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Battledome Secrets

by 333pet


BATTLEDOME - Want to battle, but don’t want to waste your valuable Neopoints? Are you low on Neopoints? Don’t know what battle items to buy? Want to get revenge on Pant Devil? Want to experience one of Neopia best features? If so, this the right guide to Battledome for you. This article will tell you little know info about battling, items and training. It has many tips and facts that are very very helpful.


The one thing CAN’T battle without is battle items, and having the right items can mean a difference of life or severe injury! First: You are allowed to use up to 8 items per battle, and I recommend you use 8. Question: How many Neopoints do you want to spend? 15,000 NPs, 20,000 NPs, 30,000 NPs or even 50,000 NPs? Look below for a list of some of the best items for their price:

1 NPs – 10,000


1. Immense Rubber Axe of Doom – Icons: 2 Earth, 2 Dark, and 1-2 Physical - Also defends 1-4 Physical

2. Slime Potion – Heals: 10 Health - 1 Use per battle

3. Leaf Shield – Blocks: 1-20 Physical, 1-20 Water, 1-20 Earth

4. Illusens Earth Potion - Icons: 6 Earth and 1-3 Physical - 1 Use per battle

5. Large Metal Shield – Blocks: 1-4 Earth, 1-4 Water, 1-4 Air, and 1-4 Fire

6. Downsize! - . Blocks 50% of all icons- 1 Use per battle

7. Bronze Short Sword - Icons: 2 Fire, 2 Dark, 1-2 Physical

8. Bubble Blaster - Icons: 4-6 Air – Also defends 25% of Air

9. Darkness Potion – 3 Dark 3 Earth

10. Hand Painted Scarab - 2 Fire, 2 Light and 2 Air. Also defends 1-4 Water and 1-4 Physical

11. Poison Tipped Dagger – 2 Dark, 2 Fire, 1-2 Physical, and may cause illness to your opponents pet.

10,001 NPs – 20,000 NPs:


1. Staff of Brain – 2 Water, 2 Earth and 1-3 Dark

2. Bronze Scorchstone - Heals 15 – 1 Use per battle

3. Scarab Stone Slingshot -. Icons: 4 Earth and 2 Light

4. Lost Desert Dagger – 3 Earth 3 Fire

5. Spider on a String - 6 Earth


An icon is what shows up on the side of the damage screen when you use a weapon. They come in seven different types: Air, Dark, Earth, Fire, Water, and Physical. Now 1 icon doesn’t mean it does 1 damage. It depend on you pets strength and the ability you use for example: You use Spider on a String (6 Earth Icons) and defend and you have strength of 25 your damage would be around 5-7 damage.

Healing Items

You’re going to want to use a least one healing item. If you low on money you’ll like to use a Slime Potion but if you have some Neopoints to spend here a re the healing items:

Bronze Scorchstone………..Heals 15 Health………..15,000 NPs

Red Scorchstone..........Heals 20 Health……….75,000 NPs

All other Scorchstones are over 100,000 NPs


A Petpet is one of the biggest helps in a battle! When you have a Petpet attached to your Neopet it has a chance of showing up in battle to help. The higher your Petpets level, the more likely it is to appear. Here’s how it helps when you use it; it multiplies your damage by 1.5! To get your Petpet at a higher level you can Petpet Battle (longer, harder, but safer) or visit Turmaculus (easy, quick, but could destroy your petpet) I use Petpet Battle!

Faerie Ability

Faerie abilities are attacks you can use in a battle. To get them you have to give a Bottled Faerie to your pet, the more you give to your pet the more better the abilities they get. There are 6 types of Bottled Faerie: Earth, Fire, Water, Dark, Air and Light. Your Neopet must be at or above a certain level to get higher abilities. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Drain Life – Hurts you opponent, and heals you. (Dark – Level 21)

2. Burrow - Protects you from some types of damage. (Earth – Level 10)

3. Fiery Gaze – Has about a 20% chance of freezing you opponent. (Fire – Level 6)

4. Boil – Protect against water. (Fire - Level 24)

5. Quench – Protects against fire. (Water - Level 9)


Stats are your Neopet’s attack, defense, health, and speed. They can be raised by training schools and other ways. Here’s how they help you in battle:

Strength: Makes your attack icons from battle items do more icons.

Defense: Makes your defense icons from battle items do more icons.

Health: It’s the amount of damage you can take before your pet is unable to continue battling.

Speed: Unknown. (It is believed to do nothing)

Stat Bonuses

The training schools are not the only ways to raise your pet’s stats! You should try to go to Coltzan's Shrine every day you have a chance of getting a stat raise. If you are lucky you might get a stat raised by a random event. Some magical Neggs will also raise your pet’s stats. You can get stats raised by referring people to join Neopets. If you are into quests you might get a stat raise by doing kitchen quest, or a faerie quest.

Defenders of Neopia!

Now that your pet ready to battle you might want to test it in a 1-Player Battle or a Defenders of Neopia battle! It is an action game that requires you to find and beat certain battle opponents, if you do you win the mission . If you beat a mission you get a trophy, and get to go on to the next opponent. You might even get secret message board avatars for beating certain opponents. The more you beat the better the trophy you get.

Punchbag Bob

Punchbag Bob is a 1-Player Battle opponent that does not attack you (He’s a punch-bag!), but he will defend against you. So what is the catch you ask? He has 5000 Health! If you beat him you get a trophy for your trophy cabinet! So go test your weapons on him. But beware sometimes Punchbag Bob’s brother Punchbag Sid will battle you instead, and he attacks back!!!


Remember to play fair, don’t withdraw in the middle of a 2-Battle, don’t miss-use errors, and if your opponent and you set up rules don’t break them. This helps to keep Battledome fun for everyone. Remember to read the Battledome rules. If you need help, you can ask for some on the Battledome Message Board.

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