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The Essential Feed Florg

by penguin_101_


Hello, fellow gamers; follow this here guide and you'll be sure to do well at Feed Florg.

I have lots of experience with this game and I assure you that the main thing you need to excel at this game is practice. So just follow the following steps to becoming a Feed Florg Pro!

Step 1: The Basics

Before you even start the game, you have to be sure of a few things:

One, select the small screen option (400x500) from the bottom part of the game page, since I find it way easier to play with a smaller table (less moving around), and also I prefer keeping the best quality to play.

Two, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. A big mistake often made by players is playing the game without even knowing the proper rules to it.

Three, turn off the sound of the game, because in my opinion it makes loud, obnoxious and most of all disturbing sounds. Some people enjoy having music to listen to, though, and if you are one of those people, I suggest picking a song you really like, but try not to get too into the song and stay concentrated on the game.

Four, I extremely suggest using the keyboard and not the mouse, because the mouse is impossible to control.

Five, now you're ready to start playing the game, so once you've done all these things, click the Play Game button.

Step 2: Starting the Game (0-150 points)

Here are the few things you HAVE to remember throughout the whole game:

One, analyze the screen. Check to see where the first petpet has appeared on the table and get to it.

Two, you’re going to follow this pattern for a pretty long time, so just relax now that you can.

Three, a good thing to do is throughout the game to hit the petpet back at the last minute, because this way, the later you hit it, the later the petpet will start running back to the edge of the other end of the table and fall off. (This strategy should be used especially when you have time to spare.)

Four, always remember that some petpets are worth saving more than others.

(E.G.) The florg’s favorite petpet is the Hasee, so if the choice is between a Kookith and a Hasee, ALWAYS go with the Hasee.

Step 3: The Game Gets Harder (150-200 points)

Once you get past 150-200 points you’re going to start to notice that the game just got a whole lot harder! Still, stay calm and keep following the same strategies, along with these other ones:

One, I know sometimes you’re dealing with one petpet and you see the other one at the other side of the table about to fall off; stick with one of them, because it’s always better to lose one life instead of two lives, which you will lose by chasing after the other one and being stuck in the middle of the two when both fall off.

Two, to me, Florg has always been very nice; whenever I have two petpets to deal with at once, he always swags the second one before it falls off. This is yet another reason to stick with the one closer to you or easier to get.

Three, when having three or more petpets on the table, a crucial thing to do so you don’t lose a life is to very quickly and carefully get to the petpet that you know is going to fall first. I lost oh, so many lives by going with the wrong petpet and letting the others die.

Four, if you do it carefully enough and bounce back the petpets in order, you will quickly catch on to a very easy-to-see pattern and you will be able to bounce petpets around until the Florg devours the next one.

Step 4: The Very End (200-? Points)

At the very end all the things I just said are going to count very little, since the whole game play changes, so listen to these final tips:

One, try to visualize the pattern; I know that with all the new petpets coming in it’s hard, but you must!

Two, once you have the pattern, stick with it and you’ll see it’s very hard to lose it.

Three, never, ever give up! Even if you have one life and petpets are falling everywhere, do not lose your head! Concentrate!

Four, if you know you’re going to lose, then don’t go down without a fight! Save as many petpets as you possibly can!

Step 5: You Lost

Congratulations; if you’ve gotten this far, now you can relax. Finally you can take a break from all that tapping.

If you just beat your high score, send the score in immediately and get ready to brag.

I know that most times that you send your score in, you are angry/sad for losing, but don’t worry; you probably did better than you think.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

NEVER, ever give up!

Extra: Tips on Getting the Feed Florg Avatar:

For fans of the game and avid avatars hunters:

Do you want to show off your mad skills at Feed Florg?

Are you an avatar collector in need of this avatar?

This may be one of the most challenging game avatars there is and here are some tips on how to get it:

A strategy that has always worked for me is breaking down the game into parts.

For example, one day you try to just focus on a different aspect of the game and the other day you focus on another.

Sometimes, if you can’t get the score so high, the reason is that you get there with one life, petpets falling everywhere and such. Now, to fix that, try to make goals such as "I will not send my score unless it’s over 200", or "I’ll quit the game if I lose a life in the first 50 points." So when you get to the hard part, you’ll have more lives and everything under control.

If those kind of goals don’t work for you, then try making bigger goals, like "By the end of the month I’ll raise my high score by 30 points."

If you really can’t get it, then try relaxing for a while. Avoid the game and focus on another one perhaps. Sometimes you get so obsessed with it that you don’t do very well at it, so I suggest you take a small break and get back to the game at another time.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, and I hope to have helped you become a better Feed Florg player.

Good Luck

The End

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