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Never Doubt Your Owner

by chameleon2424


Also by raine_storme

"Lynnelliah, what's wrong?" whined the young Tyrannian Lupe.

     "I'm a Hissi, that's what's wrong!" shouted the Ghost Hissi.

     "But there's nothing wrong with that," Zandeir the Werelupe replied.

     "Everything's wrong with it; haven't you realized Nate likes Lupes the best? That's why he has you three and he's trying to get a fourth! He's going to replace me! I would do anything to be a Lupe for him!" she shouted in despair.

     "Why don't you just try talking to him, Lynnelliah?" Seeranna the Silver Lupe said.

     "I'm too afraid. I don't want to put the idea into his head just in case he's not thinking of getting rid of me."

     "Which he isn't thinking of doing. You're his oldest pet. He spent so many neopoints on you. You're also his best pet because of all of your training and jobs and such. He'd never get rid of all of that hard work," Zandeir reasoned.

     "I just wish I was a Lupe; then I wouldn't have to worry about this so much."

     The bell above the door rang as another Werelupe walked in. He was a Werelupe much different than Zandeir. He was a lot bigger, scarier, and he walked on his two hind legs. He didn't take note of anyone in the store except for the feuding family running it. He walked right up to the counter and rang the little bell. Lynnelliah and the Lupes didn't hear the bell, so he laid his head in his hands leaning on the counter. He coughed loudly to get their attention, and finally they saw him.

     "Sorry about that," Rajeef said as he walked over to the Lupe. "What can I getcha?"

     "My name's Aldrich, and actually I was hoping to talk with the Hissi," Aldrich said with a sly smile.

     "Ummmm... okay, I'll get her. Lynnelliah! This creepy Werelupe wants to speak with you."

     "Hi, my name's Lynnelliah."

     "I know, I heard him yell for you. Anyway, there's a reason for me being here."

     "Really? Why's that?"

     "I have a proposition for you. I overheard you talking about wanting to be a Lupe, and I can help you with that. If you want me to, that is," Aldrich said, smiling once again.

     "How's that?" Lynnelliah asked excitedly.

     "Well, you see, I have this potion, and it can turn you into any Lupe that you want to be."

     "Any Lupe... even a royal girl one? Why me, though? I'm sure there are plenty of Neopets out there wanting to be Lupes. And what would I have to do to get the potion from you?"

     "I'd just give it to you, as a token of my appreciation. You see, I'm the Lupe that Nate is hoping to adopt. And if he did adopt me, you would be out of a home, so I'm just trying to help you."

     "That's so nice, but how would I ever repay you?"

     "I dunno, I'd probably think of something eventually. Something meaningless, seeing as this potion means nothing to me."

     "Ok, I'll take it! I'm so excited to be a Lupe just for Nate!" Lynnelliah shouted eagerly.

     "Lynnelliah, where are you going?" Seeranna asked as Lynnelliah headed for the front door with Aldrich.

     "Aldrich wants to show me something. I'll be right back. Just watch over the store while I'm gone," she yelled as she ran out of the store.

     "I smell trouble," Rajeef said.

     "I overheard them talking about some kind of potion that will turn Lynnelliah into a Lupe of her choice," Zandeir said nervously. "Maybe we should look it up and see if there is such a thing."

     Rajeef ran over to a shelf and picked out a book called "Transforming Potions" and sat it on the counter. He leafed through the pages until he came to a dark looking one called a Lupe Transmogrification Potion. The page said that it was thought to have changed a pet into a wonderful looking Lupe, but later out was found to only mutate them into a hideous Lupe.

     "You don't think that's the one she's going to drink, do you?" Seeranna said, almost ready to cry.

     "I don't know," Zandeir said getting up. "But we have to go and stop her just in case."

     "They went this way," Rajeef said. "I can smell them."

     "Same here, let's move. We don't want to be too late."

     As they ran sniffing for Lynnelliah, her scent just disappeared. They looked up and saw Aldrich on a hill with a dark, evil looking neopet. They ran towards them as fast as they could, and they realized Lynnelliah wasn't with them.

     "Where's Lynnelliah, Aldrich?" Zandeir said, angrily baring his teeth.

     "I'm right here, guys!" said a voice happily.

     They looked to see who said it and realized the dark neopet they saw from afar was also a Lupe. It ended up being the Lupe they saw in the book. The fur was a deep dark purple-blue. It had long black claws and dark red eyes. It had bones and spikes on its back and its face looked like a skull.

     "I look good as a royal girl Lupe, don't I!" the Lupe yelled, jumping up and down.

     "Lynnelliah, is that really you?" Seeranna asked crying.

     "We were too late... if only we had run faster," Zandeir said, tearing up.

     "What's wrong with me being a Lupe?" Lynnelliah asked nervously.

     "Have you seen yourself yet?" Rajeef asked bawling.

     "No, why? You guys are starting to creep me out," she said, turning to look into a puddle.

     As she peered into the puddle, what she expected to see didn't appear. Not only was she not a Hissi like usual, but not even the face of a royal girl Lupe was looking back at her. Instead was a face of disgusting proportions. She started crying and her tears rippled the puddle making her reflection look even worse.

     "I didn't want to look like this," she cried. "Please, turn me back to normal. I'm begging you."

     "Sorry, no can do. This is what you wanted, to be a Lupe, and now you are one."

     "I didn't want to look like this, though. I want to be a pretty Lupe that Nate will like. I didn't even want to be a Lupe to begin with. I was just doing it for Nate," she said, weeping.

     By this time Rajeef had run home and gotten Nate. They were on their way up the hill when Lynnelliah noticed them.

     "No, don't let him see me," she cried, running behind a tree, covering her face with her disfigured paws.

     "Don't worry, Lynnelliah, you'll always be my neopet no matter how you look. I appreciate you trying to change for me, but I liked you as a Hissi just fine," Nate reasoned.

     "You mean you weren't going to get rid of me for Aldrich?" she said, cheering up.

     "No, I'd never give you up," Nate said.

     "Not even when I look like this?"

     "No, no matter what you look like, you're my little Lynnelliah."

     "I hope you learned a valuable lesson here, Lynnelliah," Aldrich said. "It doesn't matter how you look, your owner will always love and care for you. Now here, drink this. It'll turn you back to normal."

     "Really?" Lynnelliah said, jumping to her feet and running to Aldrich.

     As she drank the potion, her whole body lit up and she turned back into a Ghost Hissi.

     Everyone thanked Aldrich and then Lynnelliah finally realized that they were all in on this. Nate had found out that Lynnelliah was scared of him getting rid of her, so he asked everyone to help plot a way to convince her that he wouldn't. After that day Lynnelliah never once felt bad about being a Hissi or felt that she should be a Lupe to impress Nate. Aldrich was adopted in the end, and it turns out he actually wasn't a creepy Werelupe at all. But who was Nate going to get rid of to make room for Aldrich?.....

The End

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