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Tips to Keeping your Neobuddy Happy!

by hidden_0_o


The Month of Eating has finally arrived, but it is special not only because of the excitement of the Cybunny Carnival nor the melancholy behind paying homage to the Grey Faerie. This month is so widely celebrated because each year, on the First of Eating, the devout Neopets staff members develop peculiar projects to the continuous amending of Neopia. I mean, what Neopian doesn’t remember Year 7, when TNT introduced fifty new possible species. That date rests in my memory. I awaited the release of these possible pets in anguish. I begged my mom to adopt a Flannzoo as my brother. O, the glory, the beauty! The features of its squished-like face! I grew more excited as I read the news, for who in the face of Neopia wasn’t quite full of the old and hideous species that have been around, like the very author of this article. My excitement was whetted by all the future Neopets; I wouldn’t even bother having as a little brother a creature as repulsive a Hughman, and I beg you don’t tell Mom this, but that being shares the same rudimentary characteristics my mom does. Regretful as it is, in the course of time, some of the species developed into petpets and things of the like.

Notwithstanding a sad truth, every year, we receive equally good news from TNT, and this year, the staff is endeavoring yet another ingenious creation: Neobuddies! A Neobuddy is someone to give you small pieces of advice while shopping, or even keep you company in the lonely dark ventures to the sloughs of the Haunted Woods. So now you may be asking, how do I get a buddy? The answer is simple, my friends. Take a quiz to show your personality, and quickly staff bots will give you a match with one of the many Neopians who are looking for a pal! After you are matched with your perfect buddy, you will be ready for some fun! But most importantly, don’t upset him or her, for Neobuddies are for life! Here are some tips to improve this friendship:

1. Be grateful for your friend’s advice.

“That snot brucicle might just do it,” Bug Eye McGee, my very own buddy, told me as I almost hurriedly bought a Frozen Negg at the Ice Shop.

What a piece of advice! Thanks to McGee I was able to buy the tasty brucicle. Imagine instead how unfortunate I would be if I had bought a Frozen Negg! Such a useless, overpriced item! Would you, my dear reader, agree that a snot brucicle is a much better choice of food? Its features are much more complex than those of negg I almost purchased. I mean, doesn’t the latter look like a deflated balloon? So there you go, thank you SO much, Bug Eye. You are the best. After all, your buddy is carefully matched with you and your preferences, thus his or her counsel often go with what you like.

2. Your buddy is not for convenience!

“Hey, can you give me a hand?”

“Should I pick this one or the pink one?”

“Oh, for the love of Fyora, help me get this thing off of me!”

Now I look back and ask myself, how many times have I, selfishly, asked for McGee’s help? And how many times was he not there when I needed him? The answer to the first question is “many,” and to the second is “none.” I feel ashamed of exploiting my poor red eyed friend; how cruel I am. But don’t worry; if you do the same, it is never too late to correct this awful habit. Try to do things by yourself more. I know that now that you have your buddy, it becomes natural for you to ask him for a helping hand here and there, but he can’t be with you 24/7. Remember when you were by your own; finishing tasks was harder, but you were able to get them done. Also, try stepping in his shoes and being the helper for a change. I assure you that your buddy will love it.

3. Give him some room.

“Hey, what are you reading?” I asked McGee, as I looked over his shoulder as he skimmed “An Acara Named Whirr.”

“You are blocking my light!” he replied, slightly irritated.

Pause for a moment and think; would you like someone looking over your shoulder when you trying to concentrate and finish your book? What if he needed to finish reading “Korbat Calculus” for a math test next week? Or what if he had to finish “A Faerie Christmas” for an important reading assignment? But let us think, bigger picture. We are talking about privacy, right? Think about on what occasions, and where, company would be unpleasant. Make a list; it won’t take you more than ten minutes... If you can’t think of any, I have my little list as an example:

- When I am writing on my diary

- When I am working on a surprise for Mom

- When I am going to the bathroom

There are many other occasions, and that also might depend on who your buddy is. For Sloth, I would recommend not going into his secret base while he is having Meepits come over to his base. I mean, if that is the background, you might be interrupting something.

4. Be patient if he gets envious...

“You promised to take me to the Kadoatery,” McGee paused, as his voice hinted a minor breaking, and he continued, “but I guess you were too busy chatting with your other friends!”

Betimes, your buddy will be upset if they think you don’t spend enough time with them. That may be quite bothersome; especially when you are trying to find the middle ground between what is spending too much and too little time with him. Analyze your buddy. Remember that he should reflect you. Think about how much time you would like to spend with your friends, or how you feel about having your best friend spend more time with others than with you.

5. When I say buddies for life, guess what that last part means? (Yes the one about “for life”)

I hurried to the beta testing station at which the testing took place. I was upset and annoyed and I, partly, wanted a new buddy. But I looked back, at the sight of McGee’s bug eyes growing even redder.

I noticed what a bad pal I was being. Change buddies, as if they were some wearables, which once you grow tired of, you might just want to put in your closet, where they are lost in oblivion? As if once a new skirt comes out, you might just want to rid yourself of the one you got last week? No, darling. True friends don’t do that. If you do, then the problem is not him, it’s you! Try to find out things about your buddy, his habits, his hobbies, his likes, his dislikes, his plans to take over Neopia... You ought to have the same tastes and opinions. You might even disagree with him. And that is the beauty of friendship, have someone to complete you.

So may your Neobuddy and you have a long amity.

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