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Fostering Neopets

by i_wanna_be_thatgirl


NEOBOARDS - That’s where I first heard of fostering neopets. It was a beautiful, crisp day in Neopia and after spending time in the games room, I decided to check out the boards. I was lurking around and saw an interesting post about fostering. I decided which nothing else to do, that I would check it out. I found out that there are several users that take in pets from the pound, and help them get to where people will adopt them.

This helping can be done in different ways. Some users just feed and play with the animals; others go as far as painting a pet. Like I said, some foster-users simply take the pets home for a few days to feed and play with them. Other users find sick pets and nurse them back to health. Some foster-users that I have spoken to even go as far as to paint the pets with their own neopoints.

I was so touched by these acts of kindness that I decided to foster a pet of my own. I went to the pound and adopted a lovely white Grundo who was dying from starvation and had neomonia. I fed her until she was full and healed her from the neomonia, and played with her until she was happy again. Then I went out on a search; I posted on the boards and checked with all my neofriends. She needed a good home. I finally found her a good owner and she is happily staying there with his brother.

I was absolutely amazed that people would spend their own neopoints on pets that they had no intention of keeping. I tried fostering and I must say, it was an amazing experience. I definitely think that every user in Neopia should try to foster at least one pet while they are an active user.

The pet that I fostered, 5cxtt57, has been doing wonderfully since she is out of the pound. Her new owner has neomailed me and told me that she is always happy and loves to play games and just relax with her brother. I am so glad that I tried fostering; it really was the rewarding experience that everyone told me it would be.

I am currently fostering another pet right now a blue Bruce named 2smart4youalways. I just adopted her from the pound this morning; I am planning to zap her once I get the final map piece, then put her up for adoption. After my first adventure into fostering, I knew that I wanted to try it again, but I wasn’t sure how soon, apparently very. My new foster pet is already getting acquainted with my other two pets, i_am_thatgirl and __Cheerful_Baby__. I cannot wait for her to become whatever the lab ray has in store for her.

If you have issues with money, remember that you can always go to the soup kitchen and the giant omelette every day. Plus, there are plenty of shops in Neopia that have foods for sale for low prices. Fostering a pet does not have to be expensive. Any pet would gladly just come out of the pound to be fed and played with. Fostering a pet could cost whatever you wanted: a little if you plan to do it often, or a lot if you want to only foster every once in a while and do something extravagant for your foster-pets.

Say you already have four pets; well, I’m not going to tell you to pound one just to foster other pets, but maybe there are other ways. If you have a friend who fosters, you could send them toys and food to help out. Mind you, none of this is mandatory, just some simple suggestions. You could also open an adoption agency to help get fostered pets new homes. There is always something that you could do, even if it’s not actually taking in a pet and fostering it. Remember, like I said before, NONE of this is mandatory.

I talked to one foster-user on Neopets and this is what she had to say about fostering:

Me: What is that you do when you foster pets?

Foster-user: I just adopt them and nurse them back to good health. Then I either zap them or paint them. Once they are fit to be adopted, I search around to find a good owner for them.

Me: What would you say to any users looking to foster a neopets?

Foster-user: Try it. I guarantee that you will find it a rewarding experience that you will want to repeat again and again.

One of my neofriends is also fostering a neopet right now. She got into it after I told her about my times fostering. Here’s what she had to say about fostering:

“I love to go and look in the pound and find a pet that is truly in bad shape and then nurse it back to health. I always feel so good knowing that I helped another pet survive and helped another owner get a new pet that they can now love. I do regular check-ups with my owners to make sure that their pets are getting along just fine. Sometimes I’ll buy food or toys and give them to the owners for that pet on its birthday. I like to keep in touch with my former foster-pets and with their new owners.”

See? So now you know that anything is possible with fostering. Whether you actually take a pet in and help it or help out another user that’s fostering, anybody can help. Hopefully you have been inspired to foster a neopet, just like I was. Please, go out and tell your neofriends, or post on the boards; people need to know about fostering, what it is and how it can really help. With fostering you could help another user find their dream pet, or maybe even find your dream pet. Anything is possible when it comes to fostering.

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