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Gobblers: The Underrated Phenomenon

by akari24


Also by repeat

Gobblers. You've heard of them before. Maybe you're aware of their large, brown wings, their nimble talons, or maybe you've just heard their constant squawking. Either way, Gobblers are a necessity to the Neopian community as a whole. Every so often, especially in the months of Storing and Celebrating, Gobblers may be served as food. While this is not particularly nice or beneficial for the special species of petpet, many Neopians all over Neopia enjoy the delicacy. In addition, the Turmaculus eats approximately 1.287 Gobblers per day and about one out of every 3496.28 pets has a Gobbler attached to it. Neopians need Gobblers and Gobblers need Neopians. It’s a match made by Fyora. So, we - Andrea and Emma - are here to help others cultivate the same love of Gobblers as we have. Let’s aim to spread Gobbler Awareness across Neopia: from Shenkuu to Terror Mountain and back again.

Gobbler Names

Of course, every Gobbler needs a name! Names give them an identity, so be sure to choose wisely! Here are some tips for choosing your Gobbler’s name:

1. Try to think of a Neopet or animal the Gobbler reminds you of. If your Gobbler is similar to a Kougra, so be it! Take your Neopet – in our case, the Kougra – and add a suffix (such as –kins, –buns, –dove, etc.) to the end. For example, Andrea’s Gobbler reminded her of a turkey, so she named it Turkeybuns.

2. Try to get to know your Gobbler before naming it. Observing for a few days may shed light to the Gobbler’s habits and tendencies. You may then be able to name him or her after a prominent feature that he or she exhibits. For example, your Gobbler may enjoy hopping a lot. You may then name it Hopper, Hoppy, Hopster, or something with the word “hop” in it!

3. Ask your Gobbler what it would like to be named. Most people do not realize this is possible, but Gobblers do have preferences! They will come to love whatever name you choose for them, but if you are having a tough time deciding on a name, asking the Gobbler is a wonderful idea! At times, the Gobbler will act out the name it would like. In this case, you will have to interpret its actions.

WARNING: Often this method will produce names like “Chrrrrpp chrrrrp,” or a bite on the nose. If you do not feel comfortable naming your Gobbler something as abstract as that, the other three tips would probably work best for you.

4. If you do not find any of the aforementioned tips appealing, there is one more option! You can simply choose from a list of suggested Gobbler names! Where could you find such a list? In this tip of course! The names are in alphabetical order:

Andrea, Chirpie, Dinner, Emma, Gobblegobble, GobblesMcGee, Gobblie, GobblyMcgoo, Gobgobaroo, Lunch, Marc, Talons, Turkey McTurkTurk, QT3.14

Clearly, there are many different options for naming your Gobbler, some more conventional than others. However, all are appropriate for successful Gobbler naming. Choose whatever method you find will find your little slice of feathery goodness the perfect name!

Gobbler Items

There are four items focused around the Gobbler in Neopia. They are:

1. Gobbler

Petpet - This little guy makes all sorts of ruckus if you chase him around your yard. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y8.

Of course, there is the Gobbler petpet, itself. Gobblers cannot be painted and are so rare (R180, Retired) that they do not appear in the Neopets Search Bar. Those who visited the Advent Calendar on the twenty-seventh of the Month of Celebrating, Year 8 received a Gobbler along with Brightvale, A Complete History and 167 Neopoints.

2. Gobbler Costume

Clothes - Now your Neopet can dress up as a Gobbler for the harvest festival!

This costume is made for those Neopets who completely idolize Gobblers – so much so that they want to become one! A perfect outfit for Halloween or the Month of Storing, this costume always sells out within the first few seconds it stocks. Extra Bonus: It is made with a wire framing to protect you from any dangers in the Haunted Woods.

3. Gobbler Mask

Clothes - If you squeeze this mask it makes a squawking noise.

This mask helps your Neopet to complete his or her Gobbler costume. Along with the costume, nobody will see through your disguise. If your younger sibling is intent on becoming a Gobbler (although admittedly, who isn’t?) and his or her costume is driving you insane, just squeeze your sibling’s mask whenever they walk by. Eventually, the honking sound will drive your sibling insane and they will give up.

4. Just Say No To Gobbler

NC Mall Item - Fruits and veggies are much better for your holiday meals. *nod*

This is the last, but definitely not least Gobbler item. Out of all of them, I would say that this is the most effective to own. Petition against the Turmaculus and Neopians that eat Gobblers all at once! After all, it is rather cruel to devour petpets without a second thought. So, why not express your anger with a picket sign? Unfortunately, this item has retired from the NC mall. So, why not make your own with a piece of cardboard and paint?

Gobblertastic Suggestions

As every Gobbler enthusiast agrees, Gobblers need more recognition! There are many different ways to aim accomplished this, including more Gobbler themed items & such.


Let’s be honest, there aren’t very many Gobbler items around. This leaves a lot of room for improvement! Of course, “I Love Gobblers” items could always be added: pins, T-shirts, cakes, socks. Gobbler-shaped foods could also be added. (No, Potato-Stuffed Turkey does not count as Gobbler food.) Chocolates, sundaes, or any kinds of sweets would be appropriate. Bouncy balls with pictures of Gobblers on them, Gobbler action figures, Gobbler feed, music boxes with twirling Gobblers in the inside – all are necessary to our Neopian market.

Neoboard Additions

As most of you have realized and fretted over, Gobblers have not been recognized at all in the Neoboards! This could easily be fixed through the addition of some Gobbler avatars and a smiley. The smiley could be used on the Neoboards through typing a code, such as “*Gobbler*” and clicking the post message button. It should be a small, but full-length, picture of a Gobbler. Avatars would also be useful. One could be awarded for having a Gobbler attached to your Neopet for a certain amount of time, or by viewing the pet lookup of a Neopet who has had a Gobbler attached to it. Avatars could feature a picture of a Gobbler (of course) and the famous Gobbler catch phrase, “gobble gobble.”


As previously mentioned, Gobblers currently cannot be painted at all. We feel this is unjust, and would like the chance to paint our Gobblers in all of the colors of the rainbow (and some that aren’t in the rainbow). For example, imagine a fire Gobbler. Or black! Black Gobblers would totally bring hungry back.

I’m bringin’ hungry back. (YEAH)

Them other petpets don't know how to act. (YEAH)

I think your feathers look good on your back. (YEAH)

So turn around and let me paint them black.

Gobbler Poems

Every Gobbler enthusiast must have a handful of poems to show their support. Below are a few that we have written – feel free to write your own, however.

Gobble Guck

by Turkeybuns

Gobble gobble gobble

Gobble buck gobble guck

Gob gob gob garooooooo!

A Haiku

by Emma

Gobbler, O Gobbler

Your talons are rather sharp...

Please don't attack me

Gobbler Respect

by Andrea

Oh, my dear Gobbler!

I will never mistake you for cobbler

Because here is my creed,

Abide by it, I plead:

Gobblers are friends, not food.

If you eat one, you are crude!


by an Overzealous Gobbler Fan

Gobblers are so cool

Disagree? Well, you're a fool!

They don't ever drool.

Of course, because Gobblers rule!

They often go to the pool.

But rarely go to Neoschool.

Mine looks just like a jewel.

You can be jealous, just not cruel.

Thank you for reading our article and we hope that we have persuaded you to spread the word about Gobblers.

As a postscript, note that if your owner is allergic to the Gobbler, all is not lost. You can always purchase the “Chirping Music Track” from the NC mall (100 NC) and prop a cut-out picture of a Gobbler by your bedside for an almost-realistic experience. (Note: Andrea and Emma are not responsible for any injury with scissors, paper cuts, or angry owners shouting about lack of sleep because of “that annoying chirping.”)

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