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The Best Adventure Spots in Neopia: Tyrannia

by neo_star_queen


WHEEL OF MONOTONY - Zzzz… huh, what? Oh, well hello there, fellow adventurers. It was a bit chilly in Neopia Central today, so Neofaerie and I decided to go some place warm. I've just been waiting for this wheel to stop spinning. I didn't know it would take so long! To pass the time, I decided to write up another guide to the best adventure spots in Neopia. So here it is: Your guide to exploring Tyrannia, inspired by intense boredom.

The Cave of Paintings: South of Tyrammet, and west from the Chia Bombers game. A little bit more to your left… good! This is what the residents of Tyrannia call < a href="http://www.neopets.com/prehistoric/painting.phtml">The Cave of Paintings, or Ugga Ukmatht ugga Gala-ak. It's a small cave in which many relatives of the prehistoric neopets we know today, from thousands of years ago, have drawn pictures on the walls. Many professionals from the Researching Institute of Neopia's Past are studying the ancient drawings on the cave, but you can go check it out too! Let's see… This thing here looks like a giant monster… and these little things must be the residents of Tyrannia, see they've got spears in their hands and they're running away from the monster. And beside that it says Ugga-6-Neopia-lacka. According to this Tyrannian dictionary, that means "Attack Neopia in Year 6." Huh. Wonder what that means?Skill Level: 2-4

The North Volcanoes: Tyrannia is known for it's dangerous Volcanoes. Heading north from the Tyrannian Plateau, you'll come across these giant mountains of lava and rock. Those are volcanoes. Yes. There are regular games of Volcano Run held in the Volcanoes, where you control a poor old Scorchio named Glubgar, and try not to fly into walls and burn up. Fun stuff, huh? But that's not to say that the Volcanoes aren't dangerous; for you can go in deeper for some independent adventuring, and finding your way through all the winding tunnels is tough. Plus, you hafta watch out for falling rocks, pools of magma, and cascading lava. But once you get in there are some neat places to explore; that is, if you can stand the heat. Skill Level: 6-8

The Tyrannian Canyons: Up in the Tyrannian Plateau, there are many canyons, but one particularly large one will catch your eye, right outside of the Tyrannian Weaponry. It seems to have a very odd shape, although since it's so big, I've never been able to look at the whole thing at once. The canyon itself is pretty boring, but inside there are tons of evil Pterodactyls and Grarrls! And let me warn you, besides being powerful and dangerous, they are certainly very hungry… one of them actually ate the Crunchy Snot Birthday Cupcake I baked! I mean sure, I completely understand why someone would eat a Crunchy Snot Birthday Cupcake, but it was baked by me. The poor things must be starving. Skill Level: 4-7

Tyrammet: The village of Tyrannia: Tyrammet! Estimated population: 500 prehistoric neopets. The village square is an inviting, laid-back place where villagers roast meat, discuss war and political issues, and make fun of tourists in a language we don't understand. Aww, that Mynci just called me a tyra-gakth-ugga. How kind the pets here are! Anyways, Tyrammet is more of a place to relax and look around than a place for serious adventurers. But you do have to watch out for exploding houses, as the residents are doing some renovating… I recommend earplugs. Skill Level: 2-3

Lair of the Beast: The Lair of the Beast is the most dangerous adventuring spot in all of Tyrannia! Rumour has it that a terrible creature lives inside. Well, today Neofaerie and I are going to find out if that's true or not! First we go through the eerie, scary entrance, and down the dank tunnel. It's really dark in here… hang on, let me light my lantern. Okay, let's keep going. Up a frayed old rope (it'll break any second, I just know it), into a small cavern (is there something behind me?), and through a large, gaping hole (it looks just like a mouth if I tilt my head to the left)… I can smell it's breath, it should be just around this corner… ack, I just remembered! The Wheel of Monotony should have stopped spinning by now; I hafta go claim my prize! Maybe I'll come back in here some other time. Skill Level: 7-9

I know you're probably all set and raring to go explore Tyrannia now, but there are just a few tips I'd like to give you before you be on your way:

- It's hot there, so wear a t-shirt and shorts! And bring lots of bottles of water, since it's really dry.

- Watch where you step. Two words: pterodactyl dung. Eww. But at the same time, you have to be looking up in the air for it! You can cross your eyes, now here's the next level.

- Make sure you pick up a Tyrannian-to-Neopian language dictionary at the Town Hall or the Village before you go anywhere else. I wanted to get a translator, but they were all leering at me.

- Don't lean over the edges of cliffs. Especially really tall, steep ones. I know that you're really curious as to what's down there, but falling is only fun until you hit the ground.

Ahh, the Wheel of Monotony is slowing down! This is so exciting… I wonder what I'll get. Mazzews are really cute, I'd love one of them. Or maybe a Tyrannian Paint Brush! It's stopping, and it landed on a rock. What- HEY! Someone just threw a rock at Neofaerie! He doesn't look too good…

And that concludes another guide to the best adventure spots in Neopia, folks. Sadly, this is the last one as well. It's been fun. But does that mean that the adventures will end? No, of course not! Just gather up your guides, roll them up and stick 'em in your back pocket. Remember all I've taught you and you'll be ready to take on every one of Neopia's challenges! See ya!

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