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Here To Be A Hero!

by lizzex8


Doesn’t everyone want to be a Hero? With Sloth running amuck, Heroes are in high demand! Take the quiz below to find out what Hero you are most like and whom in Neopia you should be protecting. Beware, we quizmakers do not condone violence and all petpets should be kept out of the line of fire, thank you!

Note: You should keep track of how many of each letter you have for scoring purposes!

Question 1: When faced with a fight, what do you do?

a. Come up with the best possible tactic to solve the problem.

b. Find a way out of it as quickly as possible!

c. Help the sick and injured, if there are any.

d. Without a single thought, I would run forward and brandish my sword.

e. Fight, then scour for any treasures I can take home with me.

Question 2: What do you do if there is a drought in your Kingdom?

a. Build a new water system with the help of other Knights and Heroes to share the water.

b. Do a rain dance and make it rain!

c. Feed and water as many people as possible as soon as I can.

d. Find someone that would know better how to help.

e. Do all of the helping myself... even if I have no idea what I am doing.

Question 3: What would you rather be doing right now?

a. Protecting the royal family, of course!

b. Be with my family, possibly on a trip somewhere.

c. Making new friends.

d. On an adventure deep inside a deserted tomb!

e. Buying pretty, shiny, objects.

Questions 4: If there was a battle, what would you be specifically doing?

a. Leading everyone into the battle and ensuring their safety.

b. Attempting to find out any information I could for the rest of the Commanders.

c. Gathering the warriors and making sure they have everything they need.

d. Fighting! HI-YAH!

e. Organizing weapons and things for the warriors.

Question 5: How do you feel about friendships?

a. I do everything alone. I am a leader; people aren’t really friends with the leaders.

b. I have a best friend and we do everything together!

c. I help many people and have many friends. They are all just as generous and kind as I am.

d. I have a friend or two that accompany me on my adventures, but I mostly like to fly solo.

e. I have a band of tight knit friends. We are as thick as thieves.

Question 6: What is your favorite game to play?

a. Armada... I would love to lead a barrage of ships into battle!

b. Time Tunnel. Puzzles just fascinate me!

c. The Faerie Crossword, because I always love knowing what is going on around Neopia. Plus, it is fun!

d. Escape from Meridell. Now, that is exciting and adventurous!

e. Trouble At the National Neopian – I might like shiny objects, but I also like protecting them.

Question 7: If you could have one weapon from the Hidden Tower, no matter the price, what would it be?

a. Sword of Skarsden, hands down.

b. Starry Battle Dung... it is kinda pretty, even if it smells yucky.

c. Ice Scorchstone. I want to be able to heal, if needed.

d. Ghostkerbomb. This sure could help if I need to blast anything away!

e. Bracelet of Kings. It shines...

Question 8: A Meowclops is stuck in a tree...

a. I will rescue it, immediately!

b. If you can find me help, I will surely help the little critter.

c. Why, that is as easy as waving my magic wand!

d. I will get to the kitty after I scour the seven seas! Sorry, I am really busy!

e. Is there a reward? Maybe? Just a little... recognition?

Question 9: If you were asked to make a vow to the people, which would it sound more like?

a. I will let them all know that I will protect them with all of my heart, my soul, and my sword!

b. Well, I will do the best I can, but I can’t really make any promises! Worst comes to worst, I can get us out of a pickle really quickly.

c. I will vow to feed and clothe them all, even if they lose!

d. I vow to fight and defend them and possibly discover hidden secrets about the enemy to bring home for analysis. It is almost like cracking a code in a hidden temple!

e. I will do my best... even if there isn’t a reward. *pouts*

If you chose mostly A...

You are most like Jeran! Jeran, a Lupe, is known as the greatest Knight and commander that Meridell has ever seen. He fought against Lord Kass and Darigan Citadel during the war and he was looked up to in a way that no other hero has been before. He is smart and brave and able to think quickly on his feet.

Meridell already has Jeran, but there are other Kingdoms that certainly need this kind of Knightly protection. I think you would serve Brightvale or Altador much better! Remember, you are a leader and a warrior: brave and smart and ready to face any challenge that you might meet.

If you chose mostly B...

You are most like Cylara! Cylara is a Hero by chance. She never meant to get mixed up in everything that has gone on, but she has risen to the occasion even if she was not born into heroics! Cylara is young, but she is hardly naïve. She knows what to do in a tough situation and she is extremely adept at escape plans.

If you are most like Cylara, you would do well in the fight against Sloth. Though you are not a natural born hero, the galaxy could always use your help. You would also make a good pilot, as you are able to evade things as easily as Jeran swings his sword.

If you chose mostly C...

You are most like the Soup Faerie! Faeries, the good kind, are mostly heroes because of their nature. But the Soup Faeries is of a rare breed. She tends to the hungry out of the kindness of her heart. She is known specifically for her generous and kind nature.

You are the overall kind person. Fortunately, kind people are always needed to look after those that can’t fend for themselves. Whether you would do best in the heart of a city or protecting a small town from others more evil than they are, your kindness will not be turned away anywhere.

If you chose mostly D...

You are most like Hannah! This Usul has been on many adventures, which comes with being lively and energetic. She is always up for a new challenge and will rise to meet it with a companion. She has risen up from a serving girl to a well-traveled expert. Adventure is her middle name. *winkwink*

As an adventurer, it is hard for you to stay in one place. Though, if there is need of you, you can always travel to the place of need. You are eager to help everyone and discover secrets – something an adventure and traveling always contain.

If you chose mostly E...

You are most like Tomos! Tomos was once a skilled thief that turned into a hero. He tends to not think before he acts and to happen upon situations in an untimely fashion. He often finds himself in over his head and a bit distracted by shiny and expensive looking objects. He is not perfect, but he is still a Hero.

Even if there is no reward in it for you, I think you would do well in the Lost Desert, where rewards happen upon people accidentally at times. The desert is vast and it is hard to protect, so do your protecting well!

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