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Your Guide to Avatar Games

by nightcrawlernp


Thanks to animals_rule187 for her help and support. :)

You have probably seen those boards on the AC that invite you to come and play a game involving your avatar collection, like Avatar Simon, Avatar Survivor, or Act Like Your Avatar. (Of course most of them get hidden now, because of all the pound boards, so you just have to look a little harder.) If you have never bothered to play one of these games, or if you have played them but you just don't get the rules, or if you just want to host a game but aren't quite sure how, then this guide is for you. They are really quite fun and anyone can play them, no matter what your avatar count is. You can always meet new people at these boards, who you’ll probably see later at other boards like these. And of course it’s a chance to show off your rare and exotic avatars. :)

Avatar Simon

Name Origin: It’s named after the game Simon Says, where you have to copy ‘Simon’ exactly, doing whatever the game requires.

There are basically three levels of play for this game. Easy, Medium, and Hard.

For the Easy level you could get by playing with 120 avatars or less. (Unless you're an extreme avatar collector who is looking to wreak havoc on poor, innocent newbies by pwning them in a simple game of Avatar Simon. XD)

For the Medium level I would recommend at least 170 avatars.

And for the Hard level, probably 245 or more.

Of course you can really play at whatever level you want, because everyone’s avatars are different. These are just my suggestions. Most people who start the boards can't decide exactly what level their game will be at, so it's not uncommon to see a level like Medium-Hard or Hardish. Then you just have to decide if you want to play at that level or not.

So now on to the game play. The person who starts the game is called the host, in case you weren't aware. And in this type of game, the host will challenge the players to see if they have some of the same avatars. The host will pick one of their own avatars (let's just say it's Chef Bonju), set it as their active avatar, and post with it, saying something like, "#1 Chef Bonju".

If you have the same avatar as them, you go to the Board Preferences, at the top of the page, and change it. You then post the ratio of how many you have gotten, in this case 1/1 because it is the first round. The first number is the number of avatars you have that the host has posted with. The second number is the number of rounds so far. If you don't have the avatar, you just post 0/1. You just keep doing that, changing the ratio to the appropriate numbers for each round. When all the players have posted, saying if they have the avatar or not, then the host moves on to the next round, and the next avatar.

Sometimes in a game, there will be strikes. Usually three. And that just means that if you have missed three of the avatars then you are automatically out of the game.

The winner of the game is whoever got the most avatars. If there is a tie, usually the host holds a bonus round to break the tie.

Pro: There isn’t too much rushing around, and you can pretty much take your time changing your avatar and chatting with people.

Con: It can be a little discouraging to see all those avatars that you don’t have, and know that other people besides you have them.

Avatar Survivor

Name Origin: It is named this because the goal is to survive until the end, making you the winner if you survive longer than anyone else.

This is for those people who like a fast-paced game. In Avatar Survivor, the host picks a random topic to start with, such as 'Lupes' or 'Faeries'. And when the host announces the topic you have to go to Preferences and pick one of your avatars that you think best suits the topic, and you post with it.

Then everyone on the board Neomails the host with the name of one user on the board who they feel didn't stay exactly on topic with their avatar. After that, whoever received the most votes on that round gets 'kicked off'. This keeps going until there is only one person left, who is declared the winner.

If two people end up posting with the same avatar, the person who posted first gets to use it, and the second person has to pick again. The secret to this game is speed. You have to know your avatars well, and the moment the host posts the topic, you have to change your avatar to whichever one you think is best.

Pro: It can be fun to rush around like crazy and try to be the first one to post, so you can make sure you’re the one that gets to use that avatar.

Con: Kills your nerves if you don’t like to be rushed. And if you’re the last one to post, you have last pick on the category of avatars, making you a prime target to be eliminated.

Act Like Your Avatar

Name Origin: Quite simple, really; the object of this game is to act like your avatar.

There really aren’t any rules for this type of game, and anyone can play. It’s more of a role-playing game, where you just act like your current avatar’s personality. Like if it’s “Emo Usuki”, you act emo. If it’s “Who Me?”, you act cute and innocent.

But I’ve noticed that most of the time the people who play this game aren’t really role-playing; they’re just chatting. So this is a good game if you just want to do some chatting with your friends.

Pro: It’s a fun game for you to play with your comrades and to interact with everyone’s avatars.

Con: It can easily get boring if you’re not into roleplaying.


Thanks for reading this article. And hopefully you've learned something about avatar games! ^_^

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