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Guide to Imperial Exam

by iloveharrypotter8989


GAMES ROOM - Imperial Exam is a pretty hard but very fun game. It takes place in the land of Shenkuu. The Imperial Exam is about to take place. The problem is everyone wants to participate. Your job is to let all of the scholars enter and to chase off all the people who are not scholars but just want to get in. I’m here to tell you good ways to get on the high score list, and good ways to lose every time. From what I know, there are very few guides to Imperial Exam, which is why I am creating one. The Imperial Exam is being held in Shenkuu for anyone who wants to be a top scholar. Seats inside are limited, though, so only qualified scholars are allowed to enter. You and a few other guards are waiting at the gate to make sure only qualified neopians are allowed to enter. Those who are not qualified must leave the exam. There are many qualified Neopians, but there are also many unqualified Neopians are hiding among them.

How to Play

The game is pretty easy to play. Look at the thought bubble of each pet. If the word is spelled correctly, press the up arrow key to let them enter the exam. If it is not spelled correctly, press the down arrow key to chase them away. Try not to take too long, because there is a time limit. If time runs out, you lose the game. You have 3 lives. If the person was a scholar and you let him enter, he or she will walk into the hall. If the neopet was a scholar and you ask him to leave, he will look angry, and you will get a notice that tells you he was a scholar. If he was not a scholar and you let him in, he will have a sneaky grin on his face and you will get a notice on the screen telling you that he or she was not a scholar. If the neopet is not a scholar and you make him leave, he will leave, looking sad.


up arrow key - let neopet enter

down arrow key - chase neopet away

Where to Find

This game can be found in the Games Room. It falls into the sections educational, word games, and Shenkuu. However, it can not be found in the actual Shenkuu.


There are three levels of difficulty. They are basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Basic- Basic is the easiest level. That is the level I normally play on. The words are pretty short; an example is: “weird.”

Intermediate- Intermediate is pretty difficult. I rarely play on it. The words get very long, like: “peninsula”

Advanced- This level is extremely difficult. I don’t play on this level if I can help it. The words are extremely long, like “unsurprisingly” and “souvenirs”.


The most important thing to do is fill up the hall with qualified Neopians where the exam will take place before time is up on every round.


1. Start at difficulty basic. That is the easiest one, so if you’ve never played before, I suggest that is where you start. The words are shorter, so do not go to the harder difficulties until you are really good at basic.

2. Make sure you only let the scholars enter. You may be thinking that that is obvious since it is even stated in the directions, but it is very important. A lot of times your finger will slip and you will accidentally let someone who isn’t a scholar in, or make a scholar leave. Therefore you have to pay attention to two things, the word and what key you are pressing.

3. Do not go fast. I repeat, a little louder this time, DO NOT GO FAST! It may not seem important, but it is. But I AM NOT saying go slowly! I am simply saying that you should be very careful and go at your best speed, just not too fast or too slow. Like I said in number 2, your finger may slip, causing you to make a scholar leave or let someone who is not a scholar and is kind of dumb enter by mistake.

4. Read the directions before you play. Enough said about that.

5. Do not play if you are not a good speller, unless you are just playing for fun and not for neopoints, or if you want to become a good speller and even then you might get frustrated. The whole game is about spelling, so if you are not a good speller, you should find a different game to play... *sees stupid meepits glaring* unless of course you are a stupid meepit. Then you can play whenever you want.

6. Always remember the rule, “I before E except after C, unless sounding like A as in neighbor or weigh.” Of course, there are exceptions to that rule, like the word “weird”, but a lot of times the word will be misspelled in that way.

7. The other common way the words are misspelled is that the letters are correct, but in the wrong place. Watch out for that.

8. Do not pay any attention to what the neopet looks like. Some of you may be tempted to let someone in just because they look like a scholar, but don’t. It can also go the other way around. Pay no attention to what scholars (or non scholars) are wearing.

9. Know the controls. You can’t be going crazy trying to figure out how to let a scholar in, or time will run out and you will lose. (see Controls section)

Cheat Codes

As far as I know, there are no cheat codes for this game.


There are many benefits to playing this game. Here are just a few of them.

1. You become a better speller.

2. You can get better grades at school.

3. It is very educational. (Ever wonder why it’s in the educational section of the games room?)

4. You can pick the difficulty level so it doesn’t get boring.


There are also a few drawbacks to this game. Here they are:

1. It gets pretty hard after level 2.

2. You only have one minute to get the required number of scholars into the hall.

3. A lot of times it seems there are more people who aren’t scholars than who actually are scholars.

Well, that is my guide. I hope this guide helps you do well or even get on the high score list of Imperial Exam. Some special thanks to my dad who helped me write this and also to my family who encouraged me to keep writing. Oh, and if you are reading this, I made it into the Neopian Times, Yea! Bye, and I hope to write some more.

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