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Which Yooyu Are You?

by moto_chiyo699


Altador Cup Special: Yooyuball Personality Quiz

Ever wondered what type of Yooyuball you were? Could you be the flamboyant fire, or the mischievous mutant Yooyuball? Find out for yourself in this personality quiz here! (P.S. I recommend you tally your answers on a piece of paper.)

Question #1

What is your game style in Yooyuball?

A- Simple and by the book, I guess.

B- Smooth, slick, and no sweat, that’s how I go by.

C- Every game is unique, different and exciting!

D- Take the game to the extreme; play till you burn!

E- Tick tock, tick tock, A SPLODE!

F- Annoy the game players and the referee. Rules are meant to be broken.

G- Much to the players’ annoyance, you float out of their reach and start to drift away into the land of daydreaming.

Question #2

A Neopet abuses you by kicking you around too much. “You’re a Yooyuball, that’s what you’re for, right?” they say. What would YOU say?

A- *shrugs* He’s right. That’s what we are and what we’re made for.

B- Calmly gaze at him straight in the eye, and say: “I will make my warning clear and once: treat me right, or you will regret it.”

C- Say: “Why can’t you just treat me like a cute Petpet instead?”

D- Flare up and let yourself be engulfed in your fiery temper. “I’M NOT JUST ANY YOOYUBALL, BUDDY! I’M THE STAR OF THE GAME, AND IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME RESPECT, HOW CAN A GAME BE A GOOD GAME!?”

E- Explode on him the very minute he raises his foot to kick you again.

F- Do everything to make the Neopet’s life miserable: bite his tail, tug at his ears, etc. until he begs for mercy.

G- “I don’t need you to move and kick me; I have wings.”

Question #3

Which Altador Cup team did you support the last time you participated in the game?

A- Altador, they started the whole sport.

B- Terror Mountain fits my suave exterior.

C- Mystery Island and Tyrannia; I prefer the big brutes!

D- Lost Desert really knows how to bring on the heat!

E- Virtupets; they’re advanced in technology and will advance in the games!

F- Darigan Citadel all the way; they will definitely blow you away!

G- Faerieland; think about how cool it is to support a team coming from a land drifting in clouds...

Question #4

What is your favorite game to play on Neopets.com?

A- Flash games

B- Snowmuncher, Hannah and the Ice Caves, and of course, Slushie Slinger.

C- Playing a certain game all week gets boring. I play a different game every day, no, actually every hour!

D- Volcano Run and Magma Blaster to rock your socks!

E- Freaky Factory, the perfect game for the practical and neat freaks.

F- Two-player games. It’s even more fun, if it’s a fighting game. (For example: Meepit vs. Feepit. I prefer to be the big bad Meepit, of course.)

G- Faerie Cloud Racers, Fyora’s Quest, Faerie Bubbles, and the occasional Poogle Race to place a bet on!

Question #5

Let’s say you are part of a new band at the Rock Concert in Tyrannia. One of your friends is the forward singer, the other is doing air guitar. You do the dancing. What’s your dancing style?

A- It depends on the music. Other than that, moving your body is what I consider dancing.

B- The Cha Cha Slide (cha cha real smooth!)

C- Do some crazy stunts and twists, even if you might hurt yourself, you’re having fun.

D- Break a sweat with some real crazy break- dancing! I actually dance better with loud music, anyway.

E- The Robot Dance (unh, can’t touch this!)

F- I’d rather dance with a partner than do solo. You know why? You can stomp on their foot to your heart’s content.

G- Ballet dancing: it’s the stately and graceful art.

Question #6

Just as you might suspect, the Pant Devil drops in out of nowhere and steals a valuable, super rare Hidden Tower item! What would be your reaction?

A- You start working hard to earn more neopoints, starting from scratch.

B- *shrugs* Yeah, he does random things like that. Deal with it. You shrug the matter off and start working from scratch.

C- “...Heh, I’ll get the “I Taunt the Pant Devil” avatar, anyway.” =)

D- Your mood plunges with a dramatic effect, your mind boils over from overwhelming anger, and you howl at your Neopets and your Safety Deposit Box: “IT’S NOT FAIR HE DID THIS TO ME! WHY ME!? SOMETIMES I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY I EVEN REGISTERED A NEOPETS ACCOUNT! THERE’S SO MUCH STEALING; WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!?”

E- You attempt to explode on the Pant Devil in order to stop him. A SPLODE! You explode too late, the Pant Devil’s already gone.

F- You get temporary temper tantrums, and start scheming dirty plans for possible revenge. Hey, why not throw a Ghostkerbomb at him? Now that’s what I call payback!

G- “I’ll just go ask Fyora for another one. I live in Faerieland, don’t I?”

Question #7

You are currently enrolled to Neoschool; in another week there will be a final exam before summer starts. Therefore, you have a week to prepare for the exam. What is your method of studying?

A- Do what all teachers say: read, study, read, study, read, study... (This may take a while.)

B- Carefully bide and plan for your study sessions, in case you’re busy stocking your shop for Neopoints, then you can have enough time to study.

C- Develop your own ways of studying and gathering your thoughts. Gathering your thoughts... hmmm... you decide to stand on your head, claiming that the blood rushing through your brain will help you think better.

D- Studying and reading textbooks are for geeks! I’d rather play the hottest games on Neopets and get ready for the summer, not the exam!

E- I don’t need to take such things. I already have artificial intelligence. *beep* *beep*

F- Think of diabolical ways to cheat your way through the test.

G- For the mathematics section of the exam, you go play Math Nightmares to help you study. Now isn’t that a bit more fun?

Question #8

What kind of things do you stock up in your shop?

A- Plain, ordinary, everyday stuff Neopets need.

B- Slushies, snowballs I won from Snow Wars

C- I have one of everything!

D- Super sharp weapons and Battledome potions!

E- A countless army of Rainbow Clockwork Grundos

F- Spooky food, spooky weapons, Eliv Thade, and Esophagor merchandise!

G- I use the Trading Post for my Hidden Tower stuff. Most of it is simply too glamorous to be in a regular shop.

Question #9

You decide to go to the Hidden Tower to purchase an item. What would you buy, if you had all those Neopoints?

A- An Everlasting Apple, so my Neopets won’t ever starve again.

B- A Snowball Machine

C- Depends on how many Neopoints I have!

D- I heard they have all kinds of cool weapons: the Sword of Skardsen, Glowing Battle Dung, Fire and Ice Blade, Ghostkerbombs, and Starry Battle Dung. Oooh, how about the Yoyo of Death? Now that sounds tight!

E- Rainbow Clockwork Grundo

F- I would get a Werelupe claw necklace or a Sword of Skardsen: perfect tools for world domination!

G- Any item that has the word ‘Faerie’ or ‘Fyora’ in it!

Question #10

This quiz is almost over!

A- Erm... am I supposed to say hooray?

B- *nods* I see.

C- This quiz doesn’t have enough questions! Try to make one a bit longer next time!

D- For Fyora’s sake, get this quiz over with already!!!

E- My time seems to be up too...*tick tock* *tick tock* A SPLODE!

F- Great, once this pathetic quiz is over I can have more time to plan ways for world domination! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

G- Oh my, how time flies by...


Now you have come to the end of this quiz, it could mean two things. One: you took your time on this quiz thoroughly and would like to see your results. Or two: you were just browsing and ended up scrolling into this section. But below you would see your results of what kind of Yooyuball you are!

If you chose mostly A, you are a....

Normal Yooyuball

You are plain, ordinary, simple and usually by the procedure. You are consistent in your routine, a quality in which many Neopets will admire you for your devotion. You’re also the type that doesn’t really get hyped up about the interesting things in life. Go out there and try some new things for a change.

If you chose mostly B, you are an...

Ice Yooyuball

You possess a cool, suave exterior and common sense. You also seem to keep your cool and know when the time is right for everything. Being quiet can be a good thing, but sometimes you can open up to others and give them your suggestions. It makes you feel good, and other Neopets can see that you have a good head on those shoulders.

If you chose mostly C, you are a...

Mutant Yooyuball

You are the type that gets bored easily, mostly by things that aren’t revolving or changing in the world of Neopia. You aren't afraid to try something different. Some may see you as ‘the rebel’, but at least you really know how to make every day a special day!

If you chose mostly D, you are a...

Fire Yooyuball

You are hotheaded and bold in your actions and attitude. You rush too much, and you can’t seem to plan your time well. Try taking your time to think things over before you act. Yet you possess a fiery will and determination to finish any challenge you take.

If you chose mostly E, you are a...

Clockwork Yooyuball

You are technical, intelligent, practical, although you predict and expect things too much. Sometimes high expectations can be a little fault in your life. It’s not like you are going to explode every few minutes.

If you chose mostly F, you are a...

Darigan Yooyuball

Naughty, peevish and bent on revenge and world domination, you think life’s better if add a little darkness to it. You also prefer to annoy people rather than making friends with them, and you may also be a little inconsiderate.

If you chose mostly G, you are a...

Faerie Yooyuball

You carry yourself with a carefree lofty manner; you usually seem to have a light and pleasant demeanor around you. Although you tend to daydream and let your mind wander too much, sometimes you've just got to get your head out from the clouds and deal with things with a clear mind.

Thank you for taking the Yooyuball Personality Quiz! Did you discover your inner Yooyu?

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