often.

Suggested Level for You: 26 or higher


HP: 500

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 31, Mipsy; Lv. 31, Talinia; Lv. 31

The first boss in the Lost Desert is a difficult one, it seems. Silicast is fast and furious, so bring some potions, both for healing and slowing. You may also want to use some damage potions. Mipsy should have Direct Damage maxed out by now, so use it well; at full power, Obliterate does 100 damage per hit, so you definitely want to keep Mipsy alive. Rohane and Talinia should attack, and Mipsy should cast Obliterate. Try and rough through the battle, similar to the second Ramtor battle. Silicast should be down after a while. Also, don't be surprised if you die a few times; Silicast is pretty tough.

Suggested Level for You: 32 or higher

Gebarn II

HP: 350

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 32, Mipsy; Lv. 32, Talinia; Lv. 32

Gebarn II is actually pretty easy, compared to Silicast, at least. He doesn't have terribly high HP, and he doesn't hit very hard. He does heal often, though, but you should be taking away the health he regains every second, so it's not that big of a problem. Stick with the usual strategy, and you should be fine.

Suggested Level for You: 34 or higher

The Revenant

HP: 600

My Party: Rohane; Lv. 34, Mipsy; Lv. 34, Talinia; Lv. 34, Velm; Lv. 34

The Revenant is easily the least difficult boss in the Lost Desert, even more so because of the fact that you now have Velm in your party. Be sure you have Velm's Group Healing maxed out and have Group Shielding up to a high level; both are useful in this battle. Have Velm start off by using Group Shielding on the party. As long as you have Group Shielding up the whole time and Velm heals the party whenever anyone takes significant damage, Rohane, Mipsy and Talinia should be able to get away doing nothing but attacking/casting spells.

Suggested Level for You: 35 or higher


Well, that's pretty much it for this boss guide. I'll try to get Part II published as soon as I complete NeoQuest II.

As a final note, with the end of this article, I am completing one of my dreams on Neopets; becoming a writer in the Neopian Times. I really hope you guys enjoyed this article, and the best of wishes to all of you!

P.S.: This guide was for Normal mode on NeoQuest II. Also, if there is a * next to the boss's name, that boss is optional. In other words, it is not necessary to defeat that boss, as the game does not require it.

~Sincerely, Someguy

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