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The Best of Doughnut Fruit

by elequent


A doughnut- as you may call it. “A delicacy beyond compare” is a statement commonly used to describe the phenomenal sensation. Many have heard of these “Doughnuts”, but only select few have devoured all of them in Neopia, me having done both. I am quite sure, almost positive, that many of you want to eat yummy stuff. So here I have compiled the hard-core facts and recorded many basic things. Best of all, though, I have weighed and balanced every doughnut, oh so carefully, to give you the absolute best taste testing experience ever, with a top 10 list unlike any other, with a theme of the new rulers of the world, Doughnuts.

First things first; what is a “doughnut”, you ask. People foreign to doughnuts commonly picture them as squishy dough that grows on trees in the shape of nuts. Well, guess what; you are wrong. This is actually where we first got the concept of money growing on trees. Rubbish! Everyone knows that the Money Tree just hoards donated gifts. People that were fascinated by doughnuts quickly spread their ideas. Then there was a great hunt for a Dough Tree. Centuries later, the Dough Tree’s informational facts and details about the search led many to believe dough was money. Although dough is highly sought after, it is not NP, people. Doughnuts are actually tire shaped little cakes. They are normally made of wheat, flour, and sugar glazing. They can be topped with sprinkles or a substance known as chocolate. I bet you have tasted chocolate before, eh? Therefore, now you know what a doughnut is. Here is a list, yes, a list, of the most amazingly scrumptious doughnuts known to Neopets!


Yellow Doughnutfruit

This fruit comes in at the bottom of our list, stomping up the steps of doughnut normality to this list of happiness. This Doughnutfruit can be spotted all throughout Neopia. It is actually the most abundant of Doughnutfruit in the popular game “Hasee Bounce”.

Eloui: This is a Doughnutfruit, we cannot forget. I personally think this is right where it belongs on the list, not fancy, but better than all the other doughnuts NOT on the list. When you bite into a yellow Doughnutfruit, it is very sweet. This Doughnutfruit has icing all over it. A classic, but a little too messy to move any further up the list.

In addition, that brings us to...


The Speckled Doughnut

Yummy, this doughnut tastes like chicken. No, it does not... honestly. This doughnut has three layers of thick icing. Can you believe the doughnut tastes like vanilla on the outside with spots of lime on the inside? When you have a zing like that, how can you not make it to position nine in the top doughnutfruits?

Eloui: Yuck, a lime flavored doughnut. Yes, even though it has quite an unusual flavor for a doughnut, I could just not resist. (Not that I have an addiction.) I went and considered everything that went into this doughnut. Not only is the outside spotted, but the inside is too! There are little pockets of lime placed randomly in the middle, like a cream puff doughnut. Sometimes the most unusual things give your taste buds the thrill of a lifetime, earning it #9.


Pepperoni Pizza Doughnut

Leaning tower of Pizza, you say? This doughnut currently is at the top of the bestseller list. What an alternative to sugar coated. Instead, you get cheese-coated bread with tomato sauce and pepperoni. With only 14 grams of fat, and the fact you can easily take it on the go, this makes it a favorite for those younger Neopets that are always running around.

Eloui: You really should try this microwaved, but watch your tongue; it is hot, hot, hot! I think it is quite amazing that it has such low sugar! This is very delectable, but the thing is that it lacks originality; there is already pizza. So why do you need it with more bread? I say 8th is a good position for this tasty treat.


Sponge Doughnutfruit

It tastes like sponge! I think we all know that sponge is a very delicious flavor and yellow is a pretty color. This Doughnutfruit can not only be eaten, but can also be used to tease sponge brothers or sister, wipe a spill, or even play catch without getting hurt or sugar coating all over. This multi-purpose Doughnutfruit has made it to number seven.

Eloui: Do not try this one microwaved; it's not nearly as tasty that way. As the description says, they are very useful. I once had a Hasee because of this luring doughnut. You can clean house and eat them, so when you are about to clean your throne room, and you suddenly feel faint seeing it, you can always take a quick bite.


Blueberry Jelly Doughnut

Oh so jelly coated, complete with a thin layer of cream in the middle. Sounds disgusting, yes, I know, but a Blueberry jelly doughnut with blueberry cream sounds like yum. You can freeze these and they will taste just like icecream-filled popsicles. Even though you never see their pictures around the site, they are the behind the scene savory stars we have come to know as number six.

Eloui: Wow, if I could make a list of delicious blueberry themed food, guess what I would stick at the top. Even with popsicles, it would sit number one on the throne, but unfortunately, this is for doughnuts. It is a delicacy rarely mentioned by collectors and taste testers. So few know of this amazing taste that it makes it that much more unique than the other five doughnuts so far. I mean, who in their right mind would eat a jelly doughnut with the jelly on the inside?



This amazing doughnut has its own orbit! It is one pink frosted doughnut, with three little pink frosted doughnut holes. They are a tad bit hard to eat because every time you move, they jiggle. Stupid gravity. It tastes a lot like cotton candy, a delicacy beyond compare here in Neopia.

Borovann: Oh my gosh! I love this doughnut. I have never tasted anything so light and sugary. Definitely the best Space Station food I have ever had. I went to Grundo’s Café, saw this doughnut, and almost fainted. I mean, how cool would it be to taste delicious and have your own field of gravity? Very cool.


Hot Doughnutfruit Juice

Described beautifully and the warmest fruit punch ever made. On cold days, whilst sitting by the fire, just take one sip and your taste buds will reawaken! The soft creamy feeling is often referred to as a hot chocolate consistency, and the taste? Like a combination of Oranges, Strawberry, and plums. The cup adds a nice doughnut flavor, placing it at number 4!

Oelow: There is absolutely nothing quite like Hot Doughnutfruit juice! The cup is edible, doughnut tasting and crisp. The flavors together in perfect harmony, rather like chicken, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. I would, though, suggest drinking the juice before biting the cup, if you know what I mean.


Grey Doughnutfruit

You will not believe this, but this grey doughnut, though constantly rained on, is not that soggy at all! After extensive studies, we have determined 8/11 grey doughnuts are only slightly damp, making them moist doughnuts. They taste rather plain; I think the main reason they are here is for their amazing looks, and the fact that you can drink AND eat these doughnuts.

Oelow: This doughnut is soooo filling. People just do not understand that just because something is grey, it will not make you sad. I smiled when the moist, delicate, grey icing touched my tongue, and my teeth sank into the cake part. This amazing doughnut tastes great with other grey foods, such as grey hot dogs and grey ice cream.


Chocolate Sprinkle Doughnut Hat

A doughnut adorned hat that no other head ornament can rival. This hat is completely edible. Every part of this hat can be shoved into your mouth for a mouthwatering experience. The fabric is flavored chocolate, the doughnut is flavored chocolate, even the sprinkles are chocolate. It is chocolate inside and out, 24/7.

Borovann: If baby Neopets could be clothing customized, this would be my second choice of clothing, my first being the squid hat (also edible). Anything made completely out of chocolate deserves to be on a top ten list, and for this particular list, it deserves to be #2. The fabric has an amazingly velvet texture, even though it is completely chocolate infused edible cotton. If that does not deserve a thumbs up, the doughnut sure does! Broadcast your love for doughnuts by wearing this hat. When you get bored, just take it off and eat it!


Fish Doughnutfruit

A doughnut beyond compare, the Mrs. Universe of Doughnuts, the Best of the Best, the doughnut that causes hallucinations, can it get better? The Fish Doughnut is extremely unusual and tremendously rare. This doughnut tastes just as its name suggests, like a fish! A fish is the perfect balance of sugars, texture and individuality. You will never come across anything quite like this doughnut throughout all of Neopia.

Borovann: This doughnut is #1 because it is just so uniquely amazing. The fact that any person could make a doughnutfruit out of a fish is unbelievable. The Fish Doughnutfuit is so widely recognized and respected that it has its own plushie. The elusive Fish Doughnutfruit even appears in my favorite game “Hasee Bounce”. Try this doughnut for anywhere from 3-6 mil for an unforgettable experience!

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