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by eyown


This is about my two Neopets, WhisperBlue_8 and WillowGreen_8.

Whisper looked around as she exited the gate of Faerie City. She was very happy with herself, having completed her latest quest. "Hmm," she said, "I suppose I had best be heading back to Neopia. The weather report said there was supposed to be a storm today, and I really don't want to be caught on a cloud in the middle of thunder and lightning. And the air is starting to feel a little odd..."

     She shook her head. "No, everything is fine. I'm just being paranoid and imagining things. I'll just find a cloud hole and go home. Everything will be fine, and I can show my sister Willow not to worry so much. She said I shouldn't go because of the storm, but I'm fine now, right? Right."

     The blue Lupe looked for a hole in the cloud through which she could jump down. She thought about how glad she was that the air faerie she had done a quest for had given her the ability to glide through the air. Now, she thought, my owner won't have to come and get me every time I need to come back from Faerieland. And it will be quicker, too.

     She had to walk a long way away before finally spotting a good spot to jump. She walked over and looked to see what she would land on after she jumped. She stepped back, startled. "Oh no! The storm is already here!" As she said this, a huge gust of wind rocked the giant cloud. Whisper braced herself against its force. When it lessened, she asked herself, "Why, why, why did I not stay home, like my sister said to?" She turned around and fled for the gate of the city. She did not get very far for having to stop every couple of seconds to keep from getting blown over.

     On her way to the gate, the rain started. At least, it would've been rain, if Whisper wasn't ten thousand feet in the air. She quickly realized what happens when rail is at high altitude. Hail started pelting down thickly, and the poor Neopet could no longer see in front of herself. Growling, the Lupe sat down to think. "If only a light faerie were here. She would be able to see. Hey, even though I prefer the cold, I would even be glad to see a fire faerie at this point. At least she'd be able to melt the hail so I could possibly get through. But I'm too far from the gate for anyone to see me! Oh, my sister Willow is going to be so worried if I don't get home soon. I hate hail!"

     * * *

     Willow could not sit still. She ran from the bedroom, to the yard, and back inside so many times and so fast that she made herself dizzy. "Where is my crazy sister?" the worried Xweetok asked the sky in the general direction of Faerieland. "I told her not to go today, I told Whisper it was a really bad idea, and that completing her quest could wait, but she did so want to go. Oh, I really hope that crazy girl is okay."

     Willow went inside and tried to take her mind off her sister. Although the younger Neopet, the green Xweetok was always the more worried one. Sometimes, though, this aspect of the pet's personality was useful and needed to be obeyed.

     Willow went outside again. Rain soaked through her thick fur, and the wind was almost ripping up the flowers in the garden. "If Whisper isn't back when this horrid storm is over, then I will have to go look for her. But Faerieland is huge; how would I ever find her?"

     * * *

     Whisper got up and tried to get to the gate. She only managed a few feet before having to stop again. "This hail is just too much to get through!" Whisper yelled loudly. She heard her yell echo off the wall of Faerie City. "That's it!" she said happily,"If they can hear me, they can find me!" She started howling as loudly as she could. Having been adequately named, the quiet Lupe was surprised at the amount of noise she could produce.

     After a minute she had to stop to catch her breath. Suddenly, she saw a bright speck of light, and heard someone say, "Hello, who is there? Are you hurt?"

     A light faerie! "I'm here, arrrrrrow!" Whisper hollered. Soon, the faerie was with Whisper. Within a couple of minutes, the faerie was beside Whisper.

     "Why are you not in the city?" the faerie asked.

     "I was on my way home," the Lupe said, "and the storm started before I could get back. I was afraid of what I would walk into, or off of, since I'm not able to see. Besides, I can't get back to the gate because of the hail anyway."

      "Well," the kind faerie said,"We should probably get you back to the city, where you will be safe. We haven't seen a storm this bad for years, many, many years. This wind is rough on my wings too. So, enough talking; let's get you somewhere warm and safe."

     Whisper nodded gratefully. "Oh, thank you!"

     * * *

     Willow was at the point of tears. Where was her beloved, brave, kind sister? She couldn't have survived the storm that had just passed over. It was impossible. Willow's only hope was that her sister had waited out the storm in Faerie City. The wind would've blown Whisper off only minutes ago, and that was on the ground. Willow couldn't even imagine how bad that storm must have been high in the sky. It took all she had to quit thinking about what could have happened to, or was happening, to her sister. She thought of things like Whisper getting blown off the huge cloud, or getting hit with flying objects. The Xweetok shuddered.

     She went outside to take a last glimpse at the sky before she went to Faerieland to look for Whisper. Much to her amazement, she saw a small blue speck that didn't quite match the rest of the sky. "WHISPER!" the joyful Xweetok shouted. Minutes later, the sisters were laughing and talking together.

     "I was so worried!" Willow said.

     "I knew you would be," Whisper said,"but hey, all's well that ends well, right? I'm here, and in one piece, so everything is okay, right?"

      "Oh Whisper, just listen to me next time," Willow said.

     "Okay, I will," Whisper said.

     "Good," Willow said.

     Then Whisper told Willow everything that had happened, from the completion of her quest, to the hail, and on to the faerie. When she was done, both Neopets were quiet for a moment, thinking about what could have happened.

     "Well, Willow, guess what?" Whisper said.

     "What?" Willow replied.

     Whisper gave her little sister a mischievous look. "How about going to Faerieland with me tomorrow? I hear another storm is coming."

     "Whisper!" Willow exclaimed.

     "Just kidding," the Lupe said, and a rowdy game of tag ensued. The two Neopets knew that everything was alright now that they were back together.

     And, although she often teased Willow by saying she was going to, Whisper never again went to Faerieland when a storm was coming.

The End

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