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Rid Dismay On Grey Day!

by ploomz


Ever have that feeling of utter hopelessness? Been worried lately? Down in the dumps? Well, not anymore! Sure, Grey Day is upon us, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be jolly! Read this article, and you’ll smell the flowers—which hopefully you aren’t allergic to—sooner than you know it!

“-Sigh- Hey, it’s me, your guide, Loqey. Pronounced lock-ay, but whatever. Not that you care. I know I don’t. Anyways, I’m a grey girl Kougra. I’m not really sure what we’re learning here, honestly. Every day, even Grey Day, is boring and drab for me. But nobody gives a rat’s hat, so it doesn’t matter. Anyways, let's just get this over with. Alright, now I’m going to teach you—wait—how to have f-fff-uunnn –shiver- on Grey Day? -Mumbles- I don’t see how that’s possible, but I’ll give it a shot. Now here are eight not-so-great things to do on Grey Day.”

1) Don’t delay!

“Now I know what you’re thinking. Grey pets must be the kings and queens of procrastination, with us moping around all day and such. But actually, we’re pretty good at being prepared. After all, we have nothing better to do than plan. So make sure that you’re ready for Grey Day. It’s not one of those holidays where you can go to the store the night before and have everything ready for a party or for just having f-fff-uunnn –shiver- the next day. Plan what you need to buy, activities you can do, and what lackluster food you can eat on this horrible, horrible holiday. Procrastination is never okay on Grey Day.”

2) Write an essay!

“Now, writing essays is one of my favorite things to do, because of its boring-ness. What do you think I’m doing right now? Sure it’s the weekend, but you still need to make sure all of your Neoschool homework is done before you go and have f-fff-uunnn. –Shiver- And Monday will be even more grey than usual if you don’t have your work completed!”

3) Bake a soufflé!

“I’m not that good at cooking, but my mom makes the best soufflé in all of Neopia. There’s nothing wrong with breaking your belt and helping yourself to seconds on this day. Go out to an exotic food shop somewhere in Neopia, sit down with your family and have a home-cooked meal, or even find a nice picnicking spot—but make sure water doesn’t rain on your parade. You can be sure of gloomy weather and thunderstorms. Just be sure to eat like you’re at a buffet line!

4) Buy a toupee!

“Yeah, just face it, a lot of neopets are bald. With all the new items in the NC Mall, you should go out and buy some kind of clothing for this holiday. Dress up a little; it won’t kill you, as long as you don’t get those 10-inch heels. Ouch! Get a coat and a nice fluffy boa, or maybe a campfire and some snuggly ruki pajamas! Anyways, be sure to look nice—who knows, maybe grey is the color of love! Alright, not really, the only stories of friendships made on this day that I’ve heard is Sloth and the Space Faerie, and that didn’t go too well.”

5) Play some croquet!

“Ahh, croquet. One of the many games that Neopians enjoy daily. Go out with your yellow and red croquet set, and play this game of skill! There’s also lots of other outside games that you can enjoy, but not that you would want to, because of their gloominess. I mean, who wants to look through ice caves with Hannah or bounce around a gormball? Well, I guess if whether permits, you can go outside and swab some decks if you feel up to it. Just be sure to play, play, play! Erm, I mean, stay inside. –Cough-”

6) Avoid foul-play!

“Hey, now. Just because it’s a day for being melancholy, there’s no reason to get into fights. Try to avoid foul play, because a bruise on a grey pet just makes you look worse. Of course, that’s what a grey pet would want, to look worse, but nobody else would. Keep those eyes green or brown and sparkly and bright –shudder- instead of black and blue. Nobody likes a bully, whether or not it’s Grey Day.”

7) Go to the ballet!

“Now this is one thing that my dad does not enjoy, no matter if he goes with the most jolly –sigh- Neopet in the world. He says it’s almost as bad as the opera! My mom sure does like it, though. Whether it’s the theater or a storytelling competition at the local Neoschool, be sure to get out and around on Grey Day. See the sights with those tired eyes, smell the damp gloomy air, and if you happen to read this article in a Neopian Times issue while you’re around and about, you’ll be sure to be crying before you know it.”

8) Give a bouquet!

“Gift-giving sure seems like something to do on Christmas, right? But I guess if you feel the need you could give a bunch of weeds or dying roses to that special someone or even a parent, not that they would want it. There’s lots of things from the gift shop that you can give. Just be sure to avoid those Get Well Soon! Cards, as they make grey pets feel even more miserable. Make sure your present is wrapped up disorderly in a scraggly old box with a black ribbon, or maybe just with some tape on the sides. No need to make it fancy looking, because we grey pets are colorbl—”

A soft yet harsh voice behind the Kougra screams, “LOQEY!!! YOU SHALL NOT DARE SPILL THE SECRET OF GREY PETS!!!”

“Who was that?” you wonder to yourself. But you don’t have a chance to ask. Turns out once she heard the voice, Loqey ran for the hills. Turning back, you also realize that the soft voiced, yet screaming stranger had vanished, as well. You had been enjoying the Kougra’s company, and could tell she was starting to feel less mopey talking about her special holiday. You wonder who she was running from, and what secret Loqey was about to spill... “Oh well, you say to yourself as you shrug the incident off. I better go get ready for Grey Day!”

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