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The Top Ten Burger List

by doopingla


As we all know, burgers are succulent, cheesy and full of fat that nobody needs. Everyone loves that kind of food! As we all know, too, it’s very hard to choose what kind of burger you want. For some, it’s easy. For others, it is a very tough decision. Are you one of those people having a hard time deciding what kind of burger you want? Do you stare at all of the burgers, wondering which one would taste better? Are you looking for a list of the top ten burgers that you should try? You’re reading the right article if you fall under the category of even one of these questions. That’s right; this is the Top Ten Burger List! Never again will you wonder what kind of burger you want to eat for dinner, lunch, or even breakfast! Every burger is delicious, of course, though I may make an exception when it comes to the Snot Burger, but not every one will make it onto the Top Ten Burger List. It was quite difficult to make a good list, and please note that it has nothing to do with pricing.

10. Speckled Veggie Burger

This is a sincerely delicious burger, though some may disagree. Sure, it’s not the greasy, unhealthy burger we’ve all grown to love, being a veggie burger, but it is extraordinary anyways. Have you ever in your entire life seen another burger with a green speckled pattern? It’s just so amazing that you can hardly bring yourself to take a bite out of it, though you’ll regret not eating it if you don’t. It’s especially great for those who are on a diet, or for those who are vegetarians. I know that they will really appreciate this burger. Some might even say that the speckles give the burger a slightly different flavor, but you never know! This burger has most definitely earned its spot as Number Ten on this list for being the most unique veggie burger there is.

9. Famous Crab Burger

This burger may seem a bit odd, but it is actually quite delicious. It will admittedly snap at you if you don’t eat it quickly enough, but that makes it even more exciting! You have to be quick on your toes to eat this burger. You could even call it a skill! It really helps if you’re hoping to lose some extra pounds. Even after you eat the burger you might still be thinner than before from all of that jumping around. Remember to keep a First Aid Kit with you whenever you decide to eat one of these burgers for obvious reasons that I made perfectly clear in the second sentence. Those claws are pretty big and would probably hurt, you know. It’s a favorite in the tropical areas of Neopia because it’s very easy to get in those areas. This burger is very deserving of Number Nine on the list for giving you the best workout of all burgers.

8. Refreshing Peophin Burger

You’ll really enjoy this burger! It’s refreshing, just as the name says, and has a very unique shape. As you can tell, it’s in the shape of a Peophin’s head. This will really excite most Peophin owners and Peophin fans. From just staring at this burger you will see that it has quite a few delicious things on it. It even appears, though I might be mistaken, that there’s some Tchea fruit in this burger. Maybe that’s why it’s considered so refreshing. Either way, this burger is a great way to celebrate Peophin Day and a great burger to eat just because you’re hungry. It’s also a good present to give your Peophin on his or her special day. This burger has earned its place as Number Eight on the list because it’s very cleverly presented and very refreshing as well.

7. Deluxe Elephante Burger

This burger is cleverly presented to look like an Elephante, but it tastes even better than it looks. It won’t taste good cold, so don’t stare at it, eat it! As you can see the ears are professionally made with lettuce and a tomato represents the gem on their shields. A lot of delicious morsels have been packed into the huge and deluxe burger. It’s every burger lover’s dream come true, and it’s so big that you might have to save the rest for later. It’s perfect for Elephante owners and lovers, and a perfect gift for your Elephante on his or her birthday. This burger has been awarded Number Seven on this list because of its presentation and sheer deliciousness.

6. Giant Grarrl Burger

You’ll need a monster appetite, or rather a Grarrl’s appetite, to eat this whole burger. It looks just like a Grarrl’s mouth stuffed with delicious food. It’s a humongous burger that you’ll really enjoy eating, if you can actually eat it. It will probably be two of your dinners, if you’re not a Grarrl, Jetsam, or Skeith, until you eat the whole thing. It even has some food that looks like Grarrl fangs in it, which adds to the grandeur of the burger. It’s a perfect dinner for Grarrl Day, or any day that you’re feeling very, very hungry. It’s also a good gift to get your Grarrl on his birthday. This burger has been placed at Number Six on this list because of presentation, once again, its enormous size and its completely wonderful taste.

5. Altador Cheese Burger

Those who have ever had one of Altador’s splendid buns will love this burger. It has a very unique shape that’s not in the shape of a pet’s head, but the Altador crest. It has a nifty, decorated toothpick sticking out of it that looks like the Altador crest as well. This burger has Altador written all over it, but that’s not the only thing. It also has delicious written all over it. If you take one look at it, your mouth will begin to water and you’ll need to try this burger. It’s a great burger for those who live in Altador or have grown to love Altador after the plot about it. Most Altadorians probably have this kind of burger at least once a week, if not more. It has been awarded Number Five on this list for wonderful presentation, of course, and its glorious tasting buns.

4. Acara Day Burger

Finally you can have a burger for breakfast! There are all kinds of breakfast foods in this burger that everyone loves. It has a uniquely shaped bun on the top, which is obviously shaped like an Acara’s head. Every morning when you wake up and can’t decide whether you want something with bread or something with eggs, have something with both. You should have an Acara Day Burger. Even if you’re not an Acara you’d love having this burger for breakfast, or even dinner! This is a great gift for Acaras, or any Neopet, on Acara Day! It has been awarded Number Four on the list for being a delicious breakfast.

3. Ultimate Burger

It’s not just one, but two burgers combined to make one delicious burger! It’s greasy and fattening and makes your mouth water just looking at it! It’s just like a regular burger except it doubles all of the things we love about burgers. This burger is great for every pet on any day of the year! It’s an ultimate burger, just as the name says it is. If you just look at it, you’ll see that you will be quickly filled up by this burger when you start eating it. You may want to have someone else help you eat it, or you might want to save all of the delicious burger for yourself. The bun on the top may not be unique, but what does that matter when the burger itself is one of the best things you’ll ever eat? This burger has been awarded Number Three on this list for being a sincerely delicious and ultimate burger.

2. Faerieland Gourmet Burger

The name is the thing that will really attract every burger lover’s attention. The first thing you notice is that it’s made by Faeries, who are known for their delicious food. The second thing you’ll observe is that it’s a Gourmet burger, which has to mean that it’s extraordinarily yummy. The last thing you’ll notice is that it is indeed a burger, which is a very, very good thing for you burger lovers. Can you feel your mouth watering? It has a lot more delicious morsels on it than your average burger does, like gherkins, diced onions and the Earth Faerie’s famous pickle relish. This burger has been awarded Number Two on the list for being wonderfully presented in the shape of a Faerie’s wings and for amazing condiments.

1. Cheeseburger

This will probably come as a very, very great shock to you. You may be wondering right now why on Neopia I’ve chosen the Cheeseburger as Number One on this list. Well, we wouldn’t have any of the other burgers at all had it not been for the Cheeseburger! Also, how can you resist the succulent simplicity of it? Anyone, no matter what their age, could probably finish a Cheeseburger. It also has everything on it that a burger should have. What more could you ask for? Sure, it’s not a humongous Gourmet burger that you might not even be able to finish, but it’s delicious just the same. The Cheeseburger will always hold a special place in every Neopian’s heart. So I have awarded the Cheeseburger Number One on the Top Ten List because it is the burger that started it all.

Let’s give a huge round of applause to our Top Ten burgers, before we eat every last one!

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