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Everyone Benefits from Spring Cleaning!

by lupegirl10811


Home is a vast, complicated jungle of danger; every time you decide to come in or leave, you must fight for survival. Armed with only your wits, you must navigate your way through masses of old knickknacks from Tombola, giant kelp from Underwater fishing, and all the additional useless stuff you have no room for that has decided to take over the house. Your pets cry out to you from afar, but you unfortunately can't reach them because of all the junk blocking your way. You are completely surrounded, no way out, and your pets desperately need your help! Whatever are you to do?!

Yeah, now does that sound like your life? It does? Well, no surprise there, my friend. Neopia is filled with so many sights to see and so much to do, whoever has time for...*gasp* cleaning?

Exactly. No one!

But that junk does build up after a while, as we all truly know. Sure, you can make excuses. You can say you were saving for the Rack Rat Avatar, building up a good, interesting gallery, whatever! But we understand that you are just simply too afraid of the monster of a mess living in your poor home (even a Grarrl wouldn't touch it!) and you don't know what to do.

Well, never fear! Super Clean-Freak is here!!! (Hey, we all have our Wanna-Be Superhero moments.)

And we will help you take care of all those horrible Spring Cleaning fears you may have. =)

The Esophagor: A Monster to Rid a Monster

There is a great mass of hungry haunted creature in the Haunted Woods, and his name is... the Esophagor!!! This poor little guy (okay, so little is an understatement...) always seems to be so hungry, and all he can do is beg for food! I mean, how sad is that, right? Well, think about this: you have a huge mess of utter disaster in your home, and the Esophagor would love a good dinner. You know, something that could keep him satisfied...? *wink, wink*

That's right! Give the poor guy your mess! Let him take it off your hands! All he ever seems to eat is old Jelly Rats and Snorkle Snouts! Why not help a guy out and give him something foreign and tasty? There's no other creature in the world who would enjoy such a feast as your old junk!

And who knows, next time you visit the Haunted Woods, he might even consider sharing some tasty Bat Cookies with you! =)

But it's the Esophagor, so that's highly unlikely.

The Smugglers Cove Pirates: They'll Take Anything!

They're sneaky, conniving, and hard to get a hold of. Often they spend their days on the dark high seas, searching the vast oceans for hidden treasures beyond compare of anything else, only stopping to return home and sell their goods for a price to those interested. Who are they, you ask?

The Smugglers Cove Pirates!!

They love treasure, right? Well, there you go then! Just take all of your old junk down to Krawk Island, pretend it's totally worth millions (every one... tweaks the truth a little... right?) and then sell it! You'll get rid of your stuff AND makes lots of money!

...Of course, they are also pretty smart, so they might (okay, probably will) realize you tried to trick them and hunt you down, then make the Meepits force-feed you icky food like King Skarl's gruel.

Note: lupegirl10811is in no way responsible if the reader is unlucky enough to trick the Smugglers Cove pirates and get force-fed icky gruel.

The Snowager: He's a Total Pack Rat

Okay, let's face it, the giant snow beast of Terror Mountain loves to collect things.

Seriously, just give him your stuff when he's snoozing along, and huzzah! Problem solved.

Of course, you really shouldn't try taking your stuff back once you give it to him. He might be a little stingy...


Those poor people on The Neopets Team, stuck in a boring old office ALL DAY! I mean, goodness where is the enjoyment? All they ever get in return for all the hard work they do is a bunch of rocks/socks/cookies/asparagus etc. But guess what? Sometimes it is simply not enough! Boredom doesn't just drift away, people!

So give them a little entertainment! Donate all your old Tombola knickknacks, Kelp, and other useless junk to the people who need it! I mean, wouldn't you want to make a Snarkie or Borovan happy? Can't you just picture the looks on their faces when they get a BRAND NEW (okay, semi-used) thing to play with?

You make TNT happy, and in return, get your old stuff off your hands!

(TNT controls the Meepits... don't make them angry... 0.0;;;)


The Money Tree: Be Kind, Give A Little

Alright, so you don't want to face risky ventures with giant Snow Monsters, pirates, TNT's Meepits, or a hungry woodland creature?

Okay, I really do not blame you.

That is why our final solution is...

The Donation Tree! Located in lovely, sunny Neopia Central, not only is this place safe; it is also friendly. (I mean, hello, people, it is located right next to a RAINBOW.) Just take a stroll on down there with your old useless stuff and give it to the big smiling tree who couldn't look any more happy to see you! Not only will you be helping others, but in return, you can gain the wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling inside because you did!

And don't worry; the only thing to fear in Neopia Central is the ghosts, and they're really sweet at heart. ;)

In Conclusion: Spring is Here!

In Conclusion, spring is really, truly here! So clean out your closets, de-clutter your home, and all in all, be rid of those useless knickknacks you've been hiding around the house. Your pets, and the Esophagor/Snowager/Smugglers Cove Pirates/Neopets Team/Donation Tree will thank you greatly for it.

As someone once said, simply, "A clean home is a happy home."

And who knows, maybe they're right?

You'll just have to do a little Spring Cleaning to know for sure. ;)

Huzzah! Another Article!! Hope you enjoy it. ;)

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