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Your Neoboard Personality!

by indulgences


I’ve written a special quiz that analyzes your Neoboard personality and how you handle yourself around the Neoboards. Questions include such varied topics as active pets, user lookups, NeoSignatures, and more! Who knew that so much of Neopian culture could be encompassed in just 20 questions about the Neoboards?

Have fun taking the quiz, and I hope you enjoy learning something new about yourself that you may not have known before! Keep track of how many a’s, b’s, c’s, and d’s you choose, and more importantly, have fun!

1. You have five different accounts. Which one do you mainly use for chatting?

a) Your main account. You do pretty much everything there!

b) Your prettiest side account. You want to show off your friendly nature.

c) Your rebellious side account. You want to show off your dark side.

d) Your worst side account. Cracking jokes and acting like a n00b is funny.

2. Right before you start chatting on the Neoboards, you go to Neoboard Preferences and:

a) Change your avatar, because your mood changes from day to day.

b) Change your NeoSignature, because you have a new link for your siggy.

c) Change your NeoTitle, because you feel like having a special title today.

d) Don’t change a thing.

3. On the Neoboards, the active pet you choose to display is:

a) Your main pet. You worked hard on it; now it’s time to show it off!

b) Your “Boochi shield,” a pet that you don’t mind getting zapped Baby by Boochi.

c) Your “invisibility shield,” a pet that you don’t mind getting zapped Invisible by a random event.

d) Any old pet, it doesn’t matter.

4. You care about your account’s appearance, so you’re careful to:

a) Have a stunning NeoSignature that makes your posts unique.

b) Keep your pets happy, healthy, and well-fed, so they’re smiling on the Neoboards.

c) Have a really rare, painted, or expensively dressed active Neopet on display.

d) Use a really nifty avatar that few people own and use.

5. When you glance at someone’s active pet (under their username), you are most impressed by pets that are:

a) Painted a rare color.

b) Dressed in rare clothes.

c) Extremely strong.

d) 1000+ days old.

6. When you chat with newbies on the Neoboards, you are most impressed by:

a) People who are sweet, polite, well-mannered, and funny.

b) People with smiling, healthy, well-fed pets.

c) People with great user lookups.

d) People who use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

7. When you chat with oldies on the Neoboards, you are most impressed by:

a) Their popular reputations.

b) Their extensive collection of painted pets.

c) The trophies they’ve accumulated on their lookups.

d) Their extensive knowledge of Neopia and Neopets in general.

8. When cruising casually around the Neoboards, you are most likely to:

a) Post to someone else’s board topic, since you don’t have much to say yourself.

b) Have seven different board topics open in different tabs on your browser, while chatting on all of them.

c) Start a board topic of your own, just to chat with as many people as possible.

d) Read silently but not post anything. You don’t want to run the risk of getting reported by a Report Happy.

9. Your favorite topic of discussion on the Neoboards might be:

a) Who has the most amazing gallery on Neopets.

b) Who’s won the most Beauty Contests on Neopets.

c) Who’s earned the most trophies on Neopets.

d) Who has the oldest non-staff account on Neopets.

10. When something goes wrong on the Neoboards, such as someone being mean to you, you run crying to:

a) Your best Neofriend. Nothing heals a broken heart like sympathy from your friends!

b) Snarkie. She’s the resident den mother and answers everyone’s questions.

c) The Report button. Having the power to report someone brings some justice to Neopia!

d) Your real life parent. They’ll fix you a mug of hot cocoa “for reals”!

11. When you see someone harassing another user, you:

a) Silently click the Report button and hope that the harasser is taken care of.

b) Tone the argument down into a logical discussion.

c) Jump into the fray, and protect the person being harassed.

d) Quietly observe the battle playing out in front of you.

12. When you spot someone on the Neoboards who has the same pet as yourself, you feel:

a) Instant kinship. We both love the same thing!

b) Extreme joy. Maybe your Neopets can be friends!

c) Ambivalence. You’re glad that they love the same pet, but now your pet seems less unique.

d) Nonchalance. Your pet is customized and dressed to the nines, so you don’t have much in common.

13. When someone on the Neoboards asks for help, you:

a) Give them the answer and offer some advice as well.

b) Direct them towards someone else who knows the answer.

c) Tease them for not knowing anything about Neopia.

d) Just wait for someone more experienced to answer their question.

14. When chatting with someone you don’t know on the Neoboards, you are most likely to:

a) Check their user lookup to see what they’re like, before chatting further.

b) Check the condition of their pets, and judge them accordingly.

c) Base your opinion of them on how pleasant they are.

d) Base your opinion of them on how cynical they are.

15. When chatting with someone you DO know on the Neoboards, you are most likely to:

a) Check their user lookup to see what progress they’ve made in the way of trophies, avatar collections, etc.

b) Send a Neofriend request. You know them well enough by now!

c) Send a Battledome challenge. Finally, someone with the same interests!

d) Send a Games challenge. Neither of you is good at games, so what better way to learn?

16. When chatting with old Neofriends on the Neoboards, you are most likely to:

a) Send them a small gift or two, such as food or books, for their Neopets.

b) Tell all of your mutual Neofriends that you’re on the Neoboards, and invite them over to come and chat.

c) Send them another addition to their extensive gallery.

d) Take the discussion off the Neoboards and communicate over Neomail instead.

17. When you see a sick or crying active Neopet displayed on the Neoboards, you:

a) Direct them towards the Soup Kitchen and the Healing Springs.

b) Send them the food and medicine they need.

c) Chide the owner and tell them to take better care of their pets.

d) Do nothing. Neopets are only pixels, in your opinion.

18. When you encounter SPAM, you:

a) Click on it right away and read it. Hey, it might be amusing!

b) Roll your eyes and click on another board topic. No need to read something silly.

c) Add to it with a funny line or two of your own.

d) Click on it, then click the Report button in the top right corner. SPAM does not belong on Neopets!

19. When you see a popular Neopian on the Neoboards, you:

a) Just chat with them, to get to know them better.

b) Try to Neofriend them right away. You’re a social butterfly!

c) Check their lookups to see what exactly they’ve accomplished.

d) Do nothing. Popularity doesn’t mean anything to you.

20. You love the Neoboards. Why?

a) Because it’s a relaxing place to unwind after a long day.

b) Because you always have something to ask and to say, and because you love helping people.

c) Because it’s a place where you can let loose, chat with interesting people, and have fun!

d) Because you need constant stimulation and entertainment.

Here are your results!

Mostly A: The Popular User

You are a Popular User because you do all the things typical of a responsible, caring, but lighthearted Neopian citizen. You take care of your pets, you follow the rules, and you laugh at SPAM but you don’t add to it with irresponsible posts of your own. The Popular User is a considerate, mindful, and integral part of the happy and blissful nature of the Neoboards!

Mostly B: The Sweetheart User

You are a Sweetheart User because you love and appreciate other users for their genuine personalities, and because you’re always willing to look at the sunny side of life. You admire beautiful things and artistic accomplishments, and you are always willing to cheer people on towards their goals! The Sweetheart User is a sweet, kind, and nurturing part of the Neoboards who keeps order with a humane and sympathetic hand!

Mostly C: The Rebellious User

You are a Rebellious User NOT because you rebel against the Neopets website and the rules that are enforced there, but because you rebel against injustice and rude behavior from other users. You won’t hesitate to defend people on the losing side of an argument, and you hate it when people neglect their sad and crying pets. The Rebellious User is an active, thoughtful, and creative user who loves the Neoboards for the dynamic place that it is!

Mostly D: The Jaded User

You are a Jaded User because you’ve been cruising the Neoboards for far too many years. It’s hard to spark your interest because you have high standards about what you expect from other users and their accounts, and you’ve seen and heard too much to be impressed by much of anything. You tend to post the most sardonic responses on the Neoboards, and people appreciate your acerbic wit. The Jaded User is a meditative, laid back component of the Neoboards who keeps everyone’s egos running smoothly and in check!

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