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What To Get With 150 NC

by nonexist


150 NeoCash? For free? Is it true?

It sure is! Ever since TNT so kindly offered us 150 NeoCash (or NC, as they are so commonly called) for free, Neopians everywhere have been fascinated by the NC Mall. 150 NC can buy some spiffy things for your pet to wear! However, this offer brings up another question: Out of all those wonderful things in the NC Mall for 150 NC, which one to buy? This guide tackles with this question by offering tips on buying the perfect outfit as well as suggestions for things to buy for under 150 NC!

Tip #1: The wearable must suit the pet.

Your pet is the one who will actually be wearing the wearable you buy for them, not you! You might be thinking, well, duh, I knew that! You probably did! But it's always good to remember that what you'd love to wear isn't always what your pet would love to wear.

For example, I thought that the the Gypsy Girl Vest sold for 150 NC in the Mall was a masterpiece, and would look excellent on my White Xweetok, Avlea. However, even though I thought the vest looked wonderful, Avlea did not. "I know you think it looks great, but I don't like it that much. I mean, it's okay, I guess, but I don't really need a vest," she explained to me, shaking off the vest almost immediately after I had asked her to try it on. I understood that our interests were different, and instead bought a pair of Cumulus Wings for her, which she liked very much since she had always wanted to fly. Your pet's opinion is important as well, so respect it and choose something that your pet agrees with!

Tip #2: Don't rush.

Take the time to look through each and every item in the NC Mall before making your choice! The first wearable you fall in love with can turn out to be your favorite after all, but you may also regret it after you purchase it. Make sure that the wearable you like is your final choice before rushing over to the "Buy It!" button! What if you decide that you actually wanted the Gothic Tiara rather than the Twinkling Pink Tiara right after realizing you'd missed it the first time you'd rushed through? You wouldn't be able to get your 150 NC back, and you'd be stuck with the wearable that you don't really like. If you had thought it over carefully, you would have realized that there was a choice you liked better out there.

At first sight, I thought the Leafy Vest was very creative and would make a fine edition to any of my pets. However, after thinking it through, I decided that while it was very cool, it wasn't my favorite item in the Mall. Had I not thought about it, I might have purchased the vest and later have been very disappointed after realizing that my pet and I would have much preferred a pair of Cumulus Wings.

Tip #3: Don't be afraid to buy a capsule!

Do you like oohing and aahing at the random but amazing wonders a capsule can provide? Would you be happy with a variety of clothing items? Are you ready to take the plunge and buy a capsule, hoping items worth more than 150 NC or maybe even a Virtual Prize Code will pop up? If so, then capsules might be the perfect thing for you to buy! They can give items that you honestly don't want, or they can give wonderful items you'd faint just looking at. They are remarkable items. My suggestion would be to buy them if you don't have a specific clothing item that you have your heart set on. If you do, you'd be better off just buying that item, since the capsules are random.

The Sparkling Purple Mystery Capsule I bought on a side account gave me a Green Sparkle Trousers and a Snuffly Hat. If I had bought the two items separately, it would have cost me 250 NC. However, with the help of a nifty capsule, I had gotten a much better deal. You may not always get great deals, but it might be fun to try!

Tip #4: Don't feel inclined to buy an item right away.

Don't feel that it's necessary to buy an item now! It's definitely not a bad idea to save up your NC. Maybe you don't really like any of the items at the Mall for 150 NC, but you absolutely adore the Qasalan Expellibox Background. There's only one problem - the background costs 200 NC, so you're 50 NC short! In this case, saving up the NC would be a great idea! If you have already bought some NC or acquired some from playing Qasalan Expellibox, you can add this to your savings. Even if you haven't, that doesn't mean you shouldn't save up your NC! What if you do get lucky one of these days and win more NC at Qasalan Expellibox? What if you receive a NeoCash Card on your birthday? You'd be able to afford the background you want without having to buy an item that you don't want. This goes with Tip #2, which suggests not to rush.

Tip #5: Waiting is not a bad thing.

The NC Mall may have many more great items in the future, so if there isn't an item yet that you like, wait a little and see if you like any of the new additions to the NC Mall that you might find! Often TNT will add some excellent new items to the NC Mall for users to purchase, so perhaps there will be a new release that you do like! This ties in with Tip #2, which suggests not to rush, and Tip #4, which suggests not to feel inclined to buy something right away.

Tip #6: Your friends' opinions are worth listening to, but do not rely on them.

If a friend of yours suggests an item in the NC Mall to buy, it would still be a good idea to listen, but do not take their advice (or mine, for that matter) too seriously. What matters is what you and your pets like and not what your friends and their pets like! However, do not tune out your friends' comments. Learning what they got in a capsule you are considering buying can help you decide whether you think it's a good deal or not! Once again, remember that the final decision is always yours, so choose wisely!

Tip #7: Choose something that goes nicely with your pets' other wearables.

If your pet is already wearing some fashionable or not-so-fashionable clothing, then try to choose wearables that match with them. If your pet is already wearing many flower-themed wearables, then you might want to buy a flower-themed wearable from the NC Mall to match with the others.

Tip #8: Choose something that you like as well.

This is a rather obvious tip, but it's still an important one. If you choose a wearable that you don't really like, then you might as well have wasted your 150 NC! Find something that you really do like!

Suggested Items:

Cumulus Wings - These beautiful, finely made wings are the perfect items to use for your Neopet to finally take a fashionable flight. Cost: 150 NC

Defender of Neopia Cape - How else would you defend Neopia? Your Neopet will be ready for an adventure once they have this cape on. Cost: 150 NC

Defender of Neopia Cowl - With this cool-looking cowl, defending Neopia suddenly becomes (slightly) easier. Cost: 100 NC

Floating Fyora Faerie Doll - Bow down to the Faerie Queen herself! Or, at least, the doll version of her! Have this miniature version of Queen Fyora watch over your Neopet. Cost: 150 NC

Floating Illusen Doll - Fans of the kind faerie will be pleased to know they will be able to acquire their very own doll version of her from the NC Mall! Cost: 150 NC

Gothic Tiara - For a gothic princess, this shiny tiara is the perfect accessory. The fine detail and interesting design makes this a great buy from the NC Mall. Cost: 150 NC

Green X-Ray Goggles - Your Neopet will be able to see through just about anything with these cool goggles on! Cost: 100 NC

Groovy Disco Ball - This sparkling, spinning disco ball is sure to help your Neopet get the grooves on! Cost: 150 NC

Gypsy Boy Vest - This vest looks both high-class and fashionable! A vest like this is a must-have for any gypsy boy. Cost: 150 NC

Gypsy Girl Vest - Just like the Gypsy Boy Vest, this is fashionable and high-class! Gypsy girls will have fun showing off this vest. Cost: 150 NC

I Heart NC Flag - Show how much you appreciate the NC Mall with this inexpensive but still cool flag! Cost: 25 NC

Magical Floor Harp - The melodies played by the golden harp may soothe your Neopet and makes a beautiful trinket! Cost: 150 NC

Maraquan Exploration Helmet - Now your pet can travel to Maraqua and explore the underwater place! It is a very useful and fashionable piece of equipment! Cost: 100 NC

Powdered Wig - Who wouldn't want gorgeous hair while hosting a fancy dinner party? With this exquisite wig, your Neopet can! Cost: 150 NC

Shenkuu Performer Wardrobe - While this might look somewhat strange, this special little costume here is quite fashionable. A whole costume for an affordable price is also great! Cost: 150 NC

Space Bounty Hunter Helmet - Does your Neopet dream of becoming a space bounty hunter? If so, this cool mask is sure to help them play the part! Cost: 150 NC

Space Bounty Hunter Oxygen Tank - No space bounty hunter outfit is complete without an oxygen tank! Just like the oxygen stored inside, this tank is a must-have! Cost: 150 NC

Sparkling Crimson Slippers - Ah, shoes! Shoes are definitely a necessity. What better things to slip onto your feet than these beautiful, shiny slippers? Cost: 100 NC

Springy Eye Glasses - If your Neopet likes to be witty or is fascinated by the bouncing eyes of these hilarious glasses, then perhaps this would be a great choice! Cost: 100 NC

Spring Bonnet - What better way to celebrate springtime than wearing one of these lovely bonnets? These are the perfect things to wear while out on a picnic. Cost: 150 NC

Twinkling Pink Tiara - This fine tiara is truly a work of art. This glittering accessory is the ideal thing for a princess to wear while ruling her kingdom. Cost: 100 NC

Sparkling Purple Mystery Capsule, Faerie Doll Mystery Capsule, Faerie Mystery Capsule, and Mystery Capsule of Evil - See Tip #3. Cost: 150 NC

Winged Mystery Capsule and Green Mystery Capsule - See Tip #3. Cost: 100 NC

Not every item is listed in the "Suggested Items" section, and I apologize if I have left out an item that you think should have been on there. The list was merely items that I thought were exceptionally good after a bit of thought. As stated in Tip #6, do not use items I've suggested or advice I've given because I agree with it - choose it if you honestly do agree with it as well.

Thank you for reading this guide I constructed, and I hope it will help you take advantage of TNT's generous offer.

If you're reading this, then that means that I've made it into the NT for the first time! *happy dance*

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