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A Letter to Neopia – Declaration of Sentiments

by hidden_0_o


Here, I present myself in this address to all the owners in Neopia. I am Miinuit, an Aisha born in a crescent Kreludor, month of Swimming, Year 9. I may be not the most erudite of all pets. I may fall behind sage ones born at the incipiency of this world. This world which is replete of greed and materialism... I was, however, born in a time when the pound was closed. I did not have to live a life of fear and dread, which now, sadly I observe, many Neopians do. I do not scorn the orphanage, but what this noble institution has become. I’m here to tell you the story of why I feel that way, and pardon me for my words are the most candid.


Not long ago, following the opening of the pound, my loving mother and my family went to the boards to seek a home to my sister. At the arrival to the boards, I saw so many pets; I looked deep into their eyes to see their agony, tears rolling down their young, desperate faces. I heard their silent cries. I suffered from their wounds, their owners shouting “Painted pet – UFT!”

I did not know what UFT meant, but later I discovered it was short for “up for trade.” Up for trade means that an owner is seeking to forsake a Neopet in return of another. Yes, trading Neopets, the most low-level thing I could ever imagine being possible. Trading these beings as if they were an object, a prize, a trophy, and item in their inventories. I could not help it by interpreting the acrostic a different way: utterly false tenderness.


That is why, Miinuit, this young and naïve pet, who still believes in your power to understand and love, so humbly addresses this cause. I admit that I have been spoiled... In so many ways Mum had tried to content me, when I, an advantaged pet, not knowing of my gifts, so selfishly cried for her attention. I know the most I can do is share what Mum has done to make us family, though I am afraid that it might be too late. Please prove me wrong, please.

#10 – Promenade

Take your pet to a stroll around Neopia! Terror Mountain? Neopia Central? A travel is perfect for having fun. Imagine your companion’s face when they take their first bite of a Tentacle Rice. I laugh at the memory of when Mum fooled me into taking a spoonful of that chili Scorchipepper (which she told me that wasn’t that bad). There are plenty of other things; enjoy the gravity in Kreludor, the heat of Lost Desert, the beauty of Faerieland. Each land has something magnificent about it; but the best part of the travel is having someone close to you to share these memories.

#9 – Game

I am sure your best friend has said things like, “A game of Destruct-O-Match sounds great right now!” Go with them to an arcade and play all the games you can for a bonus: neopoints! See what your pal likes. For example, I just love Castle Battles and Mum is Roodoku addict. Once, I challenged Mum to beat Berry Bash and she played the game for a whole hour (her name is still in the high scores list). I remember shouting, “No, the Kyrii guy is gonna leave! Wait, take that guy’s order first! Oh my... You forgot the Aisha, how could you?!” All that, obviously accompanied by the most frenetic hand gestures and the long sigh after we saw the game-over screen...

#8 – Shop

That is Mum’s favorite activity! She goes into a frenzy from time to time, and always with me! I admit I am not that much of a shopper, but I always encounter enticing items along the way. There are a few bargain shops, like Mika and Carassa’s Igloo Garage Sales. Or you may shop for something specific, such as upgrading your closet, furnishing that new room in your Neohome, or looking around for exquisite trinkets...

#7 – Lodge

Send your pet to the Neolodge, preferably not the Cockroach Towers. If you know you have to work on something for a while and will not be able to see your buddy in a while, the Neolodge is perfect for you. Mum usually hosts me in the AstroVilla, but hotels like the Royal Neopian are very nice! Use some extras. The Burger Bar is great for Skeiths and Grarrls that want to satiate their bellies. These pets might also take advantage of the Fitness Center; you know, work it out and lose some weight. Neopian Times Delivery is a must! Also, the hotel is perfect for seeing how much you will miss your pet for a night or two. How, then, would you get used to having them gone forever?

#6 –Battle

I am an aspiring Battledomer and going there is one of my favorite activities, even though I can be compared to legendary fighters. Do not drag your pet to a brawl if he does not like it, and also keep in mind his strength. You do not want your newborn up against the Black Pteri! But take the opportunity to train and buy some weapons. Make your pet the strongest or the fastest or the best warrior in Neopian History.

#5 –Read

As great King Hagan says, “A book a day keeps the dunces at bay!” Do you want your pet to be a dunce or a genius? Read to them! Your pet may find a few books too boring, but there are well over a thousand books to choose from: picture books for beginners, story books for adventure and thrill lovers, math books for studious number prodigies. Mum always reads me Brightvale books because I once told her I wanted to become as smart as Hagan himself. I know that is a high goal to settle for, but I am starting to know how to read a few things by myself... Maybe someday I will learn it in Neoschool.

#4 –Prettify

I know that some Unis out there are willing to help you make your friend look gorgeous. You may buy a paint brush and give them a new look. And for those who think that painting is a girly thing, wait for you to see some colors like pirate or royal boy! There are cheaper alternatives if coloring is too much for you to afford. Clothes may be a nice substitute. They can range from very high prices to a real deal! But don’t be disappointed if that is still too expensive for you. You can always groom your pet quickly with some eye shadows or a bit of the finest perfumes.

#3 –Play

I can assure you that pets love toys. However, do not think they simply desire you to buy them the latest plushies and Usuki sets that have come out. They, as I, enjoy spending that time with you. Just beware that broken toys upset your pal; some pets are very grown up to be playing with Yellow Lupe Plushies. Take note that boys tend to like action-packed toys as the Ultra-Awesome Super Lucky Activity Play Set, whereas as girls are prone to enjoy Usuki dolls.

#2 –Change

Mashed Eye Potato! Cloud Print L-Shaped Sofa! Change and be random, for who needs normalcy? Your pets may find you slightly insane, but I am going to assure you that you will have the best time ever! Modify their diet; your pet may be very tired of omelettes and jellies (obviously, such things do not exist). Modify your room; buy them a new bed.

#1 –Discover

Ignore me. Every word I have said, discard them. At the end of this article, I cannot give you a better suggestion than plainly do not listen to me. I can plead to you, but I cannot teach you to love. I have the idea that love should come “in the package.” It should be innate, though I cannot see it when I walk the weatherbeaten aisles where trading pets take place... The best advice I can give you, is: discover him; discover what he likes; discover what you can do together.

I repeat: I cannot teach you to love, but I want you to know how important that is for your pet.

You, owners, I beg you understand me. Neopets do have feelings. They do feel hungry or satiated. They do feel sullen or content. They do feel hated or loved. They do feel fear. Fear of being abandoned in dark cages of the pound. Fear of losing the owners they had loved for so long.

This, I exhort you: make not servitude from what a bond of love was.

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