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The Scary Story: Part One

by icesmith


Jubotica, the Biscuit Chomby, sighed as she looked out the dusty window belonging to what she had to call her home. Living in the Haunted Woods was certainly not the best idea her family had decided upon, but she could deal with that. It was having to stay home and baby-sit her younger brother while the rest of the family went to meet some of the “friendly” neighbors that really bothered her. She was always thinking of different ways she could escape the house in secret to meet up with some of her friends. In the end, she always resisted the urge; she always thought of just how much trouble she’d be in if she got caught.

     So, here she was again, sitting in the house, watching over her brother. Bored, seeing as it was another rainy evening. Dull. Miserable. What could get worse?

     Suddenly a horrendous sound of something being smashed roared from behind her. Jubotica nearly died of shock, her heart racing. She whirled around, ready to confront whatever was behind her but there was nothing, until she looked down. There, on the floor, her frantic gaze took in the broken lamps and the small Biscuit Kougra collapsed on top of them. She couldn’t help but sigh as she stared at her brother in dismay.

     “Can’t you ever calm down and just sit still, Biscottai?” Jubotica stated in disapproval of her younger brother’s energetic state.

     “Ohh... I’m so bored I can't stand it!” Biscottai exclaimed as he slowly got back on his feet, still trembling from his fall. “Can’t we do something?”

     Jubotica looked around the house. There must be something to do to pass the time, she thought to herself. Seeing nothing interesting in the house, except for an old board game that was missing a few pieces, Jubotica resumed her stare out of the window. She gazed at the deserted old house on the nearest hill, in deep thought.

     “I’ve got it,” she said, smiling. “Let me tell you a story about that broken down old house over there.”

      Biscottai ran to the window and stared at the house before turning back to Jubotica and nodding eagerly. Jubotica smiled. Her father had told her this very same story when she was little and although he claimed it as true, Jubotica always thought of it as a ridiculous myth. However, she couldn’t help but get chills every time she thought of it. Jubotica placed Biscottai on her lap and patted his head.

     “Are you comfy?” she asked. Biscottai nodded his head rapidly, eager to hear of the story. “Okay then, well, this is how it begins...”


     Kaize placed his coat over his red hair and ran through the pouring rain. The mature red Lupe had just been on a trip to the Deserted Fairground, and unfortunately for him, as soon as he left, the rain clouds started hustling in from the east. Kaize tried his best to dodge the puddles, but every now and then he missed and splashed into the mucky water.

     “Ohhh, where am I?” the Lupe questioned as he looked around his surroundings. The storm had knocked down a few trees, preventing him from taking his usual route home. Now, although he hated to admit it, he was truly lost.

     It was pitch black; he could only see his paw in front of his face whenever a huge bolt of lightning lit up the night sky. Kaize groaned angrily, but at least the short flashes of light allowed him to see what was in front of him. After a few more flashes, however, Kaize still hadn’t a clue of his whereabouts. He continued to sprint through the woods, trying to look out for landmarks or even another person who could lead the way. All of a sudden, another giant bolt of lightning flashed, and Kaize briefly saw the outline of a quaint little house on top of a nearby hill. Kaize picked up his pace and raced towards the house. He no longer cared about the countless puddles he splashed through.

     As Kaize neared the house, he could see it was hardly perfect or quaint. It was made completely out of decaying wood. The windows were all covered in moss, except for two. These two were broken and jagged. Although he was sure it was deserted, Kaize knocked on the door, hoping his fists wouldn’t break it down.

     With a horrendous creak, the door slowly opened. In the doorway stood an elderly grey Aisha. Her clothes were tattered and her hair looked as if it was entirely made out of cobwebs. She was wearing a long, stained, brown dress and a shirt that looked as if it had never seen the light of day. Her skin was an unusual shade of mauve. It seemed so pale, a mix between grey and purple. She wore glasses, but they were so steamed up Kaize couldn’t even see her eyes. Still, he had the feeling they were just as ghastly as any other part of her.

     “How may I help you, dear?” the Aisha said slowly with a croaking voice that was very alarming to Kaize.

     “I hope you don’t mind me asking,” Kaize started, ignoring the Aisha’s disturbing features, “but can you tell me where I am? I’m trying to get back to Cobweb Avenue, but the storm has caused me to lose my way and-”

     “-Oh no, dear!” interrupted the Aisha, who was now appearing to examine Kaize from head to toe. A small grin spread across her face, showing her toothless gums. “I’m afraid Cobweb Avenue is too far away for you to travel in this storm. Why don’t you come inside and dry off, you poor thing...”

     Without waiting for a response, the Aisha walked back inside and Kaize felt obliged to follow her. He couldn’t help but give a look of disgust as he walked through the cracked entrance and saw that the house was even worse on the inside. There were cobwebs as far as the eye could see, and the walls were covered in pictures. Normally not bad, but all of these pictures were of his elderly host. Kaize shivered; maybe it was from the cold... or the uncertainty of what he had just entered into. There were no doors in the house. Instead there were only archways. As for furniture, the only furnishings that the young Lupe could see were those of creepy looking Meowclops statues, positioned carefully throughout the house.

     “Here we go, dear.” Kaize jumped. He was so focused on the creepy appearance of the house, he had forgotten all about the Aisha. He turned around to see her holding what seemed to be some incredibly old Neovian styled clothes.

     “You can’t stay dressed like that now, can you?” she stated.

      “Thank you... they look... er... very comfortable... but I really need to try and get home,” Kaize replied as he took the clothes and put them on. Surprisingly, the clothes were incredibly relaxing, and needless to say, they fit him perfectly. How weird, Kaize thought to himself, but this thought didn’t last with him long as the old lady resumed speaking.

     “Oh dear, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I let you go out in this storm. You’ll catch your death of a cold. I do have a spare room in the house. I’d love to have a guest stay... I do love company.”

     Kaize shuddered. The thought of spending a night in this junkyard was something he desperately wished not to do, but the rain was pelting down even harder and a huge peal of thunder decided him. He sighed as he nodded back to the Aisha; he had no other choice.

     “Now do you fancy a cup of coffee and marshmallows?” the elderly lady asked as she led Kaize into the living room. There was a very warm and welcoming fire crackling in the fireplace. There were two chairs located at two corners in the room, both made of red velvet material. However each chair looked as if someone hadn’t sat in it for years, considering the huge layer of dust, cobwebs and other gruesome things Kaize didn’t want to think about. On the wall was yet another picture of the elderly Aisha, this time accompanied by a male Werelupe. There was some writing underneath the picture, but it was too far away for Kaize to make it out.

     “My late husband,” said the Aisha as she looked at the picture, a glazed look in her eyes. “Sadly, he disappeared a few years ago, but I like to think he is coming home someday.”

     Kaize continued to look around the room, but then something caught his eye. There, on the table, were two cups of coffee already set out.

      “Oh... I’m sorry, were you expecting a visitor?” Kaize asked curiously.

     “No, dear, I just like to make two cups of coffee, as you never know just who might turn up.” She sat down, and motioned for Kaize to do the same. Kaize, although extremely hesitant, felt that it would be incredibly rude to reject. After all, she is letting me stay the night...

     “Oh... how rude of me not to introduce myself, I’m Irma. Irma Weatherfield.” She held out her shaking hand.

      “I’m Kaize,” he said as he shook her hand. Kaize gasped, Irma’s hand was freezing cold, and he let go immediately.

     “Is something wrong, dear?”

      “N-no, everything’s fine,” Kaize stuttered as he turned to face the fireplace. The room was quiet for what seemed like hours. It would have been easy to think Irma had simply vanished, but he could feel her staring at him curiously.

     Kaize broke the silence. “I’ll be gone tomorrow so I won’t be any further bother for you.”

     “Are you only going to be here for one night?” Irma questioned. Kaize nodded slowly. “Oh my, what a shame, I do get ever so lonely in this house; no one ever pays me any visits... it’s as if I don’t exist.” Kaize held his breath in fear. There was something peculiar about this house and Irma, and he couldn't help thinking, The sooner I leave this house, the better.

     The elderly Aisha smiled. “Let me take you to your room, dear... you look exhausted.” Kaize nodded and allowed the old woman to lead him up the winding stairs to his room. The stairs creaked under his feet with his every step, but were eerily silent under Irma's. There was no lighting in the corridor... or any of the other rooms Kaize had seen. How anyone could live in a place so dark and dreary was beyond him.

     “Here we are,” Irma said as she opened the door immediately left on the landing. The room contained only a bookshelf filled with books that were naturally covered in dust, a bed that seemed incredibly hard, and a lantern that was giving off pitiful amounts of light and very little warmth through its tiny flame.

      “Er... thank you,” Kaize said, acting as politely as he could as he stepped into the room and sat on the bed. He yawned hugely. Irma was right; I am exhausted.

      “This used to be Colonus’ room,” she said. “I hope you enjoy it as much as he did...”

      Kaize began to question about who Colonus was, but it was too late, Irma had already closed the door. He stared at the ceiling and sighed. “One night is all,” he said to himself. “One night and I can be back home.”

To be continued...

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