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Peophins' Grooming

by razoonafairy9038


NEOPIA CENTRAL- Hello, everyone! This is your favorite reporter, Nature, signing in from Neopia Central. I’m here to speak about Peophins everywhere. Oh, and here’s Gwana (Nagwana) to help out (giving her opinion of everything under Kreludor is more like it).

Gwana: *waves* You know I heard that, Nature, right?

Nature: *hurriedly* Moving on! All of us know that Peophins are very well liked in Neopia, and so are their many items! I love all the Peophin stuff. I know that most of it’s cheap, and very common, but who cares! As long as my Neopet looks nice, and likes it, who could ask for more?

Gwana: Me.

Nature: You know, Nagwana; I just might throw you out of this article if you go on like this much longer. Getting back to the point! I’m going to show you the full outfit of Peophin grooming items today.


Peophin Shampoo

Nature: Now, I think that this has always worked best with Nagwana. You have to admit that, don’t you, Gwana?

Nagwana: Yeah! It smells great, too. Bubble gum. But actually, Uni Shampoo is the best! I think that Peo Conditioner actually goes with this, but we didn’t see it listed under Peophin, so Nature didn’t bother to-

Nature: *claps hand over Nagwana’s mouth* Ahem, as I was saying, Peophin Shampoo works best for that nice feeling that you aren’t getting the cheapest stuff, and still aren’t making a dent in your bank account. Like Nagwana said, it smells great too!

Peophin Bubble Bath

Nature: What can be nicer than slowly sinking into a Space Station Tub, with beautiful bubbles all around you?

Gwana: Sinking into a Fancy Tub with bubbles all around you.

Nature:*growls* This lovely bottle of Bubble Bath will always refresh your Neopet, especially Baby ones. Can’t you just see a precious little baby playing happily in the bubbles?

Gwana: Actually, I can’t see them do anything but drown in an unsupervised tub.

Nature: Young Peophin, do you honestly want your allowance cut?

Gwana: No.

Nature: Good. I thought so.

Peophin Fragrant Soap

Nature: This soap is positively special! If you’re ready for bath time, don’t forget that Peophin Fragrant Soap is made of the finest fragrances Neopia has to offer.

Gwana: You stole that line from the description card.

Nature: Did you just say that in public?!

Gwana: Yes.

Nature: *groans* Well, anyway, Peophin Fragrant Soap looks, smells, and is better than average soap. I personally think that it’s the best thing since Luxurious Sofas!

Gwana: Well, did you ever look into what those ‘finest fragrances’ actually are? Do you remember the time that Rose looked at the ingredients on the empty bottle of Achyfi , and she said eww, they put that word she couldn’t pronounce in, and we asked her what it meant, and she said that it’s the stuff they use to clean out-

Nature: Nagwana, if you dare say what you’re going to say, no allowance for 4 weeks, and you’ll be grounded for the same period.

Gwana: *keeps silent*

Seaweed Peophin Toothpaste

Peophin Toothbrush

Nature: Now, what can be healthier than brushing your teeth with healthy seaweed toothpaste and a good, big toothbrush?

Gwana: Actually, the bristles on the toothbrush look like Yellow Peophin mane hair, and seaweed toothpaste must be disgusting.

Nature: I was waiting for that comment. Actually, the Toothbrush is designed to look like that, and it isn’t really seaweed flavor, it’s green apple.

Gwana: Thank goodness.

Peophin Mane Brush

Bendy Peophin Comb

Nature: Now-

Gwana: That’s the third time you've started talking with ‘Now’! It’s getting boring, repetitive, and all the readers will run away.


*everyone sits down again*

Nature: Ah, that’s better. Ok, REWIND! I’ve always found that Bendy Peophin Combs act much more nicely with hair than hard ones do. They don’t really yank all that hard, and I don’t remember Nagwana shouting OW! when I brush her hair with them.

Gwana: *glares and caresses mane*

Nature: And Peophin Mane brushes are luxuriously soft. Ask Gwana here. She went into a fit when I sold ours.

Nagwana: *glares again*

Nature: I had to buy another one for obvious reasons.

Peophin Nail Varnish

Nature: What is nicer after all that hard work of grooming, than to sit down, relax, and paint your nails? It’s such a pretty glittery color, too.

Gwana: You forgot to add on to nails: paws/hooves/etc.

Nature: Erm, we’ll forget that little detail, shall we?

Peophin Tank Top

Nature: After going to all that trouble to make yourself look beautiful, why not put on a beautiful top? This was listed 7th must-have item in the recent article ‘Top-Ten Must Have Fashions for the Spring’. I personally think that it’s really cute and trendy!

Gwana: I just hope one size fits all. I don’t want it all slipping up and down and off my back and shoulders.

Grape Peophin Lolly

Nature: Now, after you’ve had a long and tiring day grooming your pet, and dressing her up, and painting her nails, your beautiful Peophin declares that she’s hungry. What to go out and buy?

Nagwana: A beautiful White Chocolate Uni. When am I going to eat mine?

Nature: I’m saving that for next year on Uni Day. Stop interrupting already! Well, anyway, of course you go out and buy a lovely Grape Peophin Lolly. Can you just imagine sitting down with a really good book, and slowly sucking a deeeeelicious lollipop...

Nagwana: I can’t. Can you imagine trying to suck a lollipop shaped like a Peophin? And it’s cannibalistic! I’m a Peophin, y’know?

Nature: *glower glare glower*

Nagwana: And that doesn’t have anything to do with grooming.


Now that you’ve seen and been told about all this Peophin Stuff, maybe you’ll want to write a Grooming Item article, too! There aren’t many of them around. I hope you enjoyed the annoying comments by Nagwana. Nature, signing off!


Author’s note: This is my first Neopets article. I hope you enjoyed it! More Peophin Articles coming up!

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