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Confiserie's Dictionary

by confiserie


Are you new to Neopets and don’t have the lingo down yet? Or are you in need of a refresher course? Either way, my dictionary will do the trick. Each term includes an example of how to use it, so you’ll be a natural in no time! The “most popular phrases” are also included with some words.

3-mod: Complete and utter evilness (see TNT)


“Dude, I’ve been working on these 3-mods for hours!”

“Why bother? Didn’t you hear Sloth’s ‘resistance is futile’ speech?”

Altador Cup (AC): The best way to waste a summer


“So what did you students do over the summer?”

“I pwned some faerie n00bs in the AC.”

Most popular phrases:

“We will Krawk you in this year’s AC!1!”

“Where are my AC prizes?”

Asparagus: Adam’s one weakness; a vegetable guarded with Adam’s life


“I wonder why Adam has his neomail blocked.”

“Probably too many people begging for his asparagus.”

“Or maybe people like you kept sending him other n00b mail.”

Avatars: Neoboard pictures created to drive you nuts


“Ack, I’ve spent 50k on the Lever of Doom but it still won’t give me the darn avatar!”

Most popular phrase:

“I have more avatars than you! I have more avatars than you!”

Breadfish: The perfect balance of carbs and protein


“Yum, I can’t wait to eat this Breadfish! Pass the Butterfish, please.”

Daily Dare: A challenge that may damage your gaming self-esteem


“I still can’t beat that pesky AAA in the Daily Dare.”

“Don’t worry, he has no life.”

“But I don’t have one either. :(”

Default Avatar: The avatar of some newbies and non-newbies trying to be cool (see March 13th Glitch)


“Why are you using a default avatar?”

“Because that’s just how I roll.”

“Early next week”: TNT code for “a very long time;” first introduced while promising the Altador Cup I plot prizes


“Do you know when the pound will be reopened, Jen?”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure TNT will fix it early next week. =P”

Fyora Day: An excuse to overload the Neopian Times with cute faerie articles


“Oh look it’s Fyora Day... and the NT is out!”

“There is not much more my masculinity can take.”

Gadgadsbogen: A serious test of your spelling skills


“Did you know that Gadsadboogan is going on this month?”

“What now?”

Hot Dog Mascot with Mustard: The most dangerous outfit ever; looks delicious but tastes like plastic


“Having to wear that Hot Dog Mascot with Mustard to advertise Hubert’s Hot Dogs was just awful!”

Krawk: The least-numerous pet species that eliminates the need for a neohome security system


“Yay, I finally got a krawk! Come look.”

“Awesome... did you also get a leash?”

Most popular phrase:

“Wait, how come no Krawks were released for Krawk Day?!”

March 3rd: A day when TNT gets out of putting up the news


“Did you know that interest in March 3rd increased exponentially after it was canceled due to lack of interest?”

Most popular phrase:

“Hey, where is the March 3rd news??”

March 13th Glitch: The day when many avatars and fonts were set to default; a great day to visit the panicked Avatar/NeoSignatures Board and laugh


“Thanks to this March 13th glitch, I can finally win Avatar Simon! Bwahaha.”

Meepits: Petpets blamed for anything and everything; dangerously adorable


“Who drank my Neocola??”

“IDK, maybe it was the Meepits.”

Most popular phrases:

“Meepits are ebil.”

“Meepits pwn you.”

Money Tree: A tree that hundreds of Neopians huddle under at once, pouncing on whatever appears; may cause injuries to the inexperienced


“I got a lab map piece from the Money Tree!”

“Awesome! Who did you have to trample?”

Most popular phrase:

“What’s the best thing you have ever gotten from the Money Tree?”

NC Mall: A shopping experience that may turn Neopians against each other; creates amusement for some


“Look at my new spiffy NC Mall clothes!”

“ONG you traitor!1! I am so against the NC Mall that I bought 5,000 NC to get a Down With NC Flag.”

Most popular phrase:

“Please sign my NC Mall petition!”

Neohome: Another way of saying “money pit”


“You know you’re a neohome addict when there is more NP put into your neohome than your bank.”

Newbie Board: Where we send all of the off-topic people, not realizing that they are setting a bad example for the group of real newbies who enter it


“Tell me your name and I’ll tell you what disease your pet will get.”

“Go to the newbie board. -_-”

Most popular phrase:

“The newbie board burns my eyes.”

Kreludor: The best world ever


“What’s so good about Kreludor?”

“What’s so good about your face? Pwned!”

Kad: Kadoatie; a petpet housed at the Kadoatery, where it whines for expensive food; bribes you with the hopes of a shiny trophy and avatar (see avatar)


“Couldn’t you see that I made it to your cage first?”


Most popular phrases:

“Kad main pending.”

“This darn kad wants a Frozen Negg again!”

Qasalan Expellibox: A genius luck game that makes you so frustrated that you eventually buy your own neocash (see NC Mall)


“Haha, my neocash card bonus item was a Hot Dog of Justice.”

“I thought you planned on just playing Qasalan Expellibox?”

Rooligans: Members of the Roo Island chat group focused around the Altador Cup; derived from “hooligan” with no malicious intent


“Those ROO puns are getting on my nerves!”

“Oh just admit it, the Rooligans pwn you.”

Rubbish Dump: An excuse for players of all ages to roll around in the trash; a very smelly location to visit


“Bye Mom, I’m going to the Rubbish Dump!”

“Okay sweetie, just don’t get any filth on the carpet when you get home.”

TNT: The Neopets Team; workers who control our little world


“Be nice to TNT.”

“Wow, you must be really considerate.”

“Not really, I just want good plot prizes.”

Most popular phrases:

“Hey TNT, you rock!”

“TNT, you rock my socks!”

“Don’t worry TNT, I won’t even mention rocks in this editorial question.”

Well those are all of the words in my dictionary! I hope that you’re a little more Neopets-savvy after reading it.

Yay, my 10th article! Firstly, I would like to thank each one of my friends. You Kreludorks are just as strange as I am, which makes me feel at home. Next I would like to thank all of the readers out there, The Neopian Times, my neopets, their petpets, their petpetpets, Diet Neocola, the chicken I had for lunch... -gets carried off stage- Wait, I’m not done yet!

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