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Returning To Neopets In Five Easy Steps!

by alexrules1234567890


Depending on the length of your break, coming back to Neopets after a hiatus can be surprisingly difficult. Immediately you are swamped with neofriends shrieking at you; “OMG HI!!!!” and “OMG YOU’RE BACK!” (amongst other such high pitched squeals of joy). Then you have pets demanding to be picked up from the Neolodge and fed, bills to pay and new features to look at. Once you’ve returned to your home, your pets following – still grumbling at their “abandonment” – you hardly know what to do first.

So how does one get back into it all? Do they continue goals, or start a-fresh? In five easy steps, you will learn how to pick up where you left off if you went (or plan on going) on a hiatus, and how to return to the swing of things like you never left.

1. The pets.

The first and utmost important thing is to greet your pets. They will see your hiatus more like being abandoned (being the melodramatic bunch that they are), and there is a possibility they will not be sweet and welcoming like you’d expect. However, the best thing to do is apologise to them, and then take them to the Giant Omelette and the Jelly (not that there is such a thing, of course), and feed them until they cannot eat (also known as the ‘bloated’ stage). Usually, the average pet will enjoy having a long snooze after a large feed, and, once they are sleeping soundly, you can sit down and get back to work.

2. What has changed?

You cannot expect everything to be exactly the same as it was when you went – things will have changed, especially if you went on a prolonged hiatus. First off, you may want to check out the most obvious thing – the News. The News is the first place you should go if you want to be given the latest information on Neopets, although you may have to go back a few weeks to where you left off. Games may have been revamped, the site could have changed, and new avatars may have come out, to name just a few. If you left just before the site had a large ‘re-do’, then you will notice a different layout and new features; it may take some time to get used to these. If you are an avatar collector, you may want to take some time to get the new avatars, and at least be marginally up to date with them. There have also been plots out, as well as new pet colours, petpet colours, and items. Plots may also have come out recently which you can still participate in, so getting used to all these changes may take a little while, but you’ll get there.

3. Notifying people of your return.

Of course, it can be expected for your neofriends to be anxious of your return. The best thing to do is neomail them to say that you are back – they will be happy to see you again! You may want to change your user lookup, especially if it says you’re on a break, and your shop’s stock may well have run out. If the shop was originally closed, you may want to re-open it and give it a revamp. If you are a regular chatter - especially if you’re quite a well known Neopian - you may want to go onto the Neoboards and say hi (although remember to stay on topic!).

4. Take things slowly.

Sometimes, the addiction to Neopets can take you too far – if you left because you felt you were spending too much time on Neopets, or you got so addicted it all went kaput, then you’ll want to take things slowly. Don’t immediately rush into spending four hours a day on Neopets; play a few games, chat to a few friends, play with your pets, but don’t feel you have to do everything at once. If you’ve taken a long break, you will need to get used to things that are new, and you’ll probably spend some time just exploring the changes, reading the Neopian Times, and checking with friends to see if anything has changed that you might have missed – new rules and changes to the way the site is running, as well as links and things being moved. There can be a lot to take in, so don’t go diving in expecting it to be exactly the same as from where you left off. If you took a break in the middle of a goal, you may want to alter it if your interests have changed, or you may want to continue as always. Once you’re used to the different and new things, you’ll probably be on step 5.

5. Back to the usual.

At some point, it’ll be time to go ‘back to the usual’. Soon, you will remember things you forgot about – be it your obsession with winning on the Fruit Spin, or your gallery of items related to the mysterious Tiki Tack Tombola Man. If you have a gallery, you may suddenly decide you want to begin again – selling all your items and going on a long, inspired search for a new theme. Or, you may even see a new pet colour and think, “ZOMGZ!!!1!! I WANT THAT PET!!11!!!” and then you’ve got a new goal to work towards. Then again, you could be content going back to sitting in the corner, collecting avatars and scheming to take over Neopia (possibly not the last part). The list is endless... to an extent. Once you’ve got a goal, or even if you don’t have a goal, you can start your addiction all over again. Hooray!

6. What?! Another part? It says ‘in five easy steps’!

Your pets won’t be happy that you “abandoned” them and they will want “compensation for their woes” (a guilt ploy that I have seen first hand). If they demand expensive items for themselves, their petpets, or their rooms, then, unless they actually need it, do not fall for the “Feeling Guilty Phase” (FGP)! Your pets do not need a super rare rug which costs three million neopoints; they are fine with their current rug, and they will not get a horrible illness if they’re not bought yet another rare petpet, will they now?

(Firenzic: “But you abandoned me! I demand you stop attacking me with the laboratory ray and make me a Draik! I DEMAND you to!!”)

With these five steps (ahem), you should be well on your way to craving of Neopets you remember. Good luck, and happy... neo-ing!


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