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Top Eight NeoQuest Monsters (by coolness)

by 5ilence


Neoquest. It’s an old, fun, HTML based game. Most of you have played it, right? If you haven’t, shoo. If you have, you’ve noticed how many different monsters there are. You’ve probably realized that some are really gross-looking. Others, however, are creative and cool. Which ones are the coolest, though? To make it easier for the humbler monsters to make the list, I’m not putting down any bosses… However, I will note that the Guardian of Ice Magic is very cool… literally and figuratively. I have put the top eight coolest monsters on this list, as well as handy links to their pictures! Say “cheese,” Fire Imp!


#8: A Plains Aisha


The Plains Aisha… one of the first monsters you meet. It is not very strong, although if you’re not level 3 yet they can be a problem. They occasionally drop glowing stones, which you WILL need. Seriously, collect a bunch of them when you start the game. I’m not joking. So, the Plains Aisha made the list partially because of its thick fur. Its yellow color is perfect for blending in with the tall grass. Also, they all wear red spiked collars. I wonder where they got the collars? Did some creepy Eyrie with a staff (*coughJahbalcough*) give them to the Aishas? It doesn’t matter, though, because the Plains Aisha is the eighth coolest monster of them all.

Level: 2

Hit Points: 15-19

Difficulty: Really, really easy


#7: A Mist Kougra


It’s a kitty. A big, scary, ghostly, feral kitty. Who doesn’t love kitties? The Mist Kougra is so special, it’s got its own stamp. Can the Killer Buzz or Elder Drakonid make this claim? I didn’t think so. It’s got a little something for everyone to admire. That is, if you’re far enough away that it doesn’t kill you. Just look at its pretty misty coat, its rage-filled eyes (wow, did you kill its mommy or something?) and its crouching posture. The downside is, it’s really really really small. In fact, you could sit on it. They’re still awesome enough to make number 7, though!

Level: 37

Hit Points: 190-200

Difficulty: Shouldn’t be killer; I personally haven’t fought one yet…


#6: A Hatchling Drakonid


D’awww, lookit the cyuute widdle… OW OW OW FIRE BLAST! It’s still cute, though. And it’s so tiny… Seriously, you could sit on a Mist Kougra. And a Mist Kougra could sit on this little fella. The Hatchling Drakonid appears to be based off of a Chomby. It’s a very nice light pastel green with darker spots, very pleasing to the eye and very, very cute. You wouldn’t think you have to fear them, but they can blast you for fire damage. The deceptive cuteness places the Hatchling Drakonid at number 6.

Level: 27

Hit Points: 115-140

Difficulty: Are you kidding me? These things are one level above the Temple Sentinels!


#5: A Desert Cobrall


For all you snake lovers out there, the Desert Cobrall. You need to fight it for the third armour, no matter which one you pick. It actually looks more like a Wadjet/Cobrall mix to me… And it’s a bit cutesy for a deadly snake, though I give it credit for the fangs and pose. It has a nice blend of desert yellows, oranges, and browns. Its pose suggests aggression, making you really want to fight it. Overall, it really deserves the name Desert Cobrall.

Level: 18

Hit Points: 91-102

Difficulty: At level 25, this thing’s a pushover. At level 8… not so much.


#4: An Ice Lizard Guardian


If you mess with the spaces, you get “a nice lizard guardian.” They’re far from nice, though. They can stun you, blast you with ice, and even eat your Petpets! Okay, maybe not that last part… They’re HUGE compared to the Hatchling Drakonid, even though most things are… They appear to be half-melted ice Moltenores. They are almost white, with green eyes. Their icy appearance makes them almost as cool as the Guardian of Ice Magic! Okay, that was a bad pun…

Level: 24

Hit Points: 112-136

Difficulty: At the level you usually are going through there, they might be a tad tough. You’ll need those potions.


#3: A Shock Elemental


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… what the heck IS it? It looks a bit Draik-ish or Krawk-ish at the head… Nobody can really be sure. Except maybe Mr. Insane. Heck, I bet HE doesn’t even know. Its indeterminate species does add a nice air of mystery to its electrifying look, though. It appears to be composed of lightning, and has good flow and energy look. Overall, the inability to tell exactly what it is puts it at only third place. Since it’s a Shock elemental, expect it to stun. Yay.

Level: 39

Hit Points: 185-220

Difficulty: Never fought one, but it’s probably not too bad once you’re at a good level.


#2: A Temple Sentinel


Just like the Shock Elemental, it’s hard to tell what this is based off of. An Erisim, perhaps? Either way, these are some determined sentinels. They never know when to quit. Defeat wasn’t in their dictionary until you came along. They even look the part. Eyes narrowed, teeth bared, you’d think they were about to attack their younger siblings. Their expression adds to their coolness, which is why they’re in this list. It’s easy to imagine one moving around, maybe chasing a White Lupe. Their yellow eyes are very light, but their bodies are darker in color. The black spots on their red bodies create a cheetah-like effect, so it’s no wonder these regal sentinels made second place.

Level: 26

Hit Points: 129-149

Difficulty: Pretty easy, if you’re level 28 or more.


#1: A Ghastly Guard


Who doesn’t love sophisticated, ghostly Gelerts? They can be found in the Temple of Roo, second floor, and are extremely common there. They can drain your health, but if you’re the right level it shouldn’t matter. It looks like it would rather be reading than fighting you, I wonder why? Anyway, they seem to have attitude issues sufficient to make them fight. They top the list for their sleek appearance, well-coordinated colors, and wispy ears and tail. They look so slippery, don’t they? Their red eyes and blue-gray fur match both each other and the dungeon in which they are found. They just melt into the background… like slippery butter. Their ears and tail trail off into really, really long ghostly wisps that make them look like buttery gray spaghetti.

Level: 27

Hit Points: 128-151

Difficulty: So-so, provided you haven’t skipped any areas up until here.

Well, that’s it, really. I’m glad you took the time to read this, and I hope it was informative/entertaining/useful/cool/whatever. If I write another article, see you then. If not, au revoir!

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