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Dungeon Dash: Race for a Better Score!

by gooie629


The evil Roothless has captured AAA and his sister, Abigail, locking them in a dungeon and forcing them to play games endlessly. Roothless’s motive was to prove that he was the best gamer in Neopia, and he ended up sending AAA and Abigail into a video game! Now, you can control either AAA or Abigail and help them escape Roothless and the dungeon! As you play the game, you will visit five different games from Neopia’s gaming history, from the old school Turmac Roll to the recent game Stowaway Sting.

Getting Started and Controls: This game can be played entirely using the keyboard, or you can use the mouse and the keyboard. You can use X, C, V, B and N to use the five items that you will get throughout the game (refer to the items list below). Use the item on the far left by pressing X and the item on the far right by pressing N, or click on their symbols using the mouse. The character that you choose (either AAA or Abigail) will run on their own, so don’t worry about using the arrow keys or anything. Use the spacebar to make them jump.

Also, keep in mind that throughout the game, you will be chased by Roothless’ servant, Scram. If he catches up to you, then the game immediately ends, so make sure you hurry through the levels as fast as possible. You also have five lives, and if you lose them all, (obviously) the game comes to an end.

Items – Here is a list of the five items that you get in the game. You pick them up just by running over them. Further information on how to use them is found in the section about each level.


This item is obtained at the beginning of the first level. It can be used to dig through the snow blocks in the first level and also the blocks in the third level.


This item can be obtained at the end of the first level. You can use it to put your character in a bubble temporarily, and thus pass over mud, ice cream, and spikes in the second, third, and last level.


You get this item at the beginning of the second level. It can be used to make your character jump much higher than they usually can (by pressing the space bar).


This item is found in the third level. It can be used (momentarily) to defend your character against falling blocks and Kougras in the third and fifth level. *Note: Sometimes, it is impossible to retrieve this item. Now, if you’ve never played the game, it may be hard to picture this, but for instance, when you are on top of a stack of three blocks, and the helmet is on the next column of blocks, three blocks below you, your momentum keeps you running and you miss the helmet. You’ll see what I mean when this happens.


This item is found at the very beginning of the fourth level. It can be used to defend against ice cream scoops and Skeiths in the fourth and fifth levels, respectively.

Level 1: Snowmuncher

Hazards: None

This is the first level in is very easy compared to all of the other levels. It gives you a feel for the controls. All you have to do is jump (spacebar) and use your shovel to clear away any snow blocks that are in your way.

Level 2: Turmac Roll

Hazards: None

Yay, welcome to level 2! This level introduces some new terrain. There are hills (both small and steep), mud, and trees. Use the bubble to pass over any spots of mud on the ground, and use the spring to jump over any tree stumps that you come across (the normal jump just doesn’t make it). This level and the first level are the best two levels for distancing yourself from Scram.

Level 3: Destruct-o-Match II

Hazards: Falling blocks

The easy times are over! This is the first level where you can start losing lives. Fortunately, you can easily avoid getting hurt with the helmet, which you get in this level. Use the helmet to protect yourself from falling blocks. The helmet only stays on your character for a few seconds, though, so make sure it doesn’t go away before you pass by a falling block.

There are two ways to get through this level – either use the shovel to dig through every single block, or simply jump over them. It is much easier to jump over them, but keep in mind you can only jump over two stacked blocks; if you run into a stack of three blocks, you’ll have to use your shovel first to clear one and then jump over them.

Level 4: Ice Cream Machine

Hazards: Ice cream scoops

Dodging killer scoops of ice cream is a fun Neopian pastime, which you will be doing in the fourth level of the game! Use the shield you get at the beginning to defend against the ice cream scoops. The shield is just like the helmet in that it only protects your character for a few seconds before disappearing. Also remember when using the shield that only your body is protected, while your head is still vulnerable! You will also have to use the bubble to pass over blobs of ice cream on the ground and the spring to jump over obstacles.

Level 5: Stowaway Sting

Hazards: Spikes, Kougras, Skeiths

This is the last level, but unfortunately, it has three different dangers.

You can stay safe from the spikes by using the bubble (spikes against bubble?) It does work, though. It causes your character to bounce into the air, at which point you may need to reactivate the bubble if you haven’t “cleared” the spikes yet.

There are also two enemies that show up; Skeiths, who can only be defended against by using a shield, and Kougras, who can only be defended against by using a helmet. Just use the items like you did in the third and fourth level against the falling blocks and ice cream scoops.

Now that you know all about how to play, here’s a few last comments. The highest score you can get is 5000 when you beat the game – you can use this to figure out how far you are into a level. Every 1000 points, you go into the next level, so when you have 1500 points, for example, you know that you are half of the way through the second level.

Also, when choosing characters, I have not noticed any difference between Abigail and AAA, except for that Abigail can climb over steep hills in the second level (Turmac Roll) while AAA cannot (you must jump when using Aristotle). Last of all... have fun, and good luck!

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