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Honoring Fyora

by iluvchocolate_91


Good day, Neopians! As it appears, Fyora Day has arrived once again in Neopia! It is a very exciting day for all Neopians and for Miss Fyora herself. Everywhere pets and people are celebrating in honor of Neopia’s queen. Marvelous gifts are bestowed to the Queen in thanks for watching over their families and homes and keeping Neopia safe.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind the Queen is one of the most admired, respected, and iconic figures in the Neopian world. Her sweet and sensitive aura gives reassurance to those in doubt. Her gentle hand calms those suffering. And her mellow words send peace across the land.

There are many ways to celebrate Fyora Day. You can show off your gallery filled to the brim with Fyora items and perhaps win the Gallery Spotlight. Or you can create a wonderful Fyora lookup! No matter how you contribute to this day, Fyora will thank you for your respect and devotion.

As you know, many celebrations will occur on this well-known day. Parties may be thrown at Neopians’ Neohomes, a special Neopian Times is released in Fyora’s favor, and many other things.

In case you are getting together for a party with your closest friends and family, some must have Fyora-themed items and decorations are available! (Although anything purple is accepted!)

Candy Fyora Staff - Not JUST a nice thing to carry around and show off; you can even nibble on it! Who would’ve thought?!

Deluxe Fyora Print Rug - Have this be the first thing your guests see. It will definitely put them in a great mood!

Chocolate Fyora Crown - Be sure to have one for each guest. I wouldn’t want anyone feeling left out! But make sure to keep your Neohome cool, it might melt! Yikes!

Fyora Bobblehead - Set these all around and invitees will have a nice surprise every time they turn around!

Fyora Rules Poster - Essential to have at any party celebrating Fyora!

Fyora Faerie Straw - Handy to have at any party with refreshments.

Fyora Hairbrush - Just in case somebody needs to freshen up their appearance!

Fyora Table Mirror - Hint: place the hairbrush near this!

Fyora Print Beanbag - Have several of these to seat your visitors. They’re very comfy!

Fyora’s Magic Hairspray - Buy these for your guests, or for yourself! The secret potent mixture will keep you looking as beautiful as Fyora! Well, almost.

Don’t forget refreshments at your party! After all, without them, your dear guests may perish. So unless you’re a villainous person, I’d pick up a few of these items on your way:

Deluxe Fyora Day Cake - Without this remarkable purple cake, your party can’t be complete!

Fyora Day Fizz - No one knows what quite makes this fizz like it does, but who cares?! It’s delicious!

Fyora Day Sandwich - Chock full of protein, vitamins, and some odd purple thing that is rather chewy...

Fyora Day Muffin - A delicately crafted muffin that’s too pretty for just anybody to eat!

Gummy Fyora Wings - Just like leather!

Ultimate Fyora Day Muffin - Even better than a regular Fyora Day Muffin! This is for the higher-classed party.

Vegetarian Fyora Day Taco - Even the most finicky eaters can enjoy this taco. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a taco with plum colored toppings?

Fyora Apple - Light and refreshing! Sure to satisfy anybody’s appetite!

Glorious Fyora Sundae - This dessert tops anything and everything! Be sure to save the best for last.

Another exciting thing for your guests to have are small gifts to take home! For a fun goody bag, add in these items!

Fyora Doll - Beautifully crafted, but not as shiny as the Faerie Queen Doll. But nonetheless it can still be enjoyed!

Fyora Faerie Pencil - With pretty faerie wings embracing this shiny amethyst pen, it’s sure to please anyone with its glowing aura!

Fyora Gum - Blue and purple: colors of the rainbow! Well, close anyway! This was one of Fyora’s first favorite gum. It’s long-lasting, too!

Raspberry Fyora Pop - Mmm... raspberry! This Faerie wing shaped lolly is delicious! Your pets (and guests!) will love it!

Fyora Yoyo - What will they think of next?! This fantastic yoyo will provide endless fun for you and your pet.

Fyora Sticker - Oooh! All your Neofriends will fall about the place over this not so ordinary sticker!

I Love Fyora T-Shirt - The text pretty much says it all on this frilly pink and lavender shirt!

Queen Fyora Poster - Hang this in your Neohome so you can show off your dedication to Queen Fyora!

It is vital to have activities at your party. Who wants to sit around all day and chit-chat among one another? Maybe a couple of Mortogs and Grey pets, but you get my point. Have plenty of things to do at your get together! Here are some items:

Fyora Ball - Let your guests have fun playing with this fantastic purple ball! They can even make up new games.

Fyora Kite - Make sure to get this out on a windy day! The kite has a fair picture of Fyora on it; any true Fyora follower will love it!

Fyora Music Box - Maybe not a whole lot of entertainment, but you can still play the beautiful music while you talk among yourselves.

Fyora Quiquki Set - Any young pet will enjoy dressing up their Quiquki with this beautiful set!

Fyora’s Birdhouse - Go bird sighting at this ravishing birdhouse!

Queen Fyora Quiquki - How precious! This is a great thing to have to go along with a Fyora Quiquki Set! Can’t have one without the other.

Fyora’s Rule - An entrancing book that’s sure to captivate readers and listeners!

Fyora’s Hair Care - This book holds many ideas for a new hair style. If you ever have a slumber party, bring this book along!

Fyora’s Favorite Foods - Why, this book even has recipes! Break out the pots and pans and have an exciting time!

There you have it! A great list of vital items to have at your “Honoring Fyora Party”! While you don’t need ALL of this for a great time, it is recommended!

But always be careful with who you invite to your party. Not everyone loves Fyora and may ruin the celebration all together! A certain Faerie who resides in Faerieland you may want to be wary of. Miss Jhudora isn’t always the best person have at any party unless it’s honoring her!

Have a great party, Fyora Lovers! :)

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