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What Sort of Paintbrush Suits YOU?

by 1stlittlepig


You probably think it is unlikely that you will have access to a special paintbrush in the next year or so. Maybe it is unlikely, maybe it isn’t, but when (or if!) you DO come across the opportunity to buy a paintbrush, how will you know which type to choose? Take the following quiz to find out exactly what kind of paintbrush suits YOUR personality!

You will need: A writing utensil of some sort (pen, pencil, sharp stick for carving on rocks), something to write on (paper, your hand, an ancient scroll), and a brain (preferably your own). Once you have all these, take the quiz and jot down your answers. You can always go back and redo the test. After all, your answers aren’t written in stone! (Unless you are Tyrannian and have chosen to scratch your answers onto a boulder...)

Here is how it works. It is basically and interview. Me interviewing you! I ask the question, and you choose the response that best suits you out of A, B, C, D, E, or F! Let’s get started. My name is Albert Chiablow. I am a yellow Chia, reporting for the Neopian Times. This is the first report I’ve ever gotten published! Oops! Did I just say that out loud? Okay, pretend you didn’t hear. So what is YOUR name, and where are YOU from? ...Interesting! I always have liked that name! Well, now that formalities have been exchanged... let’s go! (I’ll talk you through the first one.)

So I say...

1. It’s time to build your Dream Home! (Finally!) Which country do you choose to live in?

And you reply with one of the following...

A) On the highest tip of Terror Mountain, where people can look up in awe at my one-of-a-kind abode!

B) On an un-used, uninhabited island, all alone where no one will ever disturb me...

C) In a cute cottage smack in the middle of Neopia Central, where I’ll be close to the stores, the petpet shop and USUKI LAND!!!

D) Deep in the Haunted Woods, in a deserted, creepy castle, or somewhere on the dark side of Kreludor... anywhere scary!

E) I really don’t know... There are so many great places to choose from!

F) I would choose a quiet country cottage near Brightvale, where things are calm, peaceful, and usually the same.

2. Now, if only you could pick the right colour for your room...

A) The brightest colour the store sells! DUH!

B) Sad, dreary grey...

C) Pink, purple, yellow, blue and green... all pastel!

D) Evil black and red. Mua-ha-ha-ha-haaa!

E) Well, orange and blue are both lovely... but I can’t decide on which one to pick!

F) Just a new coat of the colour it was painted before... the colour I love to love!

3. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... But what do you want for a present?

A) Something HUGE! I want ALL the neighbours to come and crane their necks for a glimpse of it... in MY arms!

B) Forget presents... birthday parties are much too lively for me, even without presents...

C) An angelpuss! (I’ll name her Sweetie.)

D) An army of minion clones for my command would be fine, thanks.

E) Ohhh... I can’t decide! How about a surprise?

F) I can never have enough cash... it’s what I always ask for.

4. Vacation time... Where do you want to go?

A) Shenkuu... my friends are crazy about it, but I’ll be the first to actually GO there!

B) Ugh! Vacations are so lively! Just the thought of them makes me shudder.

C) Kiko Lake is SO adorable!

D) Virtupets Space Station of course... all the good (the rest of us would say bad) old memories of Sloth!

E) I’d have to go for a world tour... that way I’d see ALL the countries.

F) My usual cottage on Roo Island, of course.

5. Fight, fight, fight... in the BATTLEDOME! Which adversary do you choose?

A) That tough Mootix Warrior that none of my friends have beaten yet. This way, I’ll be the first to beat him!

B) Why exert myself in the Battledome? Personally, I find it much too exciting...

C) YUCK! The Battledome is for stupid macho people. Not me!

D) Even Chiazilla will cower at the sight of me.

E) I can’t decide! There are so MANY!

F) Evil Sloth Clone, as usual. I always fight him, and have gathered up a nice pile of wins.

6. How about a nice chat on the Neoboards? First, you’ll have to pick your avatar...

A) Well, first I’ll have to find a very rare avatar which barely anyone else has...

B) Is there a solid grey one?

C) That cute laughing Chia! Definitely not that ugly mutant...

D) Mutants Rock! So do Sloth Avatars!

E) Well, since they’re all great, I’ll change avatars every week.

F) I generally like Faerie avatars, and I stick with them.

7. You’ve got your neocash, and it's time to SPEND! Which background to you choose?

A) Forget the background... I’ll take a SUPERPACK! They are very expensive, and not many of my neofriends have them!

B) The cardboard box one, please, because it is so boring.

C) The adorable Roo Island Merry Go Round background!

D) The horribly evil Haunted Woods Background!

E) The split background!!! Hooray for two colours!

F) White is fine... I don’t need anything special.

8. It's time to earn some neopoints... step right up and choose your game!

A) Whichever one I can get the high score on!

B) Games *shudder* ...too exciting.

C) Fashion Fever!!!!

D) If only I didn’t have to fight Sloth in SPACEROCKED! Then it would be perfect.

E) I am always trying something new... there are tons to choose from!

F) I have a few that I really like and I always play them. Plus, I am good at them.

9) (Okay, so this one is random.) You suddenly have to move to Neovia. What is your reaction?

A) I’m hoping the people here are boring... that way, being the exiting person I am, I’ll stand out!

B) Gloom! Sorrow! Grey! The town of my dreams!

C) *Bawling your head off* Why does it have to be so GLOOMY??? Why??

D) I wish it was still cursed. That would make it much more sinister.

E) Review still pending. This situation could turn out to be good or bad. I’ll just have to wait and see.

F) I got used to my old home, and now I MISS IT!

10. You’re visiting the library. Which book do you choose?

A) Enough to make everyone watch my amazing strength as I carry all the heavy volumes down the street.

B) The complete volume of Boredom, by I. Snore.

C) The Guide to Angelpuss Care!

D) Sorry. I don’t do libraries. The people are too nice. Besides, evil masterminds like me don’t have time for reading anything but secret plans for their own benefit.

E) Whatever happens to be there.

F) I must have re-read The Mystery of the Kougra Paw 100 times now!

11. For some strange reason, you now must now live in Faerieland. Your reaction...

A) I can’t wait to get painted Darigan. Then I’ll REALLY stand out!

B) There is no grey ANYWHERE! AHHHHHHH!

C) It’s a dream come true!!!!

D) GAH! Help! Save Me! Cute Stuff Everywhere! It’s Horrible! Oh, the PAIN!

E) I’m always open-minded about a change.

F) Man, do we really have to move AGAIN!? All this changing really gets on my nerves!

12. Crank up the tunes! Which tune...?

A) Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s L-O-U-D!

B) One long, monotonous note. :)

C) Nice, gentle songs that are happy.

D) Lots of screams and clanging chains and evil laughter! MUA-HA-HA-HA!

E) I’ve burned a CD of all my many favourites.

F) I have one favourite singer!

13. You are writing a story for the Neopian Times. Your main character's name is...

A) A completely unique of name created by none other than yours truly!

B) Greyo Grey.

C) Sugarplum Sweet!

D) Captain Guts.

E) Who knows? (No, my character is not named Who Knows, I just haven’t thought of a name yet.)

F) The same name I always use. I do love that name!

14. Okay, so you’ve done the test... what feedback do you give? *waits nervously for answer*

A) I really hope you publish my answers somewhere!

B) *Sigh*... it would be better if it were more boring...

C) It was a very cute little test! But what about some cute pictures to go with it? You know, smiling baby animals and stuff.

D) I never really wanted to do it! Evil people don’t take tests! I, um... thought there was a secret code from the Master encrypted in it!

E) Some questions were good, some were... not so good.

F) Choose F-a) I though it was all good! or F-b) I thought it was all bad!

All right, now you’ve taken the test. I’ll just need a moment to calculate your final results... Remind me, did you get:

MOSTLY A? If so, you like to Stand Out! You love being the centre of attention! You need a paintbrush that is unlike any other, and will help you be unique. Consider: Royal, Tyrannian, Maraquan, Faerie, Snow, Christmas, Mystery Island, Pirate, Darigan, or Mutant. All of these are special, and will help you stand out in crowd any day!

MOSTLY B? Sigh... there is only one paintbrush for you, my friend, because you are Sorrowful. You like to be bored stiff! The best option for you would be to paint yourself grey!

MOSTLY C? It's clear as can be that you are Sweet and Cute! You love charming, cuddly things, and nice sunny places. You need a paintbrush that suits your interests, or else you will NOT be happy. Try: Baby, Usuki, Plushie, or Faerie. (Sorry that Usuki only works on Usuls).

MOSTLY D? Partner, you are Sinister! You want evil, spookiness, and are probably a Sloth Follower. No offense, but I’ll be staying away from you. Then again, maybe you just have an attraction to mutants or something. I know some very nice people who LOVE mutants! You should try painting yourself: Ghost, Darigan, Halloween, Zombie, Mutant, Shadow, or Invisible. (Invisible is good for sneaking up on people.)

MOSTLY E? You are the one who loves everything, and can never choose between two! You are Split! (Not split personality as in during the day you are perfectly normal, but at night you come out evil. You just love everything you see!) People love you for your constant optimism and your willingness to try everything. To keep you from having to choose between two paintbrushes, you should try: Rainbow, Skunk, Speckled, Strawberry Fields Forever, Split, Checkered, and any other patterned paintbrush.

MOSTLY F? You are a very Solid person. You are calm, cool, and always know what is best for you. You are scarcely ever jumpy or wild! People love that you always know the right thing to do, and that they can always count on you to be there for them. You should consider painting yourself: a solid colour like pink, orange, silver, gold, purple, Jelly, or if you are a Chia, try fruit.

A TIE OF MOSTLY TWO? Have you gotten five As and five Es? Well, read them both, and either see which one suits you best, or expand your choices to the suggestions giving in both categories. Remember, there are plenty of other paintbrushes not listed here. Check out the Rainbow Pool to see them all!

That’s all, folks! Thanks for trying Albert Chiablow’s What Sort of Paintbrush are You? Test!

This is Albert Chiablow speaking! Tootles!

Author's Note: Albert Chiablow is now accepting comments/questions via neomail.

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